Kumkum Bhagya 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya fight in a boutique over a petty issue. Abhi calls her fuggi and she angrily starts fighting. Bulbul and Purab get worried for them and plan to unite them. Produce meet them there. They both start fighting in front of him again. Purab and Bulbul interfere and stop their fight. Tanu who is spying on them think she will not let them unite again.

Pragya goees to a changing room and changes her dress. She thinks Bulbul has come in and asks to close her zip, but it is Abhi who has come in by mistake. She is shocked to see him and asks him to go out. He says she has go out and they both start fighting. Abhi asks her to go out. She says her zip is open, so she cannot. He asks her to take Bulbul’s oath. Pragya takes oath and says her zip is open. He tries to get out of trial room, but sees people standing out and scolding for getting late. He gets back in.

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Suresh wakes up in the morning and tells Rachna because of him, Pragya’s family is insulted. Rachna says he does not have to be ashamed as he spoke out his heart. He says it was not the right place. She asks him to stop blaming himself and also not go back and try to confront.

Tanu asks boutique manager to show her trial room CCTV footage. Producer hears that and asks if she is not ashamed to see someone changing dress. She says it is none of his business. He yells at her and walks out.

Pragya hides her back by standing near the wall. Abhi asks her to come and sit as her back is seen via a mirror. She sits. He says Bulbul sent her here and says it was her plan. Pragya asks her not to yell at her sister. People who were waiting to change dress knock door and ask to come out. Tanu suggests to call security and break door. Pragya gets tensed hearing that and asks Abhi to close her zip by closing his eyes. He does same hesitantly.

People shout to open door. Security comes and they ask to break door. Purab and Bulbul interfere and ask them to wait. Security tries to break door, but Abhi opens door before that and comes out with Pragya. People recognize Abhi and asks if he not ashamed to be with a woman inside and asks badmouths about Pragya. Abhi says Pragya is his wife and they should be ashamed to badmouth about his wife. Purab and Bulbul smile hearing Abhi taking Pragya’s side.

Precap: Abhi tells Daasi that Pragya’s roka will not happen at his house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Utter nonsense with too much exaggeration….Seriously stupid episode!

  2. Guys I don’t know what you guys expect?? Frankly speaking I find most of the people a way hypocrite.when kkb shows us high voltage drama then we want light hearted moments and when it shows us these cute moments we find it Shit!!! Like seriously all those who are bashing about the show should decide what actually they expect from this show!! Also the ones talking about the reality in the content of the show should actually question themselves that why the hell they are watching this drama coz kkb never showed or resembled any reality in any sense at any point of time coz what happens there never happens in actual life……I guess those people should watch some really reallistic and totally reall things on discovery channel …etc!!

    1. Shut the He#$ up. Who are YOU to tell people what to say or think????

  3. Abhi is totally in love with Pragya he just doesn’t know it yet lol

  4. Okay I agree I find cute knok jhok ,pretty small little fightings, taunting each other and those pretty smiles far more better way of romance than any of those intense scenes between the couples…..I don’t know but I find the first way of romance really adorable at least viewing it onscreen because that makes you smile, laugh,shy, blush at the same time as a viewer rather than the other one which just makes a person like me to feel quite awkward!! I loved today’s episode because after quite a long time I got to see actual rabul nok jhok the way they used to do initially that actually made me fall for them..by the way today abhigya was also very cute..the way rabul were handling them loved it.

  5. Episode full of Rabul-abhigya pretty fightings……..this is really nice!!!

  6. AbhI bulbul scenes are really really cute!!!!! They both are quite nautankis and amazingly cupid!want more fun between these two characters.

  7. Awww I want more rabul nok jhok….more and more of that..lol

  8. The bond between four main characters of the show abhigya and Rabul is really showstellar of today’s episode.

  9. guys here i wanna share a new spoiler…Aaliya plans to hurt Bulbul and knock her from her way. Bulbul gets pushed into the swimming pool and shouts for help. Pragya is shocked seeing Bulbul drowning and gets tensed. She tries saving Bulbul and fails to do so. She helplessly cries and the angel comes to save Bulbul, the very own hero of the show Abhi, who makes a well timed entry and saves Bulbul’s life. Pragya is thankful to Abhi and gets into a spy’s shoes raising question on finding the person who has pushed Bulbul in the swimming pool and tried killing her. With Bulbul getting critical, will this be a halt to her relation with Purab?….ALIYA IS NEVER CHANGED….she just acted as a good girl….

  10. This is getting weird… no storyline…. n they have camera in the changing room?

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