Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The bride and groom come to stage. Rachna puts garland around the groom’s neck, but before groom removes his Sehra. It was Bittu. Gayatri and Mausi smile as everyone is shocked. Rachna asks Bittu you? Bittu asks Rachna to put on the garland, she drops it from hand. Dadi shouts where is KT? Bauji also shouts where KT is. Gayatri poses to be worried, and says she also doesn’t know where KT is. Shayl asks Gayatri where KT is. She recalls she handed KT a letter from Rachna. He read it, saying that she will marry Bittu with her own will; it is just that he must not come to the wedding. Gayatri had asked how she can write it, and blamed herself; she told KT that Rachna loves him more than he said. She showed him the imprints of her tears. KT had said that he has no more confusion. Gayatri headed to go to her, to ask her not to do so but KT had stopped her. Gayatri tells Shayl that she doesn’t know what has happened. Bauji says he was against this proposal from the first day. Gayatri asks about Golu, and tells them he was talking about a letter. Gunjan asks Golu did he meet KT? He says KT had given him a letter, he couldn’t give that to Rachna. Gayatri asks for the letter. She recalls, she had replaced the letter as it fell from Golu’s pocket while eating chocolate.
Gunjan reads the letter; it said that he almost lost Bittu yesterday. Bittu finds his life when he meets her, he has no other way but to ask her to take care of him for a life time and marry him.
Bauji asks Dadi if she has any reply. Dadi swears that she has no answers. Gayatri cries, and asks Rachna for forgiveness. Rachna comes to read the letter. Bittu comes down to ask Rachna to marry. Shayl protests, Bauji also negating it. Gunjan tells Rachna that KT has no right, and this is no way to ask for happiness. Rachna says he has the right, he has asked anything from her for the first time so she will keep what he has said.
Gunjan was packing, while Mayank asks Gunjan why she favored Rachna. She says that for Rachna, she did the right thing and does what she thinks. Mayank tells Gunjan to keep her thinking to herself. Gunjan says that there is no need for this argument; she is fed up of this fighting. Shayl comes there, and asks what is going on between them.
Mayank and Gunjan stood before everyone. Prabhu asks what is happening here. Mayank says that whatever happened today is because of Gunjan. Bauji says that Rachna has no place for Rachna in their lives now. He asks about Gunjan. Gunjan says that she just want to say that they are in this situation today because of Mayank’s ego. Mayank argues that this is his self-respect. Gunjan says that I have always given importance to their marriage, and household. Gunjan’s dad says that she has always taken care of her marital life and household. Seema favors Mayank. Bauji says that if the woman understands that her biggest responsibility is towards her family. KT says that he doesn’t want to force Gunjan this time for anything, and the only way is to get separated. Prabhu shouts at them, while Ashok also asks them to remove their differences. Shayl stops them all, she says that she is also of the view that they should get separated.

PRECAP: Gunjan cries hard as she heads to leave the house. Mayank was disturbed in his room, and runs towards the door; but Gunjan has left.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Omg , I’m so down watching this show , rachna married bittu

  2. Wait what does that mean? Did Rachna marry KT?!?! If this is true I have no need to watch this show again.

  3. WTF is this ????????????????????????

  4. I so hate this show now, gungan left n rach marry bittu, wat the writer really getting at, this was my number one show but now it’s the worst,

    1. Now u know y I hardly watch this show

  5. Wtf sum one please explain to me did rachna marry bittu¿?????

  6. Wat da hell
    So shit
    Do rachana marry bittu. I use to love this show now it is so ugly

  7. I am disgusted
    How can gunjan leave
    My favourite show to my disgusted show
    How can rachana marry bittu

  8. I cannot believe that Rachna married Bittu, is the show indicating that KT has the right to tell Rachna who she should marry. This is so sickening

  9. I agree will you all if Rachna marries Bittu, I am not watching this show ever again

  10. I am confused as hell… Please tell me that she didn’t marry Bittu. Omg this is completely wrong. What right does KT have to make a lifetime decision for Rachna. Mayank is a jackass.

  11. Omg iam so watching it now how they seperate and finnaly get back together i dont wanna miss anything 😉

  12. WHAT’SHAPPEN WITH MAYANK AND GUJAN??? WHAT ARE THEY DOING???????WHAT’SGOING ON IN THI SHOW????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Rachna is the most beautiful bride

  14. she married bittu cause gayatri bamboozled kt not to marry rachna to get revenge on shail and dayal

  15. Writers fail to realizes that when viewers are unhappy with the story they stop watching the show. This has been the worst episode ever. All these indian shows reveals is that evil surpasses good. I am lost for words of the stupidly of the writers. Disgusted By the roles playedby KT/ Rachna. Gayatri and Anita are evil b*t*hes.

  16. This is complete,rubbish! This is the 3rd time rachana is falling in love after rajiv &vihaan, y can’t zee tv just allow her to be happy?. Yeh Saab bhakwaas hain.

  17. OMG!!! disgstn!!!

  18. Wtfh is happening I dis show..Rachna forever in bad luck for love..kt mum needs to expose…gunjan & mayank need to set a side der ego n pride n sort dere differences out…

  19. Worst show ever. I bet the writers are all male chauvinists. They portray india very well.

  20. this is so damn stupid !!!!!!! rachna is forever acting like a plain jane and the times comes for her to stand up and get what is hers and there she goes being superwoman to accept marrying bittu for kt happiness….no sense at all!!!!!

  21. bullshiot director..kuch krna toh hai nahin..raqchna ko bittu se shaadi kr di???? bloodhell..khatam kr do serial harkhor

  22. rachna character is loose..first vihaan dn vihaans bro..dn KT DN BITTOO??.,*stitute

  23. So wait, they didn’t actually show Rachna marrying Bittu right? So are they really married? Why they didn’t show it if they did? not pleased.

  24. I am confused, did RACHNA marry Bittu? I missed it last night. Is, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

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