Udaan 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Chakor to understand, as she is literate, she has seen the reports as well, I can’t father Imli’s child. Kasturi asks Chakor to say this is a lie. Chakor gets silent. Suraj asks Vivaan to stop blaming him, as there is nothing between him and Imli. Vivaan says fine, we will know this child’s father when time comes, but I will announce it, I abandon this woman now, I have no relation with her. Imli cries. Vivaan throws the ring and leaves. Imli picks the ring and cries. The people speak against Imli. Tejaswini asks them to leave.

Bhuvan and Kasturi cry. Vivaan comes home and sees Imli’s pic. He checks cupboard. He sees Imli asking him to get up, she will change the sheets. He throws her photos and throws sheets. He says I hate you Imli, go to him, with whom you did this. He ruins the room. Ragini comes to him and sees the pics. He says I understand you, this time is not to break down, you have to focus to repair your broken life, its good solution to divert mind, we will start gun factory, you show them you are not weak, you can do miracles by your smartness and hardwork. He says you are saying right Ragini, a new Vivaan Rajvanshi will be in front of everyone, who will have much money and power, people will think thousand times to cheat me.

Kasturi scolds Imli. Bhuvan holds Suraj for ruining Imli’s peace and happiness. Chakor says Suraj did not do anything, I trust him. Tejaswini says just Lord know truth now. Bhuvan asks who is the partner in this sin, tell me. Kasturi says just Imli knows the father of child, Vivaan said he can’t become father, you said Suraj is not the father of this child, tell me who is it. Imli shows Vivaan’s name tattoo and says he is the father of my child, you ask me thousand times, my answer will be same, Vivaan is the father of my child. Kasturi slaps her and asks her to answer who is the father of this child, if you don’t tell me, this house door will get shut for you forever. Imli cries. Bhuvan says Imli has no answer, I believe Vivaan more, I will support him, I always supported you Imli. Imli says yes.

He says if you lie now, I will not support you. She asks him to believe her, its Vivaan’s child. He says Vivaan can’t father a child, why are you putting your sin on a Devta type man, you won’t stay here now, come. Chakor stops him. Suraj asks Bhuvan to think with calm mind. Bhuvan says its our family matter, let me blow off the fire which you ignited.

Chakor says Imli will say truth, wait. She asks Imli to say truth, I fold hands in front of you. Kasturi asks Imli to say truth. Imli says I said truth, believe me. Kasturi sits crying. Tejaswini consoles her. Bhuvan drags Imli out of house and scolds her. He shuts the door. Imli cries. Chakor sees Imli from the window. She asks Bhuvan to call Imli. Imli leaves. The people talk. Chagan asks the villagers are they not understanding when Chakor explained, its not Suraj’s truth. Chakor and Suraj run after Imli. They hear the people. The lady says yes, Suraj changed, he can’t do this. The man asks Chagan whose child is this. Chakor asks where did Imli go. Suraj asks her to go and find Imli, I will manage at home. Imli walks on road and recalls everyone’s words. Chakor comes after her. She calls our Imli. Imli hears her and runs. Chakor asks her to listen. Chakor says she went in anger, she can do anything. Cars come their way. Chakor shouts Imli.

Vivaan says Suraj has ruined my life, Aazaadgunj is small place, I don’t think anyone can eye Rajvanshi family bahu badly, except Suraj. Chakor asks Suraj what did Vivaan see between you and Imli. Suraj says he is getting wrong meaning. She asks was there something. Suraj looks at her shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t wry about trp gys jst keep lov udaan.jo gerega usmai hee uthne ki himmt aayegi.

  2. Hi to all, I totally agree with u sruthisreeya and aanya. Jst hope thy wnt seperate sukor and it’s their plan.

    Aanya dr hw r u nw ? Is ur hand burnt a lot? Anywy dr if it’s still their and paining dnt type much neither answer. U comment it after u gt recovered . Tc

  3. Aanya, tippu I guess you’re right, it’s sukor’s plan. Spoilers can be good but sometimes they make me worry for no reason. Looking forward to this week, I enjoy seeing gun carrying Imli and I hope we get some sukor scenes.

    Yes, no need to worry about trps. trps are up and down during IPL, all shows in udaan’s time slot lost viewers last week.

  4. Tippu if Wht u said was going on cvs mind tht would be great to watch sukor missing each other n try to meet secretly. Let’s hope fr the the best( fingers crossed)

  5. Aanya, get well soon and take care of yourself.

  6. Shreya.

    Thank god aanya…Finally u commented here and am really sry Dr bcz I forgot tat….U already mentioned tat in ur previous cmnt na….dnt mine…nd dnt feel nd think too much dr…if u consider ur penctvooks is best thn definitely I tell u tat ur thinking is ryt…even in my college (4years)…First 2years i hv no frnds I mean all r used me in d name of friendship..no one supports me…tat 2years am always alone…If suppose I had some health problem even tat situation also they won’t help me.. I’ll help myself.. don’t know y they all behaved me lyk dis…Bt if they want any help from my side I Never said noo…Actly am too straightforward maybe tats y only I didn’t got any frnds….tat tym I used to Share all my feelings myself only lyk hw u share everything to ur penctvooks… nd finally I got one frnd (true nd trust worthy)…She always respect my words,feelings etc…So aanya dr leave dis all..Concentrate on ur studies…..nd don’t say sry we can understand ur feelings…nd take care of ur health Dr…

    Guys…I know dis is not a personal site to share everything bt plzz don’t mine yaar plzz…

    Abt udaan: I agree with u all nemo, tippu, aanya nd sukorian…Nd I hope it was our sukor’s plan…Even I don’t want any separation…nd yaa tippu if it was sukor’s plan that definitely they’ll meet secretly thn v got some sukor moments????….nd tanx for d link sukorian…nd guys those who r not cmntng till next plzz cmnt here yaar…

  7. Yes dil d yeh thoda jyada jl gya tha bt m super fine now. thoda jyada jla hai pr phele hee dadi ki bjaha se maine kl cment nhi kya.unhone mujhe na phone touch krne diya or na kitchen mai kaam.bt maine sukorian k ff per chupke se cment kr diya tha.pr don’t wry gys mai itni jldi aap sbka or udaan ka picha nhi chodungi.so gys r u ready to bore me ?

  8. Tippu if it is sukors plan, then it will be interesting to watch?? I want to watch their cute romantic moments???and want to see how they win ragini s evil plans. Now I also think that it’s their plan because imli gets arrested because she shoot the doctor. She shoots him when he Informed her that Vivaan s reports are fake. May be imli would tell sukor this. And also ragini is planning to open the gunfactory so may be that’s why they do this. And by doing this chakor can make an eye on what s going on basti and suraj can take care of imli. I hope so
    Like you Anaya, my most favorite serials are ended within 2yrs.. I hope udaan will not ended so soon. Fingers crossed.

    1. i saw in spolier after imli shoots the doctor chakor comes by him i think he tells her everything then sukor make this plan and guys i wrote a new ff plz check it out and write your thoughts about it and i really hope we see sukor secretly meeting it will be nice to see and i think udaan has alot more to offer so it wont end it 2 yrs

  9. guys, please tell me the trp of udaan and the position which it secured on the trp list…

  10. Hy tippu awsm ff dear.shreya nemo m super fine gys.ab aap dadi ki tarah mtt kro.shreya i lov to talk with u wish aap meri di hotin.hm do ese hi sukor fan hote to mai aapse sara din udan udan udan ki hi baten krti rehti.or aap meri di ki trhan mujhe dandti bhi nhi.kitna acha hota.

  11. Hy gys zoya,tapa,mama,dil d,philo,sia,janu,angel,cat(ammi),subi,varshu,nitz where r u gys.yeh exams k chakkr mai sb loge enjoyment kyou bhul jate hai.accha koi new spoiler mila aap logon mai se kisiko.sory site walon meri bak bak se preshan honge aap ok ab koi cment nhi krungi bt m getting bore aaj chuti hai na.ok bye lv udaan.

  12. Kriti I replied to your post trp is 1.9 and position 12th.

  13. Good morning guys!
    Thanks sukorian for the links.
    Tippu, I would love to see Sukor sneaking to meet each other, it would be so romantic and their nok jhoks would be funny.

    1. Shreya.

      Even am also waiting for tat nemo…hw they secretly meet each other nok jokhs etc etc…

  14. hi to all my dear friends.di take care urself.
    Di u r not boring n mujhe aapka ans ajib nahi laga. Sach kahu to mujhe ‘penctvooks’ ka meaning bhi nahi pata.
    Di hum khudko kv kv samaj nhi pate or hame hamare bareme dushrosehi pata chalta hai n esa mere sath v hua hai. Ap kitchenme kam karteho! Par kv kv ya hardin?
    @shreya dr ap mujhse badi hai n mujhe apke nam leke pukarna thoda odd lag raha hai.so, may i call u di,plz? Sachme ap bahot achhi ho. Ap sabke help karte ho na to (when u need help)apke help v bhagban (God) jarur karenge kisi na kisi rupme(according to our culture).
    @where r u my sweety philo n others who r not cmnting?(sorry i don’t remember all names)
    @zoya dr aapke fb me account hai???

  15. Shreya.

    Ohh aanya dr soo swt of u…nd once again take care of ur hand if u feel any pain the plzz go to d hospital mere pyari aanya baby ????…

    Mama dr, honestly I don’t hv any problem…if u feel lyk tat am elder than u than u can call me di r Shreya r whatever… as per ur wish u can call me dr…no issues k ????

    Guys love u all…nd if u hv any new spoilers kindly share with us..

  16. Shreya.

    Kirthi udaan trp is 1.9 nd it’s 12th position…already nemo told tat information i think may b u didn’t c tat cmnt…

  17. @mama Ofcorse dear mai hr din kitchn mai kaam krti hu.mama agr mai kitchen mai nhi jaungi to khana kon bnayega?mera to din hi na nikle agr mai kitchen mai kaam na kru to.bese bhi ghr ka kaam krne k liye or koi hai bhi to nhi.wt y r u asking nd dear ‘penctvooks’ ko dyan se padne ki kosis kro aapko answer mil jayega.agr nhi mila to mai bta dungi. Nd u r right shreya bhut bhut bhuuuuuuuut acchi hai.i lov very much talk to her.

  18. Shreya nd nemo gys i know sukor k naam pe sbr nhi rkh skte na ‘sukor’word bolte hi unki nok-jok,romance sb aakhon ke saamne aa jata hai pr toda sbr rkho gys jese ki unke ff ka naam hai usi tarha it jst begning to wait krte raho for sukor romance nd nok-jok.right tippu.i know gys aap smjh gye m trying to scotch her [email protected] dear slipp mtt ho jaana ok. @shreya don’t wry dear mujhe hospital nhi jaana pdta bcz doctor hr evening khud ghr pr aate hai.so don’t wry dear jst enjoy udaan with me.nd please aap mujhe udaan k time pe study krne mtt bola kro mera exam ab 9th may ko hai ok nd apni imlu bhi to nhi pdi hai fir bhi sukor n vivan unke saath hai or mere paas to puri udaan team,aap sb loge nd preet,tippu,annabeth,smilee,sukorian,komal,liya sbke ffs hai or exam lene walon k paas kya hai sirf question paper haiinn.nd unke ques.peper ko hrane k liye mene saara slybus pd rakha hai so don’t wry about study u know mera 3rd sem.ka result aane wala hai jb aayega aapko apna result btadungi bt promis me marks pata lgane ke baad aap kbhi study k liye nhi bologe ok pleeeese hm yaha study ko chod k baki sb baat krenge pr udaan ke saat so jaap start udaan udaan jindabaad.

  19. Sukorian

    it’s seems to be all confused
    here some spoiler links

    Suraj baby confess

    Vivaan got shooted by Ragini

    Sukor against Ravaan

  20. Sukorian

    even I think know ots a Sukor plan to confuse Ragini n Vivaan. Chakor can help finding the true abt the pregnancy n helping the villagers not to work for the gun factory. Would she stay in haveli they she would be in the view of ragini all her moves would been stopped now she is out of haveli in can work against ragini while Imli is save in haveli bcz of Suraj who has an eye on Ravaan n imli.
    I remember a shoot on youtube were Chakor wanted to stop the illegal work of children in the gun factory n Suraj was there to help her.

  21. OMG,aanya di me samajh gayi. It is pencil, tv n books na. I can understand y these r ur most fav.Me isiliye puchh rahithi q ki hamare gharme meri maa khana banati hai or me kv kv unke madat kar deti hun par aap to har din khana banati ho na. Apto clg jate ho na to apko time kaise hota hai. Ap ke jagahka koi achhi dish ki recipy mujhe batayenge plz?
    Ek bat puchhu di , ap apne maa papa ke sath to rah sakte hai na to q nahi rahte?
    Di, apko agr kisibat kahni hai to ap bina sankoch kiye bata skte hai n ap kv bi mat socho ki apke bat boring hai.
    Shreya di thik kah rahi hai agr hat pe pain feel hua to plz cosult a doctor barna me naraj ho jaungi haan.

  22. New spolier vivaan tries to manipulate the villagers to work for the gun factory chakor says no but vivaan says he will destory the bundua contracts i will pay more money and every1 will be azaad then at home ragini asks vivaan what is all this and vivaan says he will make new bundua contracts in which the bassthi people will get trapped in my contracts will be more dangrous than kamal and suraj is wearing those jackets again i hate ragini and vivaan i want kamal bk hes abetter villian

  23. Tippu sukorian gys mai to kn ji k teek hone ka intzaar kr rhi hu iss sare khel mai unke bina khuch maza nhi aayega.bt don’t wry sukor hai [email protected] please aap bta skte ho k ravan mai shoot ka kya chakkr hai.i think gys its all sukor planning jst wait nd watch nd gys have patence.

    1. Sukorian

      Aanya im not 100% sure but ragini shoots vivaan bcz the villagers said no to work for them in anger she shoots him but he isn’t injured much he then tried to make her calm down. Is liye I think its all Sukor plan with leaving the haveli n getting imli back

  24. Thanks for sharing sukorian and tippu, vivaan is as bad as ragini now.
    Sukorian, i hope both of them made this plan, i like to see them working together.
    True aanya, we should be patient and enjoy the show. this week looks promising.

    Best wishes to all for the exams.

  25. @mama don’t get angry dear doctor teen din se roz khud mere ghr aate hai so don’t wry dear.nd mama mai apne maa papa k paas rehna chahti hu bt i think bhi mujhe nhi rkhna chahte apne paas i don’t know why,i don’t have any answer of this question.or nahi mene kbhi pucha kyoun k meri di kehti rehti hai m an unwanted child bt meri dadi kheti hai m gifted child.bt don’t wry dear mai or mere grandparents mere maa papa k paas hi shift ho rahe hai vo bhi hmesa k liye.nd dish sikhane bola na aapne mai to mai aapko punjabi kri bnana sikhaun chlega.agr aapka koi or fav.punjabi dish hai jo aapne kbhi kya ho to aap vo btado mai aapko vo sikhadungi ok.nd dear mere paas to time hi time hai kyounki mere paas koi nhi jise mere time ki jrurt ho dadi chachi ji k paas rehti hai unki dukaan pr.dadu apne kaam k liye chle jaate hai mere paas aate bhi hai to sham ko 5 bje.raat ko khana kha k tv dekhna or so jaana bs itna hi tabhi to kbhi unse baat krne ka moka nhi milta.or subha mai 6 bje uthti ho exams k time 4 bje phele chaye bnati hu dadu ka lunch box ready krti hu,saara ghr saaf krti hu,meri vine(grapes vine)ko pani deti hu,7 bje dadu-dadi chle jate hai.8 bje mai ghr se colege chali jati hu 4 bje ghr phuchti hu apna lunch ready krti hu.kbhi kbhi nhi bhi krti lunch sidha dinner hi krti hu.5 se 7 bje tk jo bhi colege mai pda usee revise krti hun.fir dadu dadi k aane pr dinner ready krti hu,kbhi jb vo nhi aate ghr to diner bhi nhi bnati or 7:30 se 9 bje tk tv dekh k soo jati hu bs yahi hai mera bref secdule.bt holiday mai bhut muskil hoti hai tb di k paas chli jati hu pr ab to vo bhi baat nhi krti to s.i.movies ko shara bnati hu.thts all hope itna kafi hai mere bare mai janne k liye agr aap khuch or puchna chahti hai to chlega. Hai na intresting life issi liye mera koi aim nhi bcz i now mujhe jo bhi milega isse bhut jyada accha hi hoga or jyada bhi ab mama aap ise meri hope smjo ya wish ye aapki marji

  26. Tippu ye bhi to ho skta hai vivan act kr rahe ho vo pehle wala bndua contract phad de or dusra contract nkli bnbayen possible na gys.its becm more n more intresting day y day agree gys.

  27. Mama,tapa,shreya,zoya,dil d aap loge meri life se jo bhi ques.puchoge uska jbab aapko esa hi milega kyounki mere mnn mai bate bhut hai pr share krne k liye koi nhi.aapse eyecontect mai nhi hu na syd iss liye frank ho rhi hu aap sb bhut acche ho gys.bhut acche mai aapko,iss site ko iss serial ko kbhi nhi bhool skti pr gys aap please mujhe bhula do.ab mai iss page pr koi cment nhi krne wali fine gys.bye team udan nd thnku so much site manegers thnku gys. This is my last cment bt iska mtlw yeh nhi mai udaan dekha or ffs pdna chod dungi or mai ffs k liye pakka cment krungi promise ok bye lov u all lov udaan.

  28. Everyone thank u for the support and love u have given me for me ff and now guys i wanna sat somthing personally guys i like sukor and thier Jodi its one of the best iv seen in along while as i have watched many serials and udaan is the only serial i currently watch i love it alot the plot was going great and i even liked vivaan and imli back then but now everything is gone messed up im sorry to say but ragini and vivaan are boring and the centre track is imli and vivaan what makes the plot even more boring is that they have already done the buchwa track the second reason why i dont like this track is that the bolder characters of the show suraj and chakor are standing in the background looking on personally i dont like suraj just standing thier in rhe background i really loved his old character is was so much fun watching and i also loved chakor and thier nok joks but after the love confession everything went wrong rhe writers are dumb for doing a track they have already done the centre at that point should have been sukor but the writers changed the whole plot and they have totally ruined suraj looks i dont know why they did that i mean in the bundua track vivaan told imli not to get involved and they both stayed out and didnt help sukor that much even for this track i want suraj to clear his name and imli should focus on bringing the truth to vivaan and should now become independent and the gun factory track i think may be good cuz we will see chakor fighting for her baasti but if thr baasti believe ragini and vivaan then thats it cuz before chakor told them not to sign anything ragini give them but they did and were rude to chakor but wen kamal came bk they all begged chakor and sed that they will only believe her but if thry sign new contracts then i hope chakor leaves them and kamal was thier malik but he is gone they dont need to listen to ragini and vivaan and if they all stand against them ragini and vivaan wont be able to do anything and i also want kamal to get better he was the main star villian of the show i get why kamal is aginst sukor but i dont get why ragini is which is dumb i really wanna see suraj and kamal face of and i think vivaan is evil cuz he is dumb and will do anything for money and power

  29. I completely agree with you Tippu, in particular about suraj and chakor being silent and helpless.
    The good thing is either the track will be short, if this is sukor plan, or there will be misunderstanding and separation and they will reset the story back like a year ago and we will get sukor love hate relation again.

    Remember, this track has only started two weeks ago, I think they will have something new by the end of IPL. This week will be better because they’ll start the gun factory track, but I agree this track is testing my patience.

  30. Hi everyone, hw r u guys? Thnx fr the spoilers info n links. Aanya dr, Wht happened? Why don’t u comment? I’m sure something must hv happened otherwise u wnt comment like in the last one. I dnt knw Wht hpnd bt do remmber u hv us to share whatever u need to share. U wnt bore us by commenting infact it’s feeling nice to read ur comments and others.
    It’s true that spoilers are little confused .Let’s hv patience n see Whts gnna happen in udaan .

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