Udaan 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Girija telling Chakor that she is Girvi here, Kasturi kept her. She asks Chakor to be in this dark room. Chakor is shocked. She calls out Dadi. Baa talks to Tejaswini and says you did wrong to do this with this poor girl, see in her eyes, she has fire, she will one day burn you and your pride. Baa leaves. Chakor says no, Girija is lying, mum can’t do this, I will ask mum when he comes in evening. She rests there. Suraj and Rakhi make fun of Chakor. Lovely also jokes. Vivaan feels bad. They tease Vivaan. Vivaan says enough now, Chakor did so much for us, and you are making fun of her, she did not have food also. Ranjana comes and scolds Vivaan.

Tejaswini comes and says if Vivaan has did good acting to be friendly with Chakor, don’t scold him, now Vidya is sure we treat worker’s children same like our kids. She gives a gold chain to Vivaan. Vivaan says he was not acting and does not want gift. Ranjana takes the chain. Tejaswini thinks she has to control Vivaan, else he will be out of control like Ranjana. Chakor makes a doll and talks to it. She thinks Bhuvan came to take her. She does not see anyone. Kaka says your dad will never come, as he left you here forever. She says no, he will come. She asks for some food. He says if I give you puri, I will also be caught. She says first give me puri, I will give you something. He gives her puri. She gives him the doll she made.

He scolds her and takes the puri back. She gets upset being hungry since morning. He throws the food but does not give her. Kasturi cries missing Chakor and curses her fate. Bhuvan comes and says he will go to meet Bhaiya ji and asks for some other work. She says don’t go there. Chakor will see you and will wish to come back home. He says he has to go. She worries. Its night, Chakor sits in the dark room smiling. She smells her hand as she touched the puri, and fills her stomach with imaginations that she had the puri. She burps and says my stomach is full now.

She sees the moon and says shower your light on me, my thirst will also go. She says maybe dad will come tomorrow. She sleeps. Kasturi feels disturbed thinking about Chakor. Bhuvan says Chakor will be sleeping on silk beds there, don’t worry. Kasturi cries and sings the lullaby for Chakor hugging her dress. Chakor imagines Kasturi with her and smiles. Chakor sees Kasturi is not here and is upset. Chakor uses a stick and tries to open the door bolt. She fails and prays to Lord. Vivaan comes there with a food plate. Chakor asks him to free her. Vivaan is tensed but she convinces him.

He says fine, and opens the door. Chakor runs and Vivaan asks her to stop as dogs are free there. Manohar comes and asks Vivaan what is he doing here. Vivaan says he came to see dog. Manohar asks him to go and sleep. Chakor hides and then runs. The dogs bark and run after her. Chakor crosses the wall and a car stops flashing light on her face. Its Bhaiya ji and his goons. They catch Chakor. She is shocked seeing Bhaiya ji. He looks at her angrily.

Bhaiya ji throws Chakor inside and says she proved the security is loose. Vivaan is shocked. Manohar looks at Vivaan. Tejaswini understands he freed Chakor. Girja asks Chakor to clean all utensils.

Update Credit to: Amena

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