Jamai Raja 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ACP asking Roshni to come to police station and identify the culprit. Sid says he will accompany her, but goes with doc to give his blood to Phatka. DD accompanies Roshni to police station, and Roshni identified Krutika. ACP says it is Khurana group’s car. DD says she will hire a good lawyer and will get the culprit punished.

Inspector arrests Krutika. Krutika pleads Simran to save her. Simran asks inspector to leave her daughter. He says Krutika under influence of alcohol crushed a lady and a kid and they both are in critical condition. Simran says she will get them treated. Inspector she can get a bail. She asks who filed complaint. He says DD Patel and leaves with Krutika. Simran asks Raj to get her daughter back at any cost. Raj says Krutika crushed 2 lives under influence of alcohol. Simran says she just wants her daughter back, else he will see her dead face in the morning.

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Naani says DD and Simran resting on Sid’s shoulders and get happy. DD wakes up on getting a phone call by ACP who informs that Krutika got a bail. She asks who got it. He says Khuranas. Roshni says she cannot let the culprit get bail easily and will go to police station right now, even DD says she will accompany her. Sid says they are tried and should go home and rest, he will go to police station. At police station, ACP informs him that Khurana’s bailed the culprit. Sid is devastated to hear that and asks if the girl is Krutika. ACP says yes and says he can take the case further to court, but cannot stop getting bail. Roshni calls him, he thinks Roshni’s own in-laws have bailed out her culprit.

DD comes home in the morning and apologizes Mona for not picking her call last night as Roshni met with a minor accident. Mona asks her not to show her fake concern and says she will manage her own problems, says she is ignorant on her as she is living on her money, says her damad was out of house whole night and she could not get anyone’s help. Roshni tries to speak, but Mona angrily walks out from there. DD asks Roshni not to explain Mona much as she will not understand and thinks them as enemies.

Simran brings Krutika home and says Raj that Krutika did wrong, but she cannot let her go to jail. Raj says she tried to kill 2 people and she is taking her side. Krutika says she drank alcohol as they let her alone and says in anger she rammed a kid and Roshni. Raj asks what happened to Roshnhi. Sid says the people she rammed with her car is Roshni and Phatka. Krutika hides behind Simran. Sid says because of her Phatka is in critical condition and if anything would have happened to Roshni, he would have trashed her. Simran asks her not to do that. Sid says he will get her punished and drags her from there. Simran says she is your sister. He stops. Simran says he will put his elder sister behind bars. Sid asks elder sister??? Simran says Krutika is his elder sister. He is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Sid takes Krutika to DD’s house and tells Roshni and DD that Krutika is repenting for her mistake and should be forgiven. Roshni asks what relationship he has with Krutika.

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  1. JR has so many beautiful but Kritika is just a bad choice even for a villain. It seems now that DD even has more sense than Simran. Simran is just portraiying bad character examples to viewers who have started likeing her for being a good positive character by emotionally blackmailing her husband for her daughter who attemted murder. Any sensible parent will want to teach their children good values and how to take accountability for their actions.

  2. How can simran believe krutika she’s the worst character in this show :/

  3. I really hate simran and mona now -_-

  4. personally I do not like kritica get her out of the show quickly attempted murder and she is out on bail what nonsense simran is to bold faced with her spoint brat of a daughter for me if I was raj and she simran wanted to kill herself if they jailed kritica I would have told her to go right ahead because I know that was just a ploy kritica is jealous of everyone and everything let he go to hell where she belongs and leave roshini and sid alone

  5. How do you think baby?

  6. How the hell is krukrute simran daughter n not raj?

  7. Yea like really what’s up with Mona?

  8. by now i hate simran and mona…..i loved this show because there were many strong women figures….now smh

  9. Omg what an episode Simran will definitely bring the destruction of SidNi

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