Gustakh Dil 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmine flirting with Nikhil. Lajjo comes in between them. Jasmins scolds Lajjo for being so mannerless, does she not know how to serve tea. Lajjo apologizes and says he wanted coffee. She does not let Jasmins speak. Nikhil smiles. Jasmine says you speak a lot. Lajjo says I have small children and keep talking, and my husband is very stupid. Jasmine says don’t tell me about children, go now. Lajjo signs Nikhil. She says go. Lajjo leaves. Nikhil says he is busy and he can’t come. Jasmine says I did not expect this from you, you are saying no to me. She says if we dance together, we would have set dance floor on fire. He says I don’t dance, maybe another time. She says I will wait. Ranawat comes sand asks is the file ready. Nikhil says yes.

Jasmini tells Ranawat to ask Nikhil to party with them. Ranawat asks him is he ready for meeting. Nikhil says yes. Ranawat asks Jasmine to come home early as they will have dinner together. Nikhil leaves withy Ranawat. Lajjo looks on. Adhiraj thinks about Ayesha and is sad. Tanhai……………………….plays…………….. Ayesha thinks about him and cries in her room. Barkha talks to someone and comes to know about Inder’s problems and being seen in some cheap area. The lady asks her why was Inder there and asks for answer. Barkha says she is busy and ends the call. She thinks about Inder’s words and is worried.

Inder comes and she asks him where was he. He says office, I could not go anywhere. He lies t her and asks what happened, why are you asking me. She says just asked. He says yes, I m tired, please get coffee. She says ya sure. She thinks why is Inder lying to her, whats going on. Lajjo is annoyed with Nikhil, and packs her bag. She asks her to go to Jasmine. He smiles and says so you are jealous. She says why would I, do what you want, I don’t care. He says I m doing this for both of us. She says fine, what were you doing with Jasmine, you said we will set floor on fire.

He says she is my boss’ daughter, so I have to agree, so stop being jealous and thinks smartly. He says Jasmine is not like you, my Lajjo is very good. He says sorry from heart and does situps saying I love you Lajjo, I won’t see and talk to any girl, I promise, I will respect Sagar and said sorry to him. She smiles and says fine. He says I feel my lovely cute beautiful wife can’t be annoyed with me and tickles her. She laughs. He says my heart is big and I forgive my Lajjo. He says when anyone comes in my life, you can’t bear it right. He says in this way, I m also possessive and explains her why he felt that way with Sagar. She smiles and says Sagar? He is my Guru. He says whatever, you gave more importance to him, I was hurt. He says he does not get time with his wife. She agrees to his point.

She says she loves Lajjo and is only hers, she can’t think about anyone in her dreams. He hugs her. She says she has to go Mumbai for LFW, so she is packing. She hugs him. Ayesha comes there and sees them hugging. She says sorry and leaves. Nikhil says Ayesha is going abroad tomorrow, she is ,like forcing herself, I will go and talk to her. She says wait, I will see her, I can understand her well, maybe what I m thinking is right. She goes to Ayesha and talks to her.

She says she told Adhiraj that she is going tomorrow and is upset. Lajjo says you don’t want to go right. Ayesha says yes, I want to go really. Lajjo understands. Ayesha says I want to go very far that no one can see me and I can see no one. Lajjo hugs her. Ayesha cries and says I will miss you Lajjo. Lajjo says me too. Lajjo wishes her all the best and sees pain in Ayesha’s eyes. Its morning, Lajjo comes to meet Adhiraj and talks about Ayesha. He says he knows her, she is Trishna and is famous. He says about his helplessness and his decision is for Ayesha’s good. She asks who are you to decide for her, do you realize you won’t be able to see her again.

She asks him to realize his feelings. She says you feel you can’t keep Ayesha happy as she is rich and you are poor. She says money is not everything in life, what about love. She says love is the real wealth. She says about her life story. She asks him does he really think he can forget Ayesha. She says I know she will not forget you, she loves you a lot.

Trishna comes in Ranawat’s party and meets his clients in the pub.

Update Credit to: Amena

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