Udaan 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi scolding Chakor and asking her to stay on rooftop all night. Bhaiya ji gets angry thinking about Chakor and asks Lakhan when will she come. Lakhan says she will come by tomorrow. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji not to worry. Vivaan hears this and is tensed. Kasturi cries thinking about Chakor leaving tomorrow. Bhuvan comes to her. He says Lord wrote Chakor’s fate before she was born. She hugs him and cries. Chakor is on the rooftop. Vivaan thinks about Chakor. Chakor talks to the moon and says my mum says there is a bird named Chakor who loves you a lot, so they named me Chakor, tell me do you love me. Suraj and Lovely’s daughter comes to talk to Vivaan. Suraj taunts Vivaan and makes him angry.

Kasturi comes to Chakor on the rooftop. Chakor lies in her lap and says she does not get sleep if she gets far from her. Kasturi says she is her Lord’s fav. Chakor says she does not like the stamp, do something to remove it. She says she will not cry even if it hurts. Kasturi says this stamp won’t go ever. Chakor says I will show you one day. Kasturi asks what. Chakor says removing this stamp. Kasturi smiles and asks her to sleep. Kasturi sings lullaby for her. She gins Chali Chakori Chaand ko Choone……………. Chakor sleeps.

Its morning, Bhuvan and Chakor are outside near lake. Chakor asks him to leave her. He cries thinking she will tell the same when she is bounded by Bhaiya ji. He says he will complain to Kasturi about her. Chakor comes home and says Bhuvan is in hurry today and did not let me have bath for long. Kasturi is upset but smiles seeing Chakor happy. Chakor asks Bhuvan why is he looking so sad. Bhuvan looks at Kasturi. Kasturi asks Chakor to wear the new dress and makes her have food. Chakor looks at them and asks whats happening, no one is working today and everything is changed. Imli comes and brings icecream for her. Chakor asks where did you get money from. Kasturi says I gave her money.

Chakor asks whats happening, you did not do this before. Imli says as you are going out. Chakor asks where. Imli says I don’t know. Chakor asks Imli to have first. Imli says she will go to haveli. Kasturi scolds her and says only Chakor will go, as she got a call from Haveli. Chakor asks why. Bhuvan’s mum says yes, for helping them in Jhulan. Chakor gets glad. Chakor asks will they not lock me in room. Kasturi gets stunned.

Bhuvan says no, no one can lock you, Bhuvan’s mum says you will enjoy a lot there. Imli says she will also go. Chakor asks yes, can she come with me. Kasturi cries and says no, Imli will not go to haveli. Imli cries. Chakor says don’t worry, I will get clothes and food from there for you. Chakor says she will go now. Kasturi says whats the hurry, go later. Chakor says no, they might be waiting for me, let me go. Bhuvan’s mum asks her to take the blessings chunni and asks her to keep it always with her.

Chakor takes the 6 beads thread necklace that Kasturi made for her, and says she will take mum’s blessings as she is going far from them for the first time. Kasturi does her tilak and makes her have sweets. She kisses Chakor and cries. She hugs Chakor. Chakor says leave me, I will come soon. Chakor leaves with Bhuvan. Kasturi sees her going and cries. Chakor waves bye to her family smiling.

Bhuvan brings Chakor to the haveli and sends her in. Bhaiya ji gets angry seeing her. Chakor greets them. The gate closes as Bhuvan stands outside.

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