Ek Boond Ishq 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kala is singing, she says to her servant that I want to kill sia but there is her three savior, one her fake husband om, her fake brother vidant and her real husband mj. kala says there is only one hunter and have to hunt for three, her servant ask her to not worry, you will find way to kill her. kala says now there will be celebration in house, all will be dancing and in all this, there will be bomb blast, all will be finished.
tara comes to pari, who is sleeping, she recalls how meethi said that tara is also like mother to her child, how tara said that she will love meethi’s child as her own, she sits beside pari and has tears in her eyes, pari wakes up and ask what are you doing here? tara says nothing, pari ask are you crying, tara says no, pari says you are lying, tara says I am missing my daughter, she is lost somewhere, pari says my mother is lost too, whenever I see any mother, tears come in my eyes, tara hugs pari, pari says don’t worry ganesh ji will find my mother and your daughter, tara ask her to sleep as tomorrow is pooja, she makes pari lie down on bed, pari sleeps, tara looks at her, tara then looks at mj who is awake, tara starts leaving, mj stops her

Scene 2
nandu is waiting for vidant, he comes, nandu says you cameback, shed taunts that you know I had a great dinner, vidant says sorry, I didn’t take you out for dinner, he says you have to live like this with police man, nandu says then you have to eat food by me, nandu ask where did he go? vidant says I went to sia, nandu says is she fine, vidant says yes, vidant says I told her that tomorrow I will make her meet someone special(nandu), nandu blushes and is about to leave but vidant holds her hand, he ask did I say anything wrong? nandu says no, she ask him to leave, he says I got you after difficulty so I wont leave you, nandu runs from there.
mj ask tara what was she doing here? tara says I was missing pari, mj says its something else, I have started to understand you, tara says right you understand me but you don’t believe me, mj says I will try, tell me what is it, tara says if I tell you that pari is daughter of your younger brother aditiya and meethi and they gave their daughter to us saying she is our responsibility, will you believe? mj is confused, he looks at pari, tara says the life you are living for 5 years is deliberately made around you so that you don’t remember your past life even then I believe that you will get your memory back then I wont have to tell you anything as you will get everything you have lost now, she leaves, mj thinks,

Scene 3
in morning, pari stealthily takes laddo, mj catches her, pari says we will have half half, mj says you are luring me? he says you will get laddos after they bhog is done to ganesh ji, pari starts celebrating, mj says you will get injured, pari promotes dare to dance, tara comes there and ask pari are you fine, laado comes there and says she is very good girl, may evil eye doesn’t fall on her. tara takes pari and leaves from there.
om’s mother feels dizzy, laado ask are you fine? she says I am fine, laado says to solve problems of this house, I have found a way, she says I thought a lot, sia is lucky but why there is problems is this house, he says sia was in coma for 5 years so she has distanced herself from om, there is one way to bring them close, to solve problems.
vidant comes to nandu’s room and ask why she is not ready, nandu says I am not able to decide what to wear as I am going to meet your sister, vidant says she will like your personality not clothes, like you won me by your innocence and loyalty, I know you will never lie to me so sia will accept you too, so get ready fast, he goes from there, nandu gets tensed.

SCene 4
mother calls om and sia in hall, she says everything will be fine now, laado says to tara why you are not wearing veil. om ask whats the matter. mother says please accept this as my last wish, om says don’t do this, mother ask him to do what she wants, om promises, mother says babaji has suggested that you and sia get marry again, tara and om are shocked, mother says after visarjan, we will prepare for your marriage, It good time now, laado whispers to tara that this punishment is more than death to you, you will marry someone else infront of your real husband, tara starts leaving, mother ask where are you going? tara says I have to make pari ready so I am going, she leaves.
tara makes pari, tara says now you are looking like pari, tara ask pari to go down, pari leaves, mj says to tara that its clear you are hiding something, tara says you wont believe me, it all plan by rudra aka kalwati, whom you call laado, she played game yesterday too, she sent you on other address and tried to kill me but vidant came there, mj says what? then why did you say to vidant that you didn’t see face of attacker, tara says as I know that kala will run, she says this time, even you are not with me so I didn’t say anything, you don’t believe me, mj says I understood that laado can stoop so low, he is about to go to laado but tara stops him and says you cant do this, she will frame you as she came back home yesterday before us, we have to plan something big to show reality of kala to world but problem is we don’t have much time because of my marriage with om, mj says don’t worry, I wont let anything wrong happen to you, tara hopefully looks at mj.

PRECAP- tara says to nandu that my sister will tell all that I am tara, she will tell my mj what relation I have with him, nandu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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