Kundali Bhagya 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta comes to hospital to find Sherlin’s truth

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Prithvi comes from behind the bed and sees the Slam book tucked underneath the pillow and just he is about to get it Karan hits him and he quickly hides, Karan gets up and says as to what the matter is and then he turns, when Karan goes to sleep Prithvi says that it is better that he must go away and will come again when he leaves Karan again gets up and thinks that something is wrong.
Sherlin is sitting in her house and thinking as to why is Prithvi’s phone switched off but then her mother comes and asks as to what happened the previous night, she thinks that if her mother got to know of the secrets that she has in her Slam book but then she comes and hugs her and says that Karina called and she is so happy that she is now ready to marry R8ishab and Karina told her this, Sherlin suddenly starts

to feel bad and feels that she is not feeling well but when her mother decides to call the doctor Sherlin stops her and then rushes out saying that she will go to the doctor herself.
Preeta is trying to find her umbrella but is unable to do so and then she scolds her sister saying that why is she so careless and then when she spots it she gets a call from Karan and he is tensed she quickly figures it and then he says that he does not get tensed because then3 Preeta also gets tensed and so he will not get tensed anymore, Preeta says that he must stop this but he says that he will prove that she is wrong about Prithvi and he will do anything to prove that he is not a good man and he will cross al the limits to prove this. he say that she must come quickly as she has called the key maker to come and he will unlock the Slam book as this will reveal a lot of secrets, when he is talking Rakhi hears him and asks him about which Slam boo is he talking about he says that he is talking about his own Slam book in which he has written the characteristics of his previous girlfriend who was simple and wore traditional Shalwar Kameez and wore big ear pieces Rakhi asks him if he is talking about Preeta ss she does not remember any of his girlfriends that were like the description which he gave an she only knows a girl who is like this and that is Preeta she then takes phone from him and asks Preeta to bring back the X ray reports of Dadi as they are ready, Karan and his mother fight over as to whose work she will do but then Preeta says that she will come after getting the reports.
In the hospital the sister asks for a file when the doctor enter and she asks the sister to come with her to the maternity ward and when the receptionist gets a call, Sherlin reaches the reception and asks her that she needs to meet the doctor but the receptionist says that she cannot meet her as her appointment are full for the next three days and she cannot send her but hearing this Sherlin gets angry and says that she knows people like her can handle them, she quickly rushes away, Preeta also comes and when she never hits a women by mistake and when she goes to the Reception she starts to talk with the nurse who says that she doesn’t understand these high society girls who think that the doctors are their personal assistant and are also very rude, Preeta also consoles her and then says that she is here to pic the X ray files of Luthra to which the nurse says that she gave the keys to another nurse Preeta says that she will go and get them while the Nurse should take care of the patients.
Sherlin is walking down the hall thinking that she cannot go to any other doctor and thereby risking of them knowing that she is Pregnant, she also feels scared of that doctor as she is not interested in her money and she might tell the Luthra about her Pregnancy which will be a problem for her.
Sherlin asks for Doctor Semma from the nurse who points her in her direction and when she reaches the doctor she says that she will have this kind of Problem as this baby is her first child but Sherlin is adamant and talks rudely with the doctor who says to her that she knows as Sherlin is getting Behavior swings and she will give her the appointment at 1:30 in the afternoon and she must not get late,
Preeta walks in and asks the nurse ab0out the keys to which the nurse also agrees that she has them and goes with her to give her the file
Sherlin is scolding the Receptionist and said that she got the appointment today and she was telling her that the calendar was full for three days, she leaves after this and the nurse says that she is not a good person and has a big ego.
Preeta comes and takes the file when the nurse asks her to sign when she opens the register and is about to sign she sees Sherlin’s name in the maternity section and thinks that Karan’s Chachi was right about her and she is truly pregnant.

Precap: Preeta reaches Karan’s room and he says that they have got the book opened, she is tensed and when they sees the book Karan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh craps another drag out episode. Sickening stuff. Give viewers something to look forward to instead of this rubbish.

  2. Started well but like kum kum bhagya this story is running out of ideas and is stretching episodes into meaning less shootings. Gradually becoming boring and uninteresting.
    Please directors get the show moving!

  3. I am very very sure that prithvi had changed the slam book….. We are happy that today they will exposed but its will not be work…..

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