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The Episode starts with Chakor telling everyone the importance of education and what comforts they can buy after educating and earning. She says we can get much food and good life, these alphabets are magic and Ishwar has taught me all this. She recalls Ishwar in jail, and says he is in jail today. Ishwar is restless in lockup. The inspector comes and says good news, Bhuvan has taken case back, sign and get free. Ishwar asks did Bhaiya ji tell this to you. He says no and frees Ishwar. Prabhakar signs on the register and says Bhaiya ji can never do this again, this is my promise. Ishwar says we have to reach Aazaadgunj soon, Abha and Aditya are there. Chakor asks villagers not to touch education, as it only hurts. Aditya asks why is she saying this, as she is fearless.

Chakor says nothing can happen now, I have lost. She gets upset. Ishwar drives fast and says its not Chakor’s failure, but a hope’s failure. Chakor says I don’t have right to fly, I can see sky but don’t have right to touch it, I don’t have right to study and erase this stamp. She says I did a big mistake, I forgot I m Bandhua and I don’t have right to dream, Bhaiya ji has all rights and I came to tell you this. She says I did a mistake and no one should do it. She says don’t think to study and freely breath, we will do what Bhaiya ji asks us to do, our work is to serve them, if anyone thinks to fly like me, they will have chains like me. She throws the stone. Lakhan’s son takes the stone. Abha and Kasturi cry.

Chakor is taken away. Ishwar comes there running and hugs Chakor. She says I m very happy seeing you free. He asks why did she do this and cries. He asks did she not trust him. She says I trust you a lot, but I don’t care if I have to stay in cage, as you have to be free and teach many others to fly. He sees the chains and cries. She wipes his tears. Dheere dheere………………. Udaan hai………..plays………………. Chakor starts leaving. Everyone look on.

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Ishwar breaks down. The villagers start leaving. Lakhan’s son sees the A written and writes A. Ishwar turns and is stunned seeing this. He says I did not know what did Chakor tell the villagers, but I feel she told something that I can see courage to fly in them. He smiles. Lakhan brings Chakor back to the haveli. Ishwar says he can see inspiration in them, and talks to all villagers. He asks them to see the kid and shows this is education power. The man says the education is the root of all problems, Chakor says its very bad, don’t touch it. Ishwar says no, she did not say its bad, she explained that education can’t reach you in Bhaiya ji’s presence, as you all won’t be Bandhua.

He says if you all start studying, you will live for yourself, not for others. He says if you understand this, your live can change. He says Bhuvan has stayed with us, he has seen Chakor breathing free, he knows what is freedom, and what freedom can do for a person. He says don’t go on Chakor’s words, but understand the meaning behind it, she was giving you courage. He says if you understand what I m saying is for your good, then I request you to come ahead. Ishwar requests them to take a step ahead. The villagers are about to move ahead. Everyone smile. Lakhan comes there and fires in air. The villagers get scared. They all run to their homes and shut the doors. Ishwar says no need to get scared, wait. Bhaiya ji comes there and looks at Ishwar.

Bhaiya ji says they all are my pet dogs and loyal to me, power makes us control anyone and do anything. Prabhakar says law is not deaf, law will reach you soon. Bhaiya ji says Lakhan that Prabhakar jokes well and laughs. He asks did he get his son’s illness. Ishwar says yes, and this illness will be spread in Aazaadgunj and will be dangerous for you. Bhaiya ji says any disease can be cured by money. Ishwar says its fight between honest officer and corrupt politician, I will show what I can do. Bhaiya ji smiles taking Ishwar’s words light.

Bhaiya ji says they are my people, they have cheated me. He shoots at a man’s leg and takes Imli. Kasturi cries. Chakor says she will wipe the words. Baa stops her and encourages her to fly high.

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