Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Aaliya imaging Bulbul and Purab hugging in mirror and breaks it. Pragya comes there, knocks door and asks her to open door. Aaliya calls Bulbul and says she cannot attend her marriage, but can send her marriage gift. Bulbul asks what gift. Aaliya takes mirror piece and cuts her wrist thinking now Abhi will realize what he did, he killed his sister for Pragya and her sister’s sake, once she dies, Abhi will hate Pragya and Bulbul and will not support marriage. Pragya continues knocking door. Aaliya says she hates her and falls on floor unconscious. Pragya continues knocking door and requests to open door. All ladies hear her pleas and ask what happened. Pragya says Aaliya is not opening door and she is worried about her. Tanu taunts that Aaliya’s condition is because of her. Pragya asks her to stop taunting and help Aaliya. She runs to Akash’s room and asks him to break Aaliya door. Bulbul calls her and asks if everything is alright. Pragya says she will call her later and cuts call.

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Akash breaks door. Everyoneenter in and are shocked to see Aaliya unconscious on floor with cut wrist. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come home immediately as Aaliya has cut her wrist. Abhi says he does not like jokes and cuts call. He tells Purab that Aaliya is again making drama that she cut her wrist. Purab asks what if she really has done that. Pragya calls Abhi and informs him. They both rush towards home. Bulbul calls Purab and he tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. She reminisces Aaliya telling about gift and realizes this was her gift. Sarla asks why is she tensed. She tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. Sarla says she is worried about Abhi now as Aaliya is his sister and he has right to think of her happiness.

Pragya and whole family bring Aaliya to hospital. Pragya worried thinks how can Aaliya try to suicide and not think of Abhi. Doc comes out and says Aaliya is out of danger. Pragya thanks her. She says she should be thankful to herself as she brought Aaliya on time and asks who tied cloth against Aaliya’s wrist. Mitali says Pragya tied and says she told her not to, but she went ahead. Doc says she did right and praises Pragya. Tanu comes there acting as getting worried for Aaliya, gets into room and says they both will punish Pragya. Pragya comes there, drags her out of room and says being Aaliya’s friend instead of helping her, she is pushing her in wrong path. She will not let this happen and drags her out of Aaliya’s hospital room.

Bulbul walks on road crying and thinks why always she her happiness is taken away, why she gets into trouble always.

Abhi comes to hospital. Tanu tries to brainwash Abhi that because of his wrong decision, Aaliya’s life is at risk and he is on Pragya’s side instead. Purab comes and takes Abhi from there while Tanu still shouts to listen to her.

Aaliya wakes up and sees whole family around. Pragya tries to go near her, but Aaliya asks her to stay away and says her black magic will not work on her, etc. Pragya scolds Aaliya that she thinks always about herself and if she really cared about her family, daadi, Abhi, she would not have attempted suicide. She says Abhi trusts and loves her so much, but she is thinking of only marrying Purab. She says if she thinks Abhi and Daadi are doing wrong by loving her, then they are doing wrong. She says she does not have brother, so she can understand how difficult it is for Abhi to see her in trouble and says Abhi took care of her since childhood and what pain he will go through when he will lift your dead body. Aaliya asks her to stop. Abhi comes in worriedly and asks Aaliya why did she do that.

Precap: Abhi says Pragya that Aaliya is praising her a lot and asks what black magic she does and she can use it on ememies around border. Aaliya acts as getting angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When does Tanu go HOME and “why” is she allowed to stay there- ALL the time?

  2. I feel really sorry for bulbul…as it’s true her all happiness is just momentary!!!

  3. Its boring. I think they don’t have a strong story line

  4. Alia and her drama starts of turning into a positive character which can never happen.I just hope her plan backfires big and purab and bulbul do get married!!!

  5. the new promo is terrible i feel like killing tanu !!

  6. Shit man why alia didn’t died????? Plz someone kill her and let purab and bulbul live peacefully…..

    1. Nice one….

  7. Alia can you give me your address because I really wanna come and kill you along with tanu.just stay away from my rabul!

  8. Alia is the most pathetic character seseriously.even I wanted her to die despite knowing the fact that

  9. what is the new promo

    1. Tanu is pregnent with abhi’s child…….!!!!!!

      1. What the hell!!!!! Is that true!!!!!!!!! O.o

      2. No! Whaaaaat!! Did Abhi even touch Tanu?? He must not love Pragya then…

    2. new promo: Aalia sees bulbul and Purab happy together and realises Bhai was right in arranging their marriage and tells Tanu that she wont come in between them …but Tanu smirks and says she will make it hell for Bulbul and pragya…and Bulbul meet wid an accident by a car while she was walkin on road and Tanu smiles…pragya shouts bulbul’ s name and purab shocked..

  10. is it anjali

  11. iam sure it aliya’s new plan….

  12. hi guys, I m new here.

  13. ruhi so what if u r new here?

  14. ash haz wats ur problem if i am here

  15. Exactly it’s time
    for Tanu to face the music and be kicked out of the house.

  16. Why is tanu always surrounded by that family

    1. Right, When does she work or go to her own home???

  17. Why does Sarla care if Abhi rethinks his decision about Bulbul and Purab wedding? Purab and Bulbul doesn’t need Abhi’s approval for marriage as they are consenting adults. Aliyah is a selfish spoiled brat who needs to grow up.

  18. I really like kumkum bhagya.. its like one of the best serials ever.. the actors are real proffesionals.. they really make us feel hatred towards them. They r the best. Dont worry .. I guess alia is turning good!!!

    And obvio.. tanu wont have baby … Iam sure… she is plotting against pragya… and if she becums we ll see abhis dilemma.. this serial has avery good story line.. guys … all serials cant happen the way u want.. it. There shud be twists.. as it is a serial……seriosly..

  19. And if they r heroes.. they make us love them

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