Ishqbaaz 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka gets Anika home

Ishqbaaz 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The landlady threatens of filing a police complaint. Anika says no, I m just asking for a day’s time. Sahil’s mum scolds her and says I won’t spare you if anything happens to my son. Anika says just give me one day time, I will pay all your money. The lady says fine, I will give you time, you have to do what you said, fall in my feet and apologize. Sahil’s mum asks her to fall in the lady’s feet and apologize before she changes her mind. Gauri says no, don’t do this, we will manage, don’t listen to her. Anika says enough, nothing is imp than my family, I m willing to fall in her feet if you will get a roof this way. Gauri shouts no. Anika bends down. Sahi gets dizzy and falls. Gauri and Anika get shocked. They shout Sahil and hold him. Sahil’s mum asks what happened to my son. Anika lifts

Sahil and shouts is there any doctor here, please check my brother, doctor…. Gauri says the clinic must be open, we shall take him there. They leave. The lady says listen, take your stuff today itself, else I will sell it tomorrow. Sahil’s mum cries.

Doctor says I gave him injection, he will get fine, his immunity is low, if he gets drenched in rain again, he may suffer from pneumonia, he won’t be able to fight with it. Anika says your sister won’t let anything happen to you, I will make everything fine.

Anika says Gauri, I don’t understand, if Nikhil was here, he would have helped. She calls someone and says I need some money, my brother is sick, I will return all the money, you may take interest as well, please lend me some money. Priyanka comes there. Sahil’s mum asks who is she. Anika says you… Priyanka says I went to your home and found out that you are no longer living there, then someone told me that you are here, what’s all this.

Anika says actually I couldn’t pay rent to the landlady so… Priyanka says so she has ousted you, tell me the amount, I will give you. Anika says you thought to help me, that is more than enough for me, thanks, we are not used to borrowing money. Sahil’s mum says shut up. Gauri asks her to be quiet. Priyanka says I came to offer job, I told you to see my marriage arrangements, I want you to be my wedding planner. Anika recalls Shivaye and says I can’t take up this job, thanks. Priyanka asks but why. Anika says we have suddenly got into this problem, I need to find a place to stay and then I will be able to think of work. Priyanka asks where will you stay. Gauri says its a big city, we will manage. Priyanka says till you find the place, you can live with us, our driver Mohan has just vacated his quarter, you can live there, please don’t refuse, you saved my life, I will do anything to help you, I would love to help. Anika says it was my duty to save your life, it was my mistake.

Priyanka says no, don’t blame yourself, come with me, please. Anika says Priyanka, but what about your family, I don’t think they will be okay with this. Priyanka says I will call Shivaye and ask. She calls Shivaye. He asks are you okay. She says yes, my friend doesn’t have a place to stay, can we allow her to stay in Mohan’s quarters. He says of course, do anything you want, take care. She says thanks, you are the best. She ends call and says he has no issues, come with me now. Anika recalls doctor’s words and thinks fate is playing a game with me, Sahil is not well, we don’t have a house, I m jobless and got this chance, but how can I live in that man’s house. She says I have a question, we will only stay in your driver’s quarter right. Priyanka says yes. Anika thinks it means I won’t have to face that man, then I will find another place to stay in a few days. Dadi says she took so long, she should have come by now. Old Dadi comes and hugs.

New Dadi asks what happened. Dadi hugs her and says there are many bad memories associated with this house, I lost my Shakti here, I have been running away, be it to an ashram or Tej-Jhanvi’s house, I had to return as its Shivaye’s marriage. New Dadi says really, I can take up your responsibilities, but not your place, its your upbringing that ShivOmru, they gave me the same love and respect, they missed you a lot but they never said it. Omru come and hug Dadi. Dadi blesses them. Rudra jokes. Om says we missed you a lot. She says I missed you fools too. Shivaye comes and touches her feet. Dadi hugs him. She says you agreed to marry suddenly. New Dadi says just I know how I convinced him. Dadi says he is ready now. He says sorry, I know you are here, but I have imp work, I will finish it and will be back soon. He goes. Rudra asks did you get anything from London. Dadi jokes and hugs him. Priyanka gets Anika and others. Anika says I felt we would stay in quarter. Priyanka says yes, Mohan used to stay in outhouse. Anika wishes she doesn’t face Shivaye.

Sahil’s mum asks is this a house or a palace. Priyanka asks what happened. Anika says I was expecting the quarter to be away from home. Dadi asks Priyanka who are they. Priyanka says she is my new friend Anika, she saved my life. Dadi blesses Anika. Priyanka says she is a wedding planner also, she will handle all the arrangements of my marriage. Dadi says Shivaye will decide it. Priyanka says let him plan his own wedding, I will plan mine, Anika will handle all arrangements, they will stay here until the wedding is over. Dadi asks what do you mean. Priyanka says they had a small problem, so I got them here, they will stay in Mohan’s quarter, I asked Shivaye. Sh asks Anika to come and see the outhouse. Anika hanks Dadi for helping them. Sahil’s mum says this place is cooler than heaven, what an amazing house…..

Its night, Sahil’s mum says thank God, we got a place to live. Anika says its time to give medicines to Sahil. Gauri says I will find the medicine. Light goes. Sahil’s mum asks her to go and see what happened. Anika says we shall wait for some time. Sahil’s mum says at least, get a candle. Gauri says I will get it. Anika says wait, I will get. She goes. Shivaye comes home. Khanna sees Anika and says what is she doing here, it will be a big problem if Shivaye sees her. He sees Shivaye coming. Anika turns. Shivaye stops. She thinks where is the fuse box. She goes. He turns. Khanna says you.. Shivaye asks was anyone here. Khanna says no. Shivaye says why do I feel someone was here. Anika restores the lights. Sahil’s mum shouts happily.

Shivaye asks what’s this sound. Khanna thinks its Anika’s aunt, it means even they are here. He says no I didn’t hear any voice. Shivaye says it came from outhouse, is there anyone. Khanna says Mohan is gone. Dadi says Priyanka’s friend’s family has come to live there. Shivaye says oh yes, Priyanka told me, it must be them, Khanna top up the car fuel. Dadi asks him to freshen up and come for dinner. Anika says I didn’t want to come here, but Sahil’s condition would have got worse, so I had to come, Priyanka said that we will stay in her driver’s quarter, I found that that their driver is… Khanna says if Shivaye comes to know, it will be a big problem, you know what happened in hospital. She recalls and says don’t worry, I won’t come before Shivaye, I will leave in the morning.

Anika says somebody has sent us at the same place, same day and same time where we had met for the first time. Shivaye says and then, we met again. She asks will we have the same love again. He says its just that there would be a new story, Shivaye and Anika will be same, but not the story. They hold hands. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika. He asks what are you doing in my house, how dare you step inside my house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    DADIIIIIIIIIIII ??????????????
    So in Redux Dadi’s sister is looking after the household !…
    Well I am soooooooooo happy that dadi is back atleast for some time ?????

    1. Go riana go!! Congrats for being first!! Yeah me too missed our navindra dadi.. tc

    2. Luthfa

      Go Riana Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Me too is happy that Dadi is back.Looking forward to upcoming.Take care?

  2. #2 Year SOFIB#
    Hello hello my dear PKJ family, the answers to Luthfa’s questions about the most celebrated hourney of IB.
    I liked the OBROS moments and it makes feel so special with such great loving bond the brothers have. It always keeps ringing in my ears Shivaay bhaiya Om Bhaiya rudy…. The threesome brothers in the kitchen and singing their kitchen song Zindigi….and dancing with their aprons donned. It really makes me feel so close to the family even though it is reel.
    My reason of watching IB is to savour the moment of family happiness and all the generation of the family living under one roof together with Dadi being the elder and a guiding light to the family. Wished that I had such kind of big family but with my parents gone it actually consoles me when I see IB with the big family.
    For Shivaay I love his Taadi very much and breaking of his phone, Anika is her strange language michimichi ad talks non stop during an argument until she wins the argument and Shivaay surrenders himself. As for Om I love his poems and the way he delivers it romantically. Rudra I love his comic antics and comic sense. The irritating manner he speaks to his brothers until they tell him together to shut up Rudra.
    My favourite couple is Shivika. I do like Rikara but my all time favourite is Shivika. I love their chemistry and they are made for each other in reel life. He knows when she is hurt or feeling sad and Anika knows when Shivaay is feeling troubled. Their sensometer works wonders and both know whether the other person is in trouble or needs help. That is good enough to show how true and deep their love is.
    Shivika’s style of romance is amazing especially their pool romance and they manner he pushes Anika’s hair at the back and folds her arms behind her and brings her closer within breath. Anika’s heart palpitating when Shivaay does that. Some romance moments I love in IB were when the 2 escaped thieves were out in the loose, Shivika will get locked inside a house and the song from Bobby Hum Tum song and their dance were too fabulous. The way Anika talked non stop in the car and irritated the thieves and how Anika stood infront of Shivaay when they wanted to shoot Shivaay. Anika in glass tank and Shivaay saving her and screamed at Dhaksh that how dare he touched Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife. When Shivika were under the stairs hiding from Rudra and Somya, Shivika’s intimacy was shown there where he will hold her tightly and get close to her. I liked the song also Chandini on the night of her mehendi under the moonlight when Shivika romances. I also like the part when Anika would be drawing the kolam and Dhaksh will try to help her, Shivaay will come and give her a gift saying that it is from family when actually it is from Shivaay. These are some moments I love very much. Anika’s proposal was romantic as well as when Shivaay puts haldi on Anika himself that was so romantic. Anika tries to wear a black nightie and will seduce Shivaay but he was under the influence of some drugs because of Veer. Anika’s seduction was good.
    My favourite track was the episode when the pandit and his wife will come to Oberoi mansion and the three bahus will dance for the Laila song and the pandit’s wife keeps fainting. The expression of Shivaay and Om were priceless. I also liked the track when the girls played ghost and frightened all the boys.
    Favourite villain for female is of course Pinky Oberoi and Svetlena. Villian for male is Tej and Veer. They justified their villain role well enough.

    Favourite song sequence is Paan song from Don, Lafzon, O jaana, Shava song from KKKG and Laila song from Qurabani.
    IB has taught me to value relationship and treasure close ones. Trust is the ultimatum and never distrust someone without finding out the entire truth. Half truth will never work in a relationship where all the three brothers made this mistake of not trusting their respective female co stars.
    I love to delete the 3 months separation where Shivaay drags Anika out of the house. I like to see a change as in Shivaay throwing water on Anika and Anika breaking phones. Anika being rich and well educated and becomes Shivaay’s business rival but in the end they fall in love.
    I disliked Ragini and Tia part when they were seducing Shivaay. I also disliked Pinky when she hated Anika to the core and did demeaning acts to chase Anika out of the house.
    I liked the obros moments, Dadi and Shivaay’s moments, Prinku and Shivaay’s moments, Jhanvi and Shivaay’s moments, Om and Gauri’s moments, Sowmya and Rudra moments, Khanna and Shivaay’s moments, Shivaay and Sahil’s moments and of course to top it all I love Shivika’s moments which is unbeatable.

  3. Yay!! Dadi is back. Navinder Behl is back!!! I am so happy to see her. She is in pink of health and the moment the camera panned her the set of IB has come alive. The other dadi looks very dull. I think Om and Rudra really miss Kalyani dadi. You can see the affection when they hugged her. Even Shivaay wanted to hug her but his role does not allow him to hug as he is not the huggy type in this redux.

    I realised Dhaksh is coming back and he is going to marry Priyanka. Don’t know how true that is. Shivaay’s sensometer is still working that he can feel someone was there. What I don’t understand is Anika looks after Sahil like his mother but Sahil’s own mother does not seem to care very much fr Sahil. She is the one who should remember when to give medicine but it is Anika who takes note of all this. So it is written Sahil will fall so ill, they will lose the house and Anika has to end up in Shivaay’s house. Though she wants to move far away from Shivaay destiny brings them together and love will unite them.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Wow di,you have described everything so beautifully.I just loved reading your experience.And those Shivika special moments were superb.Made me emotional.Thank you sooooooooo…..very much for sharing your thoughts upon my request.Love you di.Take care?

  4. Hello dear Luthfa, Banita, Arpu, Ishita dear, Tania, Sneha, Beauty, Pushpa, Kadhambari, Jeevi dear, Shiny dear, Shivya Aayush, Dhawani and many many more of PKJ family. Hope all are doing well and have a good day. Good night

    1. Luthfa

      Wishing you same di.Lots of love?

  5. Ohhoo!!! Dadi is back!! Missed you so much Kalyani dadi.. Very much happy to see you back again.. Okay shivika tashan started.. But CVS are dragging this too much.. We all know how this track is gonna end.. there is no suspense to show.. to entertain us the 1st week there were surprises which really surprised us.. I was heaven excited with this track on how it started.. CVS! miracles could be done with this track!! You guys are wasting and dragging the episodes.. Even if you have decided on extending this track for 3 months, show us something that would surprise us.. some new way of romance between the three couples..
    Good night pagals

    1. Dhawani you are right. The cvs should not drag shivika part too long for two or three months then audience will get bored. They should get it moving at least within a month. They have to start showing a lot of Shivika and Rikara moments but different sort of romantic moments this time then audience will find it appealing and yes as you said to surprise us. It really has to be different from the old IB. If some moments are the same, then people will
      lose interest in watching. I will not as I will still watch but others who are impatient.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,how are you?Missed you sooooo….very much.Welcome home with lots of love…..I don’t think cvs and makers are going to and this track so soon.I am assuming Redux will take minimum 6 months to complete.Track has started only.Waiting for further revelation of story and proper execution of every plot.Take care Dost.Love you?

  6. Yaaaay….. Dadi is back.. missed dadi.
    Redux is too slow… but iam liking it
    Now I think prinku will unite our shivika….
    ok now coming to epi it was ook shivika didn’t see each other but i like the way shivaay sensed his lady love. so tashan, tadi all will start tomorrow..
    this chaachi is irritating yaar.. i hate her.. but I don’t like the way the cv’s making anika ‘s role very poor.
    miss obro mvmt..

    1. Luthfa

      I am sooooooo…very happy for Dadi’s return.Waiting to see Shivika tashan more.And you are right.This Chachi is hell irritating.Take care?

  7. Vidya Saraswathi

    Wow Dadi back omru expression was so cute

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you?

  8. So old dadi entry was amazing I missed her a lot.Anika entered into OM now tashan-e-ishq will start.Eagerly waiting for it.

    1. Luthfa

      Same here?☺?☺

  9. Yaay… Dadi…… is back I missed you daadi.
    so dadi is kalyanni itself so redux special.
    epi was ook shivika didn’t meet todY hope their tashan and tadi will start 2 morrow waiting for that eagerly..
    I liked when shivaay sensed his lady love.. that was so cute
    thankyou prinku meri shivika ko pass lane ke liye aur ihope she will unite them..
    missing obro mvmt and hating chaaachi the disaster.. poor sahil felt sorry dor him as if he have no change with redux..
    Iam excited to watch IB as i want shivika to reunite soon… hope so..
    gud nyt all

    1. ssry double hogaye. first i thought my comment upload nayi hua hai so dobara kiya but double hua.. sry guys

      1. Luthfa

        It’s absolutely fine dear.No need to say sorry?

  10. Luthfa

    Few days back,I was reading my regular weekly magazine and one article caught my attention differently.The title of the article is-“Can We Redefine Some Definitions?”
    Definition. Example. Description.
    The highlight of this article is to choose one’s own definition by oneself be it courage,living life,learning something and even for academic subjects.Today’s episode reminded me of this article especially of Anika’s struggles to survive in a hostile conditions with her fighting spirit.And I was literally forced to do so because of some comments on Twitter I have read on this topic-why Anika is being showed helpless and weak.Some got into debate on Twitter how Anika’s struggles are typical like”bechari,lachar”heroines and so on who has nothing to do with defending or fighting but only to surrender oneself to the situation.From this thing I understood that certain and most people have some fixed rules set in their minds to view anything.Their own rules to observe the world namely with the Definition they have acquired and still acquiring.Why they thought that Anika was being portrayed as helpless girl can be understood to a great extent.Those who complained has seen Anika’s bold avatar and most importantly they got used to it.Now they are finding it very difficult to accept this version of Anika who is Weak in their eyes.This pre-established knowledge has made them go nuts on seeing Anika like typical trp heroine.Is it necessary to measure everything on the ground of same accepted belief?If something different,out of the box happens,we find it really hard to accept at first place.In this way,those things get lost which might be very useful for us at the same time we miss something very important.Such rejections prove that we live in 21 century but our mentality is orthodox to the core.We can’t imagine ourselves to think or look at something without pre-defined thoughts.In today’s episode Anika has not displayed the helplessness of a girl who is submitting to the situation because she is Weak but because of her family,her loved ones.She has fought very well to secure a little place for them.Her undying spirit of fighting that has been found in today’s episode.Anika’s self-respect,her sense of responsibility everything was there but people only noticed so-called weakness.She is a born fighter and she will fight against every situation.Not to mention,she is going to face Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is the personification of rudeness,heartless,emotion less etc for the time being.To handle such people is not the cup of tea of everyone especially who are weak.And Anika is not weak to the least.What Anika can do only time will show but we should change our this habit of coming to conclusion for everything on the basis of any Definition we have learnt earlier………………………………..

    1. Luthfa yes you are sooooo right my dear. It is true many don’t like redux as they want to see the khidkithod Anika. Anika here is different personality. With Shivaay she can fight him at the hospital becasue she don’t stand to lose anything fighting him. But with her chaachi she can’t because there is Sahi land Gauri and she is afraid sahil’s Mum would ill treat them by showing anger on them cos of Anika. So Anima has to put a restraining order on herself. You are right. People should understand when there is a redux there will be different characterization. Om has changed. Shivaay also is changed. He doesn’t hug anymore with the bros. He is constantly out for work. Anikabecame mellowed. Gauri became a goon. Sahil and Rudra are the same. Kalyani dadi is still the same. So I think people should accept this and watch as they are watching a new serial with new characters rather than comparing the old IB.

      Nice thoughts my dear luthfa?

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        I agree with you completely.Change in almost everything is making some fans upset.They are not ready to give a chance to this Redux as they are missing original IB.We have to give a fair chance to this track without being judgemental so harshly.Makers know better than us what they are doing.Anyway,thank you sooooooooo….very much for your precious appreciation.Love you di?

    2. Bang on!! Dost!! Superb comment yaar.. Agree with each and every word of yours.. You know what when someone talks to me in person, I could just tell with what exact mentality they are speaking to me.. But when in it comes to emotions, am really weak.. I am really bad at expressing my emotions to someone or giving good advice to comfort someone who is emotional.. I hv never met someone who is able to read someone’s emotions as good as you are.. Dost, you read the underlying emotions of a serial character!! How yaar?

      1. Luthfa

        Network is disturbing and my reply started scattering.Anyway,I just want to tell that you are the best the way you do everything even in expressing emotions and sentiment.No need to change yourself for anything.Just be yourself and you will see the magic.Thank you soooooo…very much for your love Dost.Love you?

  11. who else are missing Rikara.

    1. Lucky I am missing them(rikara). Don’t know we get any story for rikara. According to source there has no story of rikara in Ib redux. But hopefully we get a story. What do you think?

  12. hello…
    good to see dadi is back again….
    Hopefully she will now give some love lesson to show like before…
    but today I felt that her reaction towards annika is cold…it was awesome before….
    but really guys I just want to end this track soon because in the name of redux they separate Shivika….
    last year gk ma’am confirmed that there will be no separation of shivika again in the show…
    but due to this unwanted redux track trp decrease this week…
    don’t know it will be increase or not…
    cause one thing is good to watch for 1st time not again….
    we fans n audience have come to A long way from it….

  13. Yaayyy !!!!!!! Dadi is back …i am so happy to see old dadi back ….i really misd you dadi ,…
    Kaya yr pehle to anika ko shivay ko ishqbaazi sikhana para …but is bar i think anika ko sab se pehle sso ko hug karna sikhana parega …..
    I really liked this prinku ..she is so cute ..??
    Once again shivika face off gonna happen …hey baghban koi ake meri anu ko bachalo is gusaru shivay se …
    I egarly waiting for rikara’s meet …plz cvs jaldi se jaldi ekbar rikara ki mulakat kara do na …..plz

  14. Loved this episode??because old dadi is back……

  15. Can someone help me as I missed many episodes after veers track …y everything is back to chapter one what happened to everyone …priyanka was already married and they know daksh is bad what happened to shivika om gauri?

  16. Can someone please explain y this story line is showing all of them as strangers

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Yeah dadi is back but i not like very much the new personality of anika.. Wants the old one…

  18. Luthfa

    Awwwwwww….Thank you soooooooo….much Dost.I just observe things deeply and try to see beyond what I see in front of me as visual.And personality wise,I am very emotional,that’s why perhaps.Dost,no need to change yourself just to understand the emotional quota of people.You are the best the way you do everything even expressing emotions and sentiment.Love you.Take care?

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