Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, shekhar makes sure nisha gets the failed gun and so tags it with nishas name.sourabh sees shekhar exchanging the tags.sourabh goes to shekhar and ask him why is he here,shekhar says he was here to check guns as nisha said she had some problem with it and wish nisha luck on my behalf I know she will excel and leaves.
Aman gives laxmi tea,laxmi asks her to sit beside her and says ur very nice person and keep hope all will be fine,roopan comes and says aman im here to say sorry I know I did wrong with u,but im not bad I had forgotten u saved my daughter and im sorry for the egg thing as well and I promise I will never behave this way with it,actually I was worried for kirti and so I behaved this way.aman says plz don’t say that I understand the fact instead im sorry if I have upset u,from day1 Im trying to impress u all,laxmi says aman let it be,roopan says sorry to laxmi as well,roopan asks aman who will come from ur side during marriage,aman says laxmi aunty and ramesh uncle they are the ones who were always there for me,roopan says nice I should leave now.

Roopan goes out and says aman once I get ur Patiala uncles no. I will take his help to throw u out of this house I was just trying to plz u so that I can get his number soon, and this time my plan will not fail.
Viraj asks sourabh is everyone ready for todays meet,sourabh says yes,nisha comes ,viraj asks her is she ready,nisha says yes ,viraj says good let me check the file and u go get ready,nisha says ok and sees jwalas letter in the file, nisha says one minute and takes file from viraj and says sir plz plz let me its important but the letter falls down,viraj picks it up and says is the important thing nisha,nisha says sir actually,viraj says its ok looks like ur cousins have played a prank,nisha says sir its not prank but the truth I love u,viraj walks towards nisha and says I love u too, and pulls her near him and kisses her forehead and hugs her.
viraj says miss nisha stop dreaming,and goes near nisha and makes her sit on a chair, and offers her water, and says nisha today,sham singh comes and informs viraj the investors are here and asks nisha to get ready,nisha says ok and leaves, sham singh gives viraj a parcel,nisha sees it,viraj opens it and finds artis letter wishing him luck,arti gifted viraj a shirt.
Sham singh asks viraj why don’t u give love a chance,viraj says for love even the two in love has to have an rapport and likeness and I haven’t found anyone such. Nisha gets ready for shooting, she picks up the gun with nisha tagged, she aims with the gun and find cousins in front of her,nisha says why are u all here I told u not to do the card things,u know viraj sir found it,jwala says sorry but I just wanted u to be with viraj sir, dolly says what happened nisha,nisha says it was very embarrassing,suku says did sir say something,nisha says he was about to say something but,sourabh says see nisha its time to be practical if sir says yes that good and no then u shd know to handle urself,umesh says enough of it nisha for now just concentrate on ur shooting.
Gaytri comes nad says oh my my,and sees suku and says hi suku,is ur sister scared if she wants she can backoff,nisha says im ready for the shooting n I will show what talent I have, all cheer nisha,gayatri says oh u others cant come u need invitation to attend such events,bunty says viraj sir invited we cousins.

Gayatri asks shekhar what exactly is ur plan I see nothing,shekhar says just wait for nishas turn and the u shall see.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Hate shekar n gayatri!
    Love niraj

  2. This serial is stupid and boring

  3. Love u niraj…nirha ki dream sequence toh superb thi…kash wo sach hote…

  4. Thankz Tanaya …

  5. Oh no…. laksh is going down…. feeling sad….

  6. i think viraj is in love with aarti

  7. episode was nice ……………and thanks tanaya……………………………

  8. hiiiiiiiiii guyz ……………………………

  9. and gud n8 guyz …………………….love you niraj…………………

  10. Viraaj u are super….And nisha u too…;)

  11. Hii…Viru…..;)
    I caan’t understand that …Viraaj know that nisha love him then why he don’t show any reaction!!!! And arti who is she??? What will happen next!!??

  12. 😀

  13. nisha hi aarti hai aur usi ne wo gift diya tha…i think viraj aarti naam koi ladki ko apna girlfriend keh kar sabke saamne introduce karega taaki nisha peeche hat jaye kyunki viraj thinks that if nisha will fall in love she will not able to concentrate on her career…

  14. Spoilers is just interesting…. Waiting for those episodes

  15. i am waiting for today’s episode guyz………………………………

  16. The ugliest love story….. I hate them….I hate the whole cast

  17. now nisha aur uske cousins is so boring………..switch on to suhaani si ek ladki

  18. I Think nauc is becoming interesting day by day…8.30 tak ka intezaar hi nahi ho rahe hai…what do u say SS…?

  19. love u niraj…

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