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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Chakor the meaning of reboot. She recalls what Aditya told her. She explains the same to Bhaiya ji, by removing the battery and replacing it. She says when phone or computer hangs, its restarted and its called reboot. Vivaan claps and says Chakor said it right. He says its such word which everyone with phone or computer knows. Baa claps and smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………….plays…………. Chakor smiles. Baa says see the use of helping from far. Bhaiya ji is stunned and gets the imp call. He says my phone hanged. Tejaswini asks Baa to be in her room, and Baa taunts her. Tejaswini argues with her. Imli talks to Dadi and says we will sell the medicines and earn money, and there is way of selling.

She publicizes the medicines and everyone buy the medicines. Imli and Dadi smile seeing the money they earned. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that I m very happy, its good news, we got party fund, its because of Chakor’s reboot. Chakor says it means you got benefit by my reboot, then I should get some prize, if I did not start it, you would have faced loss. Tejaswini scolds her and says I know how to cut your tongue, you are slave and its your duty to serve us, Girja take her to stable, I will give her prize. Bhaiya ji says leave her, stop. He asks Chakor what does she want as prize. Tejaswini asks what are you doing. He says wait, lets see what she wants.

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Chakor says it means you will give whatever I ask. He says yes, tell me. She says think again. He says if you ask again, I won’t, tell fast. Chakor says milk. They are shocked and say what? Baa smiles. Chakor says I want milk as my prize. Bhaiya ji laughs and says Girja, leave her milk to drink as much she wants. He asks everyone to go to their rooms. Baa takes Vivaan. Chakor sees the stamp on her wrist and thinks about Arjun’s words, that she has to take care of her health to take part in big race.

Bhaiya ji works. Tejaswini comes to him, and says sometimes I doubt you are on my side or against me. He says I always play from your side, why did you feel this. He says you are doing charity, why did you decide to give Chakor the prize, she could have asked anything, I m afraid other servants will follow Chakor. He smiles and says who will dare to ask me something, and about Chakor, I wanted to know what will she ask, and she asked for milk. He laughs and says what else will she ask. Vivaan tells Baa that Chakor could have asked for new clothes or shoes, mattress or permission to touch education, and she has asked for milk, I can’t believe this. He says Chakor is a fool, to ruin her dreams.

Bhaiya ji says Chakor asked milk, it shows she is not like before, her courage is broken, her dream is ruined. I got peace, I m feeling good that she has changed, smartness without hope is like bird without feathers. I have cut her feathers, she is nothing now. Chakor asks Baa to explain Vivaan. Baa tells a story to Vivaan about a rich proud man in the city, who thought all his slaves are fool, and made fun of them, so he has called his friends and slaves. He asked the slave to choose between two Rs 1 coins and Rs 10 note. The slave would say he wants two coins. They used to laugh on him. Then they understood slave was not a fool, as he knew he will stop getting small coins if he takes the note. Vivaan says I understood now. Baa asks Chakor to take small things and one day my son won’t have the thing which you have. She hugs Chakor and Vivaan. They smile. Chakor asks Girja to give her milk. Girja asks her to drink as much she can. Chakor smiles and goes to get the milk. She asks her to add salt in pickle if she wants to make it soon, I learnt this from my mum. She goes. Girja adds some salt.

Chakor takes milk and drinks. She recalls Arjun’s words and sees her stamp. She says I can do anything to erase this. She says if not by education, I will run and race and erase this. She drinks many glasses. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………….plays……………. She says I m ready to run now, I will run much faster than before. She smiles.

Tejaswini asks Lakhan to go to Bhaiya ji. He says I can’t go, I did not bring my bike. She says its imp to send this. Chakor says I can run faster than Lakhan’s bike, I will catch the car.

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