Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dayal scolds KT and shouts what he thinks of his daughter, is she a toy. What right he has to ask him about her daughter’s proposal. Does he have an idea what she went through in the past eight months? KT was quiet. Shayl says if he had an idea about it he must have returned to Banaras to put that innocent girl in pain. The news of his arrival put her back into that sadness. He has ruined everything again, now. KT looks at her painfully. Shayl says she also left an offer a well job in designing, just because of him. Seema says today he has love for Rachna, after 8 months.
KT says that they all are right, he has got so much success in his life and career, but when it came to love and personal life, he has been an unsuccessful person. He left Rachna for Bittu, and when he realized his mistake three lives were destroyed already. They are all justified in shouting at him, scolding him; he won’t take it wrong. But he still loves Rachna and she is an important part of his life. He always thought that may be Rachna must have forgotten him. But it was all luck that he got to know a few days ago, that Rachna’s life is also got static, she is still waiting for him as he did for her. At that time, he decided that he will get Rachna at any cost, and complete this left story. He is standing today in front of them, and wants to ask her hand from them. He will do what they say.
Mayank claps on the story of his life. His story still lacks trust. We don’t trust you. Dayal says they have been betrayed once, and they aren’t stupid to trust him again.
KT asks Shayl to trust him, he won’t ever put Rachna in trouble and will always take care of her. She is Rachna’s mother. Shayl says though her heart is his, but she is still their child. They can’t give her hand to him, it will be equivalent to ruining her life. She regrets saying yes for his proposal in the first place. She asks KT to leave. KT joins hands and asks how he will make up his mind and heart. Shayl says he must put rocks on his heart, he must go away from Rachna which is good for him. He must sell his house and go, they will find a new proposal for Rachna. KT says no, please. Shayl says Rachna’s happiness is in staying away from him, she asks him to promise he will go away from Rachna’s life and won’t look back at her. KT doesn’t promise. Shayl says she knows he can’t promise, because Kabir Triapati only cares about himself and his happiness. KT says its alright, if they get a proof of his love in him going away from Rachna, he will leave her life and won’t come back again. He was crying. Mayank nods. Shayl was worried.
Shayl says she hopes he won’t break his promise this time. KT says don’t worry, if Rachna is happy this way it will be this way.
Dayal says he can leave now. KT looks at the house again and leaves remembering how she ran to him when he arrived on the day of their engagement.
He picks the bouquet up, takes the ring from his pocket and gets a flashback of their engagement. He gets lost in thoughts, enjoying that moment; when returning to consciousness tears fill his eyes. He looks at the family and leaves.
Mayank says it is good Rachna wasn’t here. She must not know KT came to home. Dayal agrees. Bindia says why are there all the other dramas running, why isn’t everyone thinking about her marriage.
KT comes to workshop, with his bag. He remembers Rachna working there. She had promised to be with him after the last breathe. He places the photo with his chest, and says she is a vital part of his life and only death can take them apart.
Rachna goes crying in the train. She recalls Shayl and Gunjan telling her that KT didn’t turn to their house for once. The woman sitting next to her asks if she misses her house a lot. Rachna nods and calls Gunjan. She says she can’t forget KT, Gunjan. She is missing him so much, her heart doesn’t accept that he can be wrong and says to her that KT loves her and can’t be a bad person. Gunjan says she doesn’t know what to say to her, she just feel pained looking at her this way, she asks her not to cry as everything will be alright. Rachna asks Gunjan to see KT at his house. Gunjan says does it matter. Rachna requests her. Gunjan heads to go when Shayl stops her. Gunjan gets her meaning and says to Rachna that the house is locked. Rachna hangs on crying.
KT still cries in the workshop.

PRECAP: Rachna asks the driver what has happened. She was alone in the forest area. The driver goes to take mechanic. A car stops by, Rachna is afraid as the man knocks at the window.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    what u dint understand is this when it comes to kt they rebuke him but when mayank do wring gunjun must forgive him gunjun who fights for right is doing wrong smfh

    1. I hates mayank gunjani to gunjan mayand to need fogive kabir

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