Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT asks Dayal for an apology, he tells Rachna to go and change. KT thanks him. Gunjan helps Rachna get ready. KT can’t take his eyes away watching Rachna coming to the hall. Shayl takes them to the stage, where they sit together. Pandit ji starts the rituals. Shayl takes the plate while the candle is about to blow, Dadi saves it from blowing out. Dayal gives his blessings to KT. Dadi gives KT the ring, he is happy and looks at Rachna saying that your happiness comes before anything from now on. Rachna says that your happiness is even before that. Rachna puts the ring into KT’s finger, everyone claps. Shayl says that you were worried, uselessly. Gunjan says to Mayank she is very happy today, Mayank says if your news get confirmed it will double. KT asks Rachna her hand, he was about to put the ring when Bittu calls where is Bittu’s bhaiya? KT looks at him in the doorway, standing all wet in rain. Rachna and KT remember their incidence with him. KT leaves Rachna’s hand, and heads to the door. Bittu runs to hug him, and says I need your help. Everyone comes to them, Bittu asks will you help me, as no one can help him. KT asks who need help. He points at the doorway, a lady appears from the storm and looked at KT tear-eyed. Her sister-the lady stalking KT was with her. KT recalls his Dadi asking his mother to go out of the house, as she didn’t bring anything into the house but troubles and shame. Dadi didn’t let her meet him. KT calls Mom! Shayl asks Gayatri you? After so many years? Bittu says to maa that bhaiya is a good guy and will help us. She comes forward, Dadi shouts at her to stop right there, as they have no place in their house. Maasi says that we can’t hear anything more, we must leave. Bittu argues why Bhaiya called my maa as his; he asks are you really my brother? Maasi says we came here as Bittu says there is someone who will help us, had we known we should have never come here. Gayatri asks to leave, as we don’t want anyone stop their work because of them; after all he is her true son.
Dadi shouts at her to be quiet and leave as she doesn’t want to recall anything from the past. Gayatri heads to back up, crying. Rachna calls KT< Bittu recognizes her as friend and princess. Gaytri asks Bittu to leave. Dadi stops her saying that Rachna is the daughter-in-law of Tripati family, you broke this relation years ago. The lady says she shall atleast take care of Bittu. KT asks is Bittu his younger brother. Dadi asks Gayatri to leave the place, she cries and says that she knows it, but she pleads them for favour. She says you fulfilled all the responsibility you got. She asks Bittu to go, as they will return sometime else. Bittu denies to leave, and says that his Bhaiya will help them. Gayatri leaves, while Maasi drags Bittu.
Dayal says to Shayl that this isn’t right. Shayl stops him. Dadi asks them to complete the engagement ceremony. Rachna comes to KT and asks him to go. Pandit ji says to Dayal that the time for engagement has ended. Dadi asks there must be some cure, Prabhu also asks him what happens in a little time. Pandit ji says that time has passed now, if they ask him he would says they must not do the engagement; else they can do it at their own risk.

PRECAP: Gunjan gives promotion about Bhagwan Das.

Update Credit to: Sona

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