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Gustakh Dil 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harry seeing Lajjo finding something in Ranawat’s study room and thinks what is she doing here, there is something wrong. Barkha talks to Inder and sees him upset. He says he had a meeting. She says you were not in office. He asks what do you want to say. She says nothing at all. I called office and came to know you are not there. He says yes, I had some other work. He says lets go in party now. She says get ready. They argue on her jewellery. He asks her to wear old ones. She gets annoyed and asks him to come soon. Lajjo comes out of the study. She goes to the storeroom to find some evidence there.

She says there is nothing here and looks around. Shalini and Ranawat come home. Shalini calls the maid Savita. She scolds the other servant. He says Lajjo has sent me to market to get some items and she is not at home. Shalini says where did she go. Ranwat asks the servant to make a coffee for him. He says Lajjo has gone to see her kid children. She says is this the way to go. Savita comes and says she was not sleeping, she was tired. Shalini asks her to get coffee. Lajjo is finding something in store room. She is shocked seeing a white bedsheet coming towards her. Ranwat asks where is Harry, I told him to get someone for AC servicing.

Shalini says he is useless, he has embarrassed me. She says it’s the limit, he sees girls and falls for them he is ruining our family name, why don’t you talk to him. Savita comes and gives coffee. Lajjo sees the bedsheet coming and thinks its ghost. She gets scared and opens her mouth. Harry throws the bedsheet and shows her face. He says he has seen the world and asks her to stop. She runs and he catches her. He says you made me run a lot, now tell me who are you and you work for whom no one is here, don’t worry, tell me. He holds her hand and her pallu falls. He is shocked seeing her and says tell me, else I will slap you. She says I work for no one, I m cook here.

She says I was cleaning storeroom. He is not convinced and asks her to say the same to Ranawat. She says I did not do anything. Harry brings Lajjo to Shalini and Ranawat. Lajjo says leave me, I did not do anything. Shalini and Ranawat are shocked seeing Harry misbehaving with Lajjo. Ranawat asks what is this madness. Harry says ask her, why did she come in this house, she was finding something in our house. Lajjo gets tensed. Harry brings a gun and aims at Lajjo shocking everyone.

Harry says tell the truth, why did you come here. Lajjo asks Shalini to save him from Harry. She is poor but she won’t do anything he says, I will not work here, this man is bad. Harry says what are you saying, tell me what were you stealing. Lajjo hides behind Shalini. Lajjo says he called me thief. Shalini supports Lajjo knowing Harry is always wrong. Lajjo says he called me in his room to clean it. Harry says when did I call you, she is lying. Lajjo says I m not lying, he came near me and held my hand.

Harry says she is lying, I did not do this. Shalini defends Lajjo. Lajjo says she swears on her children. Shalini says she trusts Lajjo and asks Harry why is he after the maids. She says if she had to steal, why will she go in storeroom, she would have to go in our bedrooms. Lajjo says I will not work here, I will tell agency people what happened with me here, and media will know it. Harry aims gun again. Ranawat scolds Harry and says I did not expect this from you, you will fall so low to see a maid. Shalini asks Lajjo not to go to the media, forget it and don’t complain in agency, I will do your salary double.

Lajjo agrees. Shalini scolds Harry. He says he is not wrong, trust me. Ranawat says you did so big things, who will believe you now, this is last time, don’t do this again. Shalini says don’t talk to servants now. Nikhil and Lajjo talk to CBI. Nikhil says Lajjo won’t go there again. DK says you are involved in this, so she is taking rick. Nikhil says he will get all proof now, please don’t send Lajjo again. Miss Roy says you can go when Ranawat wants to meet you, if Lajjo does not go, then Ranawat will doubt her and not leave her easily. She asks Lajjo tto work there and make sure she is safe from Ranawat and Harry. Nikhil says its too risky. DK asks them to be alert.

Ranawat asks Shalini to fire Lajjo. She says we can’t fire her now, as she will tell this to agency and if media knows, it will spoil our image. They talk about their daughter and son. He says she will be coming soon and is angry as his son does not worry for him. Lajjo thinks about Harry and is worried. Nikhil comes and does head massage to her. She gets relieved. They have a good talk. She gets sad thinking about his problem. He asks her not to worry and cheer up. She thinks about their old moments and cries.

Its morning, Barkha sees the costly bracelet and thinks she was thinking to buy such and Inder stopped her. She feels bad seeing Lajjo wearing such. Lajjo sees Barkha noticing it and says its new, how is it. Barkha says very pretty. Lajjo says Anjali and Sagar tell me not to repeat things. Barkha says they are right. Lajjo says I think this will suit you more. Barkha thinks now this time came that I have to wear bracelet Lajjo gives me. She does not accept it because of her ego. Lajjo says fine and leaves.

Lajjo comes to work in Ranawat;s house and tells Savita what Harry did and how she has exposed him. Savita sees her bracelet and says it looks very costly, from where did you get this. Lajjo thinks she forgot to remove it and says my husband got it, its 25rs, its imitation one. Ayesha asks the lawyer whats the court’s decision. He says Adhiraj is declared innocent and freed. Ayesha is glad and thanks him. He gives the credit to her and praises her. Nani hears this and smiles. Ayesha says she did what she felt is right. The lawyer leaves. Nani is worried for Ayesha and talks to her that many people will question you way wherever you go, be strong, you are smart enough to know what I m saying. Ayesha cries.

Its morning, Savita tells Shalini about Lajjo wearing costly bracelet. She says she did not have any proof that Lajjo did stealing, but think how can a maid get a costly bracelet. She fills her ears and says maybe Harry is right about her. Lajjo hears this and is shocked. Shalini tells Savita if Lajjo’s bracelet are real, its her last day here. Lajjo hears them talking and thinks what to do. Nani asks Barkha to come for shopping. Barkha says no, Inder asked me to limit expensed. Nani says it might be serious, else he would have not stopped you. Barkha says we are going Paris, we will spend some time, maybe he will tell us. Nani says Nikhil and Lajjo did not go to Nainitaal also, don’t you think they should go first. Barkha says whats the connection, they can go anywhere without asking us, who is stopping them.

Barkha calls the agent and asks about hotel booking. She comes to know that Inder cancelled the trip. She is shocked and says sorry I forgot. She tells this to Nani. Nani says what. Barkha says I don’t know whats happening. They worry. Lajjo brings tea for Shalini. Shalini looks at her costly bracelet. Lajjo gets tensed.

Sagar says you missed three rehearsals last week and scolds Lajjo to decide whether she wants to be housewife or professional. Nikhil hears this and asks Sagar not to scold Lajjo, as she is his wife and he does not have any right on her. Sagar says sorry. Lajjo asks Nikhil not to interfere in her work.

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