Gustakh Dil 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha getting ready. yesha and Adhiraj sit together and murmur. Rishi teases them. Everyone laughs. The registrar says he will start his work. Shalini comes there. Adhiraj says mum. Lajjo introduces everyone. Nijhil says this was Lajjo’s idea to call your mum. Lajjo says we invited your sister too. Nikhil and Adhiraj are shocked. Adhiraj looks at Shalini. Lajjo asks where is Jasmine. Shalini says she was busy……….. Jasmine says I m here and smiles. The registrar asks Ayesha and Adhiraj to sign on the papers.

Everyone smile as they sign happily. They clap for them. Adhiraj asks him to take Shalini’s sign as witness and Inder’s from Ayesha’s side. The man says one more witness needed. Adhira says I want Lajjo to sign. Jasmine gets angry. Ayesha says yes, we are married now because of Lajjo. Lajjo signs on the papers. The man says you are legally wedded husband and wife, congrats. Everyone clap. Everyone give them blessings. Ayesha and Adhiraj exchange the rings formally and they clap.

They then exchange the garlands and its a fun moment. Barkha says we kept the marriage simple for the kids, but we want to keep a huge celebration now. Shalini says yes sure. Everyone clap for them as they cut the cake, wearing the bridal clothes and the party goes on. Adhiraj signs a bhajan, when asked to sing a song for Ayesha. Everyone smile. Nani says lets have some dancing now. Barkha says yes, there is music and plays it. They start dancing happily on the nothing like my laung da lashkara…………. Lajjo sees Nikhil and Jasmine dancing.

Inder gets a call and says I promise I will meet you tomorrow, today, no, it’s a family function, its my daughter’s wedding, you know everything, I can’t meet today. Barkha hears this and is shocked. He says you are important to me as my family. She thinks who is it who knows everything about us. Lajjo talks to Sagar and tells about Ayesha and Adhiraj. Lajjo says you are the best boss. Nikhil looks for Lajjo. Jasmine says your Lajjo is there, talking with someone, busy. Nikhil sees Lajjo and Sagar laughing. The drink falls on Sagar and Lajjo cleans his coat.

Jasmine asks Nikhil will he dance with her. He says yes and they dance. Lajjo turns and sees them dancing. Ayesha’s bidaai is done and no one is crying. Rishi jokes on her. Ayesha hugs everyone and thanks Lajjo. Lajjo asks Adhiraj to keep Ayesha happy. Nikhil comes with a gift for Adhiraj and Ayesha. He asks her to go home and see the gift. She hugs Nikhil. Ayesha is about to leave. Everyone get upset. Nikhil asks Ayesah to take care. Ayesha says take care of Lajjo. She looks for Inder and hugs him. Everyone get emotional. Inder tells Adhiraj that he is giving his daughter to him, I hope you will give her lots of happiness. Adhiraj says I will.

Barkha hugs Ayesha and Adhiraj. Rishi says come fast. Ayesha leaves and everyone cry seeing her go.
Jasmine thinks about Nikhil supporting her and even Barkha thanked her for all this. She smiles having high hopes again. She thinks to be in everyone’s good books, even mum’s. Shalini sees her smiling and asks what is she thinking. Jasmine says I m thinking about Adhiraj’s inlaws, they are good people, I m happy that Adhiraj married Ayesha, they will keep him happy always, I m glad that we got related to Nikhil’s family, now I can go his home anytime with all rights. She says yes, Ayesha’s family is very nice, Nikhil is lucky to have a wife like Lajjo. Jasmine gets angry. Shalini says right? Jasmine says I saved his life. Shalini looks at her. Jasmine thinks Nikhil is just mine.

Nikhil and Jasmine come to a café and they see Lajjo and Sagar together. Jasmine fills his ears against Lajjo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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