Udaan 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor decides to help Abhay

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The Episode starts with Chakor playing with Saanvi. A showpiece starts falling over Saanvi. Suraj comes and saves Saanvi. He asks Chakor to be careful. She says I know you will always protect us, I wish you could do something to protect the country. He says I m doing my duty, I pay tax on time, its a help for the nation’s army. She says Colonel can ruin the country, we have to stop him, else we will regret all our life, the country will be thankful to you. He says I don’t have this feeling in me, which is fed in you by Ishwar and my Dadi, I won’t help anyone to stop Colonel. He goes. Vivaan comes and asks what happened, I think you both argued once again. She says yes. He says I m ready for this mission, can’t I go instead Suraj. She says I wish this could happen, Suraj has impressed Colonel and won

his trust, if you want to help, convince him. He says he isn’t listening to his wife, he won’t listen to me. She says just convince him to meet Abhay once, then he will agree. He says fine, I will convince him. She thanks him. He goes to Suraj.

Suraj says Chakor makes jackfruit curry so well. Vivaan says she won’t make it, she is just thinking to stop Colonel, just meet Abhay once. Suraj says you want me to go there and get convinced, you know what does that RAW want me to do, he wants me to trap Colonel’s daughter Naina in love, so that I get their info and inform him. Vivaan asks what, did they make this plan, Chakor didn’t tell me, did she agree for this. Suraj says yes, she agrees as she is a country lover, she is ready to make me away for the sake of country. The agent keeps on the truck. He sees Deva going. Chakor takes tea and asks didn’t you add ginger in tea. Girja says I didn’t remember. Chakor goes to add ginger. She gets shocked seeing Abhay in servant’s disguise.

She says you here. He asks did you convince Suraj, I can come anywhere, don’t worry, we have no time, Suraj has to leave soon. She says I will soon convince him. He says just prepare Suraj soon, there is a big threat on our country. She says don’t worry, I will talk to him, how will you leave. He says like I came in. Suraj and Vivaan see some hotels online. Chakor comes and asks what are they doing. Vivaan says I m booking a room for you and Suraj, go on a holiday trip. Chakor says I thought you will convince Suraj. Vivaan says that is not our work. Suraj asks her to see the hotel pics. She recalls Abhay’s words and says you said right, this is not our work to take a big risk, we should have small happiness in life. They smile. She says I will tell Abhay to choose someone else. Suraj says fine. She says I will just go and come, I will meet mum and Saanvi first. She goes. Chakor cries and hugs Saanvi. He says I m doing this for your betterment. She asks Girja to take care of Saanvi. She leaves in her car. The car breaks down.

She checks the car and sits to change tyre. Naina passes by in the car and stops to help. The guard asks can we help you. Chakor says no, thanks, I have fixed the tyre. Naina and guards go back to their car. They leave. Chakor leaves. Guard says sorry, its Colonel’s order, you can’t go out. Naina says dad just takes tension. Chakor hides and spies on the godown. She gets under the truck and hangs. Udaan hai….plays…. The truck goes inside the godown.

Suraj asks where is Chakor. Abhay says she is in godown. Chakor says I have to save the country. Suraj says fine, you won, I lost, I will help Abhay. Chakor prays for Suraj and leaves his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, So Chakor almost saw Naina face to face. Loved Chakor stunt, I like to see her in action. Chakor-Saanvi scenes were great.
    Seeing Chakor leaving Suraj’s hand was heart wrenching, like a mother leaving her child at school on his first day.

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