Jamai Raja 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid welcoming DD and Bablu to his middle class home. He introduces her to his parents as Durga Patel. She asks them to call her as DD. He then introduces DD to his parents. Dad asks mom to bring snacks. She brings snacks. DD makes weird faces seeing cheap samosas and other snacks. Mom serves her cold drinks in steel glass, but DD does not accept it and even stops Balbul from accepting it. She sees precious bracelet in Sid’s mom’s hand and asks where did she buy it. Mom says she bought it for 700 rs from a Fashion Street. DD says it is from her shop. Mom says she is for sure bought from that shop and asks her to buy the same. Dad says DD that he met Roshni and liked her. DD says she also met Sid but did not like him and asks him to stop dreaming about making Roshni as his bahu, else she will send him and his son to jail. She says she brought precious gifts for them and if they are more greedy, she will send more and starts badmouthing about them. Sid gets irked and says she is angry on her and does not have any right to misbehave with his parents. She says he trapped a rich girl for her money and says Roshni’s bathroom is bigger than your house. She gives him blank cheque and says it is a compensation for his love. Sid says he kept quiet as she is elder, else he would have slapped if someone misbehaves with his parents. DD leaves with Bablu. She asks Bablu not to tell what happened here. Bablu says he forgot his mobile and will get back.

Sid gets angry on DD and says his parents that he will not tolerate DD anymore and says they can buy many DD’s. Dad says we worked hard for Roshni and asks if he does not love her. He says he loves, but cannot see anyone insulting them. Bablu comes and says he remembers them buying bracelet from his shop for 5 lakhs and even remember buying it for their bahu and says Roshni is lucky to have him and says he saw only poor people acting as rich but seeing rich people acting as poor for love for the first time and requests Sid not to tell the truth. He asks Sid if he can get daughter and mom together and asks if he loves her truly, he should prove that and asks promise. Sid reminisces promising Roshni to give her a family and promises Bablu.

Sid stops DD and says he came to talk to her and asks her to listen him. He shows her blank cheque and gives it back to her. He says she will become her sasuma/mother-in-law for sure. She says it is his dream. He says her daughter comes in his dream and it is his habit to make his dreams come true. Panditji gives her prasad. She challenges her to get ready as he will become her jamai soon.

Roshni eagerly waits for DD and Bablu. She says Nani that she is tensed. Bablu comes and she asks what happened there and if mom liked Sid’s family. Bablu thinks he should not tell truth. DD comes and says she liked Sid and his family and is happy as her only child is getting married.

Precap: Sid and Roshni get romantic, marriage music plays in the background. Sid dorns her bridal dupatta.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is one of the best serial that Zee TV ever had. Sid looks cute! 🙂 😉

  2. Can’t wait for Roshni and DD to find out about “Sidharth Khurana” 😉

  3. sid acts fantasticallyy todayyy …. keep it up sid………..

  4. i am just waiting for the moment when DD finds out that Sid is a very rich man compared to her

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