Udaan 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling Tejaswini that he has to go and meet the party seniors and its very important, he is getting late. She sees his Pan card fallen and worries as he has left. She says the car would have been gone very far. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to go to Bhaiya ji. He says I can’t go, I did not bring my bike. She says its imp to send this. Chakor says I can run faster than Lakhan’s bike, I will catch the car. She asks can she go after the car. Chakor says yes, and she is sure of it. Tejaswini asks is she thinking to run to Lucknow again, I won’t let this happen. Chakor says no, I will give this pan card to Bhaiya ji and come back. Tejaswini asks how can I believe you, you run hiding once and this time you are telling me and running.

Chakor says no, trust me. Lakhan says time is getting waste, I will take my friend’s bike and give the card. Tejaswini gives the card. He leaves. She asks Girja to take Chakor, give her some work. Girja says I have made the work ready. She brings the clothes and asks Chakor to wash. Chakor says how will I practice to run now, as I don’t have any chance to go out. Imli and Dadi are returning home and laughing. Dadi starts crying. Imli asks is she happy or sad. Dadi says I m happily crying, as I earned money by not working on fields, its because of your idea, bless you. Imli says we will earn daily.

She says no, my stamp won’t let me work daily, if I get caught it will be problem, I can just bless you. Imli says fine. They go home. Chakor washes the clothes and recalls Arjun’s words to take care of her health and practice. She keeps the water bucket far and makes rounds in the same area to practice running. She smiles seeing Arjun there. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays………… She asks you here. He says yes, can’t I come here. She says you can. He says what are you doing, this small laps will make you tired, not increase stamina. Chakor asks how to practice. He smiles and says you are smart, find it out yourself. She thinks and he disappears.

She says the soap got over and Arjun did not like my idea. Bhaiya ji calls Tejaswini. She talks to him. He says I forgot my pan card. She says yes, I have sent Lakhan, did he not reach. He says he did not reach, I want it now. He asks her to say the pan card number if she remembers. She says how can I remember it if I saw it. Chakor hears this and recalls Bhaiya ji talking too Sharma ji and telling the pan number. Chakor tells Tejaswini that she remembers it. Tejaswini is stunned and asks is she saying nonsense. She asks Girja to take her. Chakor says I know the number. Bhaiya ji hears this.

Tejaswini says Chakor is saying she knows the number. He says give the phone to her. She says do you think she really knows. He says give phone. She gives phone to Chakor and says I want to know what you know. Chakor tells the number. Tejaswini is stunned. Bhaiya ji writes it down and ends the call. Chakor says his work is done. Tejaswini says yes, but you broke his promise, you have read the number, and it means you have broken this promise to not touch education. She says he will punish you now.

Chakor says but I did not break my promise, I did not touch education and books, I was hearing him talking on phone and I remember it. Tejaswini is shocked. Chakor smiles. Imli and Dadi have icecreams. Kasturi comes and asks how did they get it. Dadi excuses herself and leaves. Imli gets tensed. Kasturi asks her to say truly where did she get money, who gave her. Imli says I have sold the medicines as you give it for free. She says what, you got money for the medicines.

Iml shows some remaining. Kasturi says why did you give easy bowel medicines to all. Imli says no, I have sold for other ailments. Kasturi says all those medicines are here, and the one you sold was of digestion and easy bowel. Imli asks what will happen now. Kasturi says all villagers will beat you, I will do something. Suraj and Vivaan argue about Chakor. Vivaan says he can also help Chakor if he wants. Suraj says I will never help her, come in my team, I will win. Lovely sees a mark on her face and worries. She says I will apply Malai and it will get clear. Suraj and Vivaan argue. Suraj challenges Vivaan for drinking milk competition. Vivaan agrees. Ragini smiles hearing this.

Tejaswini says Chakor’s smartness is not good for my health, take this and mix it in milk. Ragini tells her about Suraj and Vivaan’s bet. Tejaswini asks her to drink a glass of milk. Ragini says what happens by it, Chakor does not drink and still works all day. Tejaswini says don’t compare yourself with her, go. Girja sees the utensil empty and says where did the milk go. She tells this to Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks ow can this happen, which animal came home that drank all the milk. Chakor says I have drank the milk. They are shocked. Chakor smiles.

Chakor talks to Sheru. Bhaiya ji says her weapon is her mind, increase her work. Kasturi asks Imli where is she doing at night. Imli says I m going to apologize to Lord for giving wrong medicines to people.

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