Udaan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor running after Vivaan. She thinks of him leaving before. The driver comes to stop her, but she runs. She comes to the same beggar and saves his money. The beggar asks who are you finding today. She asks how do you know. He asks did you get him. She says sit first, I will get him today, and have this banana. The man blesses her. She thanks him and smiles. She thinks about Vivaan wearing same school uniform. She says it means they study in same school. She says I will go now, I will get many bananas tomorrow. The driver says you run so fast, come home now. The man says she will not go home, but school. Chakor asks how do you know. He says just like that.

Chakor tries to calm the driver. He asks why are we going to Aditya’s school. I don’t have time to run. She says she has to find Vivaan there. He tells about book inauguration, but does not say the date. He says you ask Aditya, I won’t say. Bhaiya ji gets ready. Tejaswini says she called media reporters too and backup plan also. He says don’t worry, everything will be as per plan. Manohar says Pasha is not taking my call. Tejaswini says he might be doing your work. Imli hears the school bell ringing and many kids come to buy the raw mangoes. She wants to meet Ragini and shoos off others. She sees Ragini coming. Suraj stops Ragini and says you won’t go there, everyone know us and we have respect here. Imli says how will I reach Chakor now, she is going. She thinks about Chakor.

Chakor asked her never to fail and always think she has do it. She tries to attract Ragini to mangoes. Ragini goes to buy it. Suraj holds her hand and says we are haveli kids and can’t have road side things. Ragini taunts Suraj. Suraj gets angry and says you will not eat this, come. Ragini could not give the money. Imli says you are my friend, no need to give money. Ragini says thanks and waves bye. Imli charges one rupee to other kids.

Aditya sees Chakor and asks what are you doing here. Chakor says she was going home but….He says you saw Vivaan. She asks how do you know. He says just like that. She says the beggar man also told this. He asks where did you see him. She tells him everything. Manohar calls 24 times and Pasha does not take the call. He then takes the call and Manohar scolds him knowing Pasha did not get Chakor. Pasha asks him to give one more day time. Pasha says she always slip off my hands, give me time till tomorrow. Manohar says Bhaiya ji will be there tomorrow, you have to do it today.

Tejaswini says Pasha knows you are very angry. Pasha says Manohar is very angry, he did not hear me and ended the call, we have to do the work today. Aditya calls Chakor smart. He says you found out in my school. She says yes, same uniform. He says but how will we find him in so many kids. She smiles and says she has a solution for this.

Chakor says she will wait here else go inside the class and find out. Aditya says no, I have not seen Vivaan so how will I find her. He says its holiday tomorrow, as its Gandhi Jayanti. He realizes his book inauguration tomorrow. Chakor says its tomorrow? He says it means Bhaiya ji will take you back tomorrow. She is shocked. Bhaiya ji says he will create a big scene that no bird will think to fly. Chakor says don’t put me back in cage, I want to fly in sky. Aditya says don’t worry, some solution will come out, you will not be put in cage.

She says my owner will take me. He says he is not your owner. She says she has to tell Vivaan that she did not cheat him. She thinks how life changed here. Aditya says papa will free you. Ishwar tells everyone that he will free Chakor at any cost, but still there are 1 crore 17 lakhs bonded labors, we have to remove this stain from our country, we have to do it by making media and govt work together. Chakor asks Aditya to think of the solution and not trouble ishwar. She says you talk like elders and acts like him. He asks her to think herself.

Ishwar says he has seen with his eyes, in Aazaadgunj, the stamp is on everyone’s hand. He says the area is of MP Kamal Narayan. The reporter says but he is coming in your son’s book inauguration. Ishwar says yes, he is coming, I m inviting you all too, come there and ask such questions that his real face comes out.

Chakor and Aditya come in the book inauguration hall. He tells about Bhaiya ji and thinks about his words to take back Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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