Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is shocked to hear Gunjan say that she knew about the test. Gunjan says we didn’t want any drama at home. Seema asks Gunjan not to cover her further mistakes, she isn’t worth it. She asks her to tell everyone how she asked the nurse to take her blood, tell everyone how her mother in law betrayed her. She is worth getting punished. Gunjan says the one who realizes his mistake, isn’t punished. There are happiness in the family after such a long time, doesn’t she want her to be born in a family, where all the past mistakes are forgotten. She requests everyone to forget and forgive, so that they all can move on, for the child. Shayl sides Gunjan but Seema will get her mistakes, she has to prepare kheer for them all. Seema laughs, then says that before this I have to do something important. She takes the envelope of reports, tears it and says to Gunjan she doesn’t need any proof now. She knows no one can be pure than her daughter in law. Gunjan hugs her.
Rachna hopes her interview goes well. Shayl says she will get it, as she has her mother’s blessings. She must forget her past. Shayl asks her to move on. Rachna says she is doing the same. Gunjan comes ready to them, and asks Rachna to go. Shayl asks where she is going. Gunjan says she has to do some shopping. Shayl says she will ask Gopal to get it, but Gunjan says that Rachna is here with her, and the interview is near. Until Rachna has her interview she will sit in the coffee shop. Shayl denies her, taking the coffee. Gunjan promises her to have shop. Rachna also insists, Gunjan says mummy ji has also permitted her. Shayl agrees, and tells Rachna to take care of her.
In the way, Gunjan says to Rachna that she is really excited. Rachna says it is one of the biggest fashion houses. Gunjan says she will get it, as she is talented. She further says that her heart tells her something great is going to happen in her life.
A man appears, winds begin to blow. Rachna feels the presence of someone, and remembers KT.

Gunjan notices and calls Rachna. Rachna was lost, and says to Gunjan that this is KT’s smell. He uses this perfume, and her heart tells her KT is somewhere near here. She insists, when Gunjan says someone else can also use this perfume. They look around, Rachna looks at a man sitting in the car, calls KT. He gets into the car, she runs to him and knocks the mirror of the car. It was someone else, not KT. He asks what, but Rachna stammers. Gunjan comes there, and says we are sorry, we thought you are someone else and takes Rachna away.
They sit on a bench, Gunjan makes Rachna have water. Rachna asks why I felt it was KT, the fragrance was his. It was all like him, but. Gunjan tells her to relax, she didn’t know KT still resides her heart this way. Rachna says he will always be here. Gunjan tells her not to think about it right now, we shall go home. You can’t give an interview in such a mood. Rachna says she will give the interview. KT is a reality with which she has to move in the life. She asks her to go and get what she has to.

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At home, Gunjan comes to her room. Mayank comes and asks where is Rachna. Gunjan tells her that Rachna sent her home, as the weather wasn’t good. Mayank says they will watch a romantic film together, but Gunjan was lost. Gunjan says that something happened in the market, which made her disturbed. Mayank gets enraged, that he won’t forgive KT for what he has done to his sister. Gunjan tells him to relax, and asks him which movie he wants to watch. Mayank says she must promise to never take his name again.
The man gets Bindia in market, and asks about his money. Bindia gets into his feet, people gather there. She asks him some more time, and hands him her necklace. Rachna calls Bindia, the man runs away. She asks what she is doing here. Bindia hugs her posing to be fearful. Rachna asks who the man was. Bindia cries, that it is about love, she is unable to forget. Rachna thinks about her and KT. Bindia tells her that she loved the man, but he betrayed her and then sent her the man to blackmail her. Rachna asks to go to police, Bindia stammers that she doesn’t want to get into police matter. Rachna gets Gunjan’s call. Bindia asks Rachna not to tell Gunjan, Gunjan asks about the interview and invites Rachna home as they have to go to a party. Bindia thanks Rachna, for understanding her. Rachna says she can understand her pain.
Gunjan shows Rachna two dresses to try. A light flashes in KT’s house, Rachna looks into the window and says to Gunjan the flash was from KT’s house, someone is there. Gunjan says the house is sealed from months, but Rachna asks to see it. They go out. Rachna asks what if KT was there in the house. Gunjan asks her to come and see. The door was bolted. Gunjan says she told her, Rachna insists but Gunjan takes her away. A man stood there in the house. Rachna looks back, tear eyed.
The man comes out of the house when they had left. KT was there.

PRECAP: Rachna comes to the party. KT was also in the party. He looks at Rachna holding her mask, she looks at him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Love today episode can’t wait for tomorrow one

  2. Finally our KT is back.

  3. the best hero was vihaan. I luv him

  4. KT y r u doing this to innocent rachana
    i know there must be some reason behind it, bt plzzzzz try to understand she loves u a lot tht she can feel ur presence……!

    1. He didn’t do anything to Rachna, his mother did. Tricked both of them, making them think that each of them wanted her to go with Bittu, writing false letters.

  5. Love love love today’s episode!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow when they see each other!

    1. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imslopibse.

  6. Nice epi……

  7. this soap has become a whole pack of shit does not worth looking at

    1. Then don’t watch or read the episodes.

  8. Give them a happy ending..please for once, this show has gotta take a different turn!

  9. Well Bindra will want kt now what is she still doing at RACHANA house

  10. So happy that KT is back.

  11. Finally there is a change. Now get rid of bindya. She is so boring. What does she stand to gain from all the wrong she is causing?

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