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Rachna says to Gunjan that she has forgiven KT. Gunjan argues that they all haven’t forgiven him and how can they, when he did so wrong. And he has been here for so many days, did he tried once to meet her. She watches KT leaving in his car, she shows him to Rachna. Rachna cries watching his car leave. Gunjan says he didn’t even see here once, and she has been looking at his home for so many days. She asks Rachna to control herself and face the reality.
Seema was also angry hearing about KT. She says she will call Mayank; he will put him to his right place. Prabhu stops her, Seema asks Shayl not to tell Rachna about it. Shayl says Rachna knows about it all, her memories have come back again. Gunjan hears everyone. Dayal was also angry about him. Gunjan says they must let Rachna and KT meet, so that they can end all this. Shayl disagrees that she knows Rachna, it can all start over again. Dayal says meeting KT is out of question, and says to Shayl that they must think about another way to keep Rachna away from KT. Shayl says we can send Rachna away from here, somewhere.
Peehu talks to Murli and requests him to come here. She says she can’t tell them all about it, he must come here as everyone is asking about him. She owes him of Khushi but the call is disconnected. Khushi begins to cry, and Peehu goes to her. She was irritated, and says her mama will scold her if she keeps on crying. Gunjan comes there; Peehu says she is tired of Khushi crying. Gunjan takes Khushi and says she must be hungry or thirsty. Peehu asks Gunjan to leave; she will take care of her child. Gunjan is taken aback, but Peehu asks her to leave.
Rachna was in her room, thinking about KT. Shayl comes to her with gajar ka halwa, Rachna denies taking it. Shayl gets worried and says to her that her tears are very precious. She must not shed them, not atleast for KT. Shayl says that her brother has his daughter’s wedding and he needed a designer, she has said yes for Rachna without asking her. Rachna thinks about Gunjan had said she must move on. Rachna agrees, and says she will go to Lucknow. Shayl is happy, and says she will just begin her packing. Rachna leaves, saddened. Shayl says, please forgive me for this drama and lie, I won’t let you be in more pain, you must leave here today.

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KT was buying a bouquet of red roses, saying he knows her family hates him but for her, he will make up everyone. He is coming to her.
Rachna was lost, while Gunjan packs all the eatables for Rachna. Shayl informs Rachna about all the packing done. Dayal comes there and watches Rachna sad. He asks if taxi has come, it is too late. Gunjan says to Seema that they are making mistake, asking Rachna to go alone. Seema says she isn’t going alone, Prabhu will drop her to station and Sooraj’s father will pick her. Prabhu announces that the taxi has arrived. They leave.
KT thinks in the car, that he must relax. They are all angry with him; he has to be strong as anything can happen.
Outside, Rachna looks at KT’s door. Dayal asks her to take care, and inform them as soon as she reaches there. Rachna hugs Gunjan; Gunjan makes her sit in the car, and then asks to go along. In the car, Rachna hugs Gunjan crying. The car passes by KT’s, as he was getting in his car. He feels if Gunjan was somewhere around.
Seema opens the door, at home. It was Mayank, but Seema was saddened. He was happy that he wanted to surprise Gunjan and Rachna with movie tickets. Seema says Rachna has left for Lucknow, and asks him to come inside. She closes the door, when KT arrives at their home.
Seema tells Mayank about KT. He leaves angrily for KT, but Seema asks him to calm his anger down. She asks him to sit, as she will get tea for him. Mayank says how he dare return here.
KT comes to the main door, with heave steps. Watching the door, he rings the bell finally. Mayank is shocked to see KT standing in front. He doesn’t allow him to come in, and takes KT’s collar but KT was stubborn saying he won’t leave without talking to everyone. Mayank shouted at KT when Seema gets to there. Dayal and Shayl also gather there. Seema asks Mayank to leave KT. Shayl shouts at KT, why he has come here. KT asks them to hear him for once, though whatever he did was all wrong. He just wants a chance to talk about him and Rachna to them. Mayank holds his fist at him, to speak Rachna’s name. Dayal stops him, and comes forward. He asks KT to come inside; there is no need to create a drama in front of all the neighborhood. KT leaves the bouquet, fallen on floor and comes inside.
Inside, everyone looks at KT. Bindia also comes there. He begins that he is sorry about what he has done. Dayal asks him to say what he came here for, for about the past they can’t even allow him to stand in their house. KT says he can’t improve his past but can make his future better. KT joins hands and says he needs one more chance and wants to marry Rachna. They were all shocked and angry at once.

PRECAP: Shayl says to KT, if he wants to keep Rachna happy she wants him to promise her to leave Rachna’s life and go away from her. KT promises crying.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So sad for Kt and rachna , but they will meet again soon

  2. feeling bad for kt

    1. my favorite song !!!

  3. Thanks Sona for updating with the link of the episode ! good idea 🙂

  4. very sad i feel sorry for kt

  5. this rachna kt story is long gone bring this to an end

    1. why are you thinking about end. we want more rabir scenes. we just love them. if you don’t like this serial, don’t read this. but don’t comment bad about them. please

  6. I miss rachna and vihaans jodi

    1. Vihaan never understand rachna

  7. but kt n rachna is also very good. made 4 each other. try to like them. they are also beautiful.

  8. feeling bad for rabir

  9. Poor KT.tnx sona for dis link

  10. I’m not liking this epi at all. What happened to the good times between KT & Rachna??

    1. I am like espiode 30 December 31 December 1 January

  11. they will come soon and be most romantic good times. just be patient

    1. I always kabir rachna pair write need show most romantic good time kabir rachna

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