Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling LD that she wants to meet his Dada ji. Murari asks Jayshree to give him some water. She asks him to hang the pot in his neck and asks him to think other things than this. She says her heart is beating thinking about the happenings in the house. She says Radha’s mum is a tigress as well and says blast will happen here. Murari asks her to throw her phone. Jayshree asks him not to touch her if he do something to her mobile. Sadhna comes to Dada ji’s room followed by Radha, LD, Suhasini and others. Suhasini greets her. Radha goes to Dada ji and sits down to touch his feet.

Dadaji keeps his hand on her head and blesses her. Radha calls him sir and says she knows that he is angry with her. She apologizes to him and says she wanted to apologizes to him and kept the letter in the washing machine parcel. Dada ji recalls asking his family to throw the parcel in the Yamuna river. Radha says I was feeling bad and hopes he forgot that incident. She thanks him. They are about to go, but Dada ji stops Suhasini and says he wants to talk to her about something. He says before the test, we shall talk. He says Sadhna must have tell you that we called you as a guests. Radha says she wants to be a part of their conversation with his permission ofcourse.

Dada ji says today’s kids doesn’t believe on their elders. Radha intervenes and tells about the generation gap. Suhasini says they shall let the kids know about it. Radha says I shall know the matter as well. Jhanvi gets impressed with her. Jayshree asks her to stay away from Radha. Dada ji says ok, I wants everything to be crystal clear. He asks them to come to the lawn. Suhasini asks Dada ji, why you are referring Radha as guests. Dada ji says she will stay here as a guest for the first month. Govind asks did Sadhna tell you? He then asks Sadhna. Sadhna tells them that she didn’t inform Suhasini about Dada ji’s condition. Suhasini asks what is this condition. Sadhna apologizes and says she doesn’t have the strength to tell on phone. She tells them that Radha will have to go through the test in the first month.

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Suhasini asks do every bahu of this house have gone through this test? Dada ji says they have to take her test as they are unaware of her. Dadi Bua says LD has selected her. We have not given our approval. Jayshree intervenes and says this marriage is strange. Suhasini says they are married and that’s why we are here. She asks who will take this test and who will announce the results. LD tries to speak, but Suhasini asks him to wait. She asks what will happen if Radha fails in your test. Radha gets tensed. She asks Govind, Dadi Bua etc. She says actually LD have to give the test. Dada ji calls Shambu and whispers something in his ears. Suhasini says why did always girls give the test. LD asks her not to get worried and says actually I shall give test. Dada ji says you will also be tested. Servants bring the bird’s cage.

Dada ji tells them that it is Jhanvi’s birds and she takes care of them. He shows the pigeon and says it doesn’t go from here when we let it free. LD says it will fly. Dada ji asks we love this bird/ parrot too. Jhanvi says then also. Dada ji says we gave them same love, but their habits are different. Murari jokes that he will not bring more birds if Dadaji lets them free. Dada ji explains to Suhasini and asks will your daughter accepts our house rituals or whether she wants to stay freely. He asks LD, if this house rules looks like a cage for Radha. He tells Suhasini that he doesn’t take any decision without thinking and says he is doing this for their betterment. It is better to give test rather than repenting for whole life. He says this test is not only for Radha, but for all of us.

Radha will get a chance to test us. She can test whether this world are suitable for her and she herself is suitable here or not. He says your daughter can become LD’s wife but not daughter in law of this house until this test is done. Radha recalls Sudhakar’s words that she have to give a chance to her marriage. Suhasini is about to speak, but Radha stops her and says Papa said that everything happens with a reason and I got my reason. She says she accepts his condition. Everyone are stunned and surprised. Jayshree says she is fainting. Murari asks her to smell his shoes and she will be okay. Suhasini asks what are you saying. Radha says Dada ji is right. They will know each other and it is a fair deal.

Suhasini asks are you sure? Radha says she is giving a chance to her destiny as Papa suggested. She tells Dada ji that she is ready for test. LD smiles. Radha thinks this condition is a perfect chance for her to prove that she is not suitable for this house. LD thanks her in his heart. Radha thinks she won’t stay in this house.

LD asks Radha not to sit there as lizard is there. Radha gets shocked and slips on LD. They fall together.

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