Beyhadh 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh informs Arjun that Maya broke Vandana’s hand. Arjun shouts if she has gone mad. Saanjh asks if he needs proof. He was Maya’s dog, but made even his mother as Maya’s dog and gave her belt in Maya’s hand. Arjun stands shocked.

Maya asks Samay to follow her and gets him to her car. He reminisces her beating him, throwing out of car, etc., and pleads not to beat him again. He then reminisces Maya taking him to a godown and asking him if he loves her. He says yes. She removes her outer top and asks him to bite her. He says he cannot, he will feel pain if he bites her. She insists and emotionally blackmails him. He bites her weeping. She then asks to beat her. He obliges. Maya then asks him to give Ayan’s DNA sample. He smears sample on all her wounds.

Samay comes out of flashback and says he obeyed her and did whatever she ordered in her love, she should leave Arjun now and get back to him and he will leave Saanjh. She says shouts his love is fake and Arjun’s love is true, she will not leave Arjun. He says he will leave Saaanjh though. She says if he leaves Saanjh, she will go to Arjun, so he has to get engaged to Saanjh to keep her away from Arjun. He says he cannot live without her. She says she wants to give another chance to Arjun and if he does not change, she will kill him. She gets into car, wipes her hands and throws tissue out showing him. He picks tissue paper sand smells Maya’s footstep on mud and rolls on ground shouting I love you Maya…

Precap: Arjun punishes Maya for breaking Vadana’s hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dana

    Oh My God…..two crazy people

  2. Ha hahaha??..2 minutes silence for today episode?…Lol..?? illogical things today…and Maya more grey shades started early…??..i thought after arjun beaten maya will start..any way expected..waiting for next episode eagerly..?

    1. and 2 minutes silence for you

      1. Oh really,same to you Amena..5 minutes silence for u????…Lol..?

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Neverending silence for all all maya haters ??✨

  3. The Dark Hunter

    Yep final nail in the coffin.
    CVS have pushed her past point of return or redemption, only for some pathetic drama yuck! They have now made it clear in my eyes that they are showing mentally ill people in the worst light possible and this is disgusting and I really hate their mentality, especially if they are to make it that maya dies or ends up alone. Worst all genuine Arya love and Maya’s attempts at goodness and love in season 1 (confirmed by jennifer herself) have all been blackened and their beauty/value criminalised and deformed these past few episodes.

    Why spent upwards 6 months showing an obsessive but also compassionate and regretful lover with a past bad enough that we all love/wanted her happy? Why show all that if this was their intention? Did they not anticipate/think we would love maya and love her greyness and want her to defeat her darkness and win in love? Why are they deliberately moving it as far as possible in maya haters’ favour? Don’t they know majority of fan base love maya, why they still want to drag her down till nobody is left? Season 1 maya was still strong, courageous, morally understanding and manipulative but not cruel, that’s why we loved her. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if these are new rioters they are screwing everything up so badly.
    I knew I should have left at the beginning of the season, my estranged hopes for an abused ill person being given hope and a chance to heal on Indian TV and sending the right message to people kept me going, but now its clear at least till further notice that current Indian prejudice and mentality towards mentally ill will not change for the better, especially the horrific way they are scrapping everything that made maya good and likeable pre-leap, and making her this bad? I wish I could return to season 1 but now it hurts my heart so bad knowing what horror awaits her character afterwards.

    RIP ARYA and Maya and I will never, ever forgive the CVs for this insult. They have demoralised and marginalised an already hated group of people even more and I can never respect them, not after this.

    Maya ❤?

    1. TDH I agree 100% with your comments. CVs have killed all the goodness left in Maya and instead giving us a character who takes sadistic pleasure in hurting others and herself. And there was no need to introduce a character as deranged as that Samay. Causing pain to someone he loves? That’s not true love. The Maya and Samay scenes were pukeworthy. Feeling dejected after today’s episode.

    2. We probably they didn’t anticipate that there is a mature set of audience who can still accept a female lead minus all that pallu over head and all those sanskaars n love her for being a human who makes mistakes.. probably they didn’t anticipate that people are more educated today and can actually empathise a mentally Ill person and understanding their behaviours n traits without hating them and tagging them evil.. probably the CVS took a bold step by making a unique story but didn’t do background study on the audience of today…. That’s y CVS are mindlessly corrupting such a good story and it’s main character without even trying to figure out the audience reactions.

  4. Whats happening in dis serial???

  5. Hated today’s episode. The flashback scenes where Maya asked Samay to bite her and hit her and he obliged made me want to puke. CVs are making Maya’s character irredeemable. True there were tears in Maya’s eyes when Samay bit her and hit her and these were not tears of pain but tears of feeling dirty at being touched by someone else other than Arjun. Why did she have to stoop to such a level to frame Ayan and draw sympathy from Arjun? Found the scenes between Maya and Samay very repulsive to say the least. The actor portraying Samay looks so wooden. This Samay is also so obsessed! Maya and Samay will destroy one another. When I first started watching Beyhadh in October last year never I did expect a grey Maya but never this version. Never expected the show to turn so black. Jennifer is nailing every scene with her tremendous acting prowess but give me the season 1 Maya and the soft and pure ArYa romance anytime.


      Remember the first ever scene of maya, when she knelt before ganesha and CRIED! That was the sign of her greyness, and for so long the CVs did good justice to her character and her greyness
      Now…i pity the CVS for having such sick minds, reforming this horrible ideology that this is what mental people become and that we should hate/push away such people else we can suffer the same way!
      Its disgusting! Maya had such promise, and her greyness was so appealing and amazing, this blackness isnt even dramatic, its just sickening and a complete destruction of a character so many loved not for her looks or her sociopathy, but for her kindness and love despite that, that she was able to fight her demons for love and a brighter future, and that she felt regret and remorse before ganesh and the world. I mean how can they destroy basicially the entire season 1 buildup of maya, her tears and orayers before ganesha, her sorrow and her past, her manipulative but also empathetic nature.


      I am so diaspoointed with CVs for giving us hope and happiness, for making us fly only to slam us to the ground again in a flash! maya was NEVER like this, Jennifer herself says time and time again she is NOT negative, she is NOT bad, MAYA is someone She would WANT to be! Jennifer better give another such ingerview and reveal maya’s current path, so we can leave before the pain of this CVs cruelty becomes too
      Much for us who wished for an abused child’s happiness and victory over her evil father, only to show her descent to darkness and ashwin winning. Indian TV has always prided good vs evil, why have they forgotten who the real evil is? They have been so inconsistent recently its beyond belief or forgiveness. The evil is Ashwin and the good is maya. If saajun win and maya dies/is lost forever, ASHWIN wins and therefore good actually LOSES. If maya heals and escapes her darkness, then good WINS. They need to remmeber who the real villian is fast, else they will destroy the fanbase as for so long so many have loved maya for her goodness in love alingside her faults, we cant see all their work and ways theyve made us love maya all be for nothing.
      Im on twitter voicing my displeasure please join me anyone else who wishes to put an end to this negative BS and wishes to see a change for the better and the right message portrayed to the audience at large
      They made us love maya, now let us show our dislike/hate to the CVs for doung this, im only surprised jennifer herself hasnt spoken against it owing to how she knows maya’s character and should have seen what her character becomes, plus the way she has been praising and loving maya so much for the same reasons as us maya lovers. Plz jennifer tell us soon what maya will become, so we can hope/leave accordingly

      Maya and only maya ❤️?❤️?

  6. ??? maya lovers ?


      Yep forever and always ??

    2. Only saying the truth

      Go on have a laugh !! but bet ya we’ll b having the last laugh ??????

    3. Ayesha22

      we still love her.

  7. OMG!!!two psycho should get together!they will match so’s. preety evident that if maya tell samay to kill saanjh,he will take no time…..horrible love!

  8. Borrriiinnggg…. When are they going to show Samay’s murder track… Hoping it’s at his engagement

  9. I am commenting for the first time.. And I am seriously hating what the Cha are showing about a women and a rape topic. It gives a message that a women can stoop down so much that she can let anyone touch her to take revenge. This is relidicous. Pls stop this non sense on tv.

    1. Only saying the truth

      Knock, knock! Who’s there?Doctor.Doctor who?
      Woah really?

      Like Amcee has said above , there were tears in Maya’s eyes when Samay bit her and hit her and these were not tears of pain but tears of feeling dirty at being touched by someone else other than Arjun , if u rmmbr her saying ” I felt like there were thousands of insects crawling on me when HE was touching me ” HE refers to Samay so she didn’t do it out of choice ….when a husband /wife relations come known to a third person blv me u its not a good thing ! She got humiliated in front of Ayan n co so she’s taken her back by humiliating them !!

      1. First of all she/he is not saying anything against Maya. She/he is saying that it is wrong of the cvs to show that a woman can go as far as to stage her own rape. Lets forget Maya for a second. Do you not feel disgusted that someone pretended to be an attempt to rape victim? Rape is very serious issue and the scene does show than a woman is ready to cross any boundaries to get her revenge even sacrificing her dignity in the process.
        Now let us get back to Maya.
        Loving a character is one thing but admiring them while ignoring all their mistakes a completely different thing. She did wrong. Atleast this time she did.
        And Ayan humiliated her? Maybe he did in your eyes but even then he is in JAIL right now for a crime he didnt commit. Does he deserve that?
        Maya broke Vandanas arm. What about that? I am not really a Vandana fan but I do pity her.
        ‘He’ refers to nothing. It was one of Mayas way of gaining sympathy. True she cried when Samay bit her but hell she was the one who asked him to do it in the first place.
        Maya is a very complex character. You never know what she might do next but in order to truly support her you need to understand her. And accept that even she can do wrong things. If you truly admire her you have to accept her with her wrongs. Unfortunately with the exception of The Dark Hunter and a few others I dont think that a lot of Maya fans really understand her. True they sympathise with her but understanding and sympathising are two different things.
        Sorry if I have hurt anyone in any way.

      2. Only saying the truth

        @pi , Being a woman myself I’m disgusted at what is being shown but this isn’t anything new to TV show history and even in real life women r faking their rape as I’ve seen it in reality based shows and newspapers , apart from asking a man to bite her n rubbing someone’s DNA into the bites n scratches which I haven’t seen in TV shows till date , i honestly condemn the cvs for showing this as many will b getting ideas to do the same to frame innocents ????
        Not once have I said I support her wrong doings ,it’s a disgrace to fake your own rape or even torturing anyone !! I wouldn’t wish torture on any1 not even the most deserving ones . As for Ayan yes his innocent in the rape case but verbally abusing someone isn’t that a crime in its self ? Any kind of touching without someone’s concent isn’t that a crime ? R u k with him touching his SIL without her concent ?

        Agreed that she asked Samay to bite her in the first place but her tears her pain was genuine whilst he was doing all that , u could c her disgust through her tears n pain .
        Agreed that TDH n some other have a better understanding abt Maya, I love n admire her for her smartness, confidence the ability to not let anyone walk all over her and the strong person she is 2day after being abused by her father no one to support her not even her mother she has done really well for herself whereas many of us fail to pull ourselves together .

        My apologies to he/she 4 misunderstanding what they were saying. You don’t need to b sry luv , your conveying your thoughts really ???? but unfortunately I’m not able to convey my thoughts my feelings vry well due to my poor English xxx

  10. Permanent silence for maya lovers ?

    1. Only saying the truth

      No dear your wrong !! I’m still here voicing my pow n will always b here !! ❤️❤️❤️ Maya baby

    2. Funny people ?? hahaha ??

    3. Ayesha22

      no sweetheart we can still express our love and support for her because we want the original maya back,not this black and darkest version of hers being currently shown.

  11. Im silent reader of Beyhad but today I just wanted to say that Im big fan of Jennifer and love her role as Maya.
    . Another reason to why I commented is the last scene of the episode was too funny… ????

  12. Those who hate on Maya should know that Maya owns this show loool

  13. Only saying the truth

    Maya wasn’t like this in S1 , I believe Arjun has a big part to play in Maya’s current state , Maya doesn’t go around abusing every Tom dick n Harry !! She’s strong and confident enuff to treat ppl in the same way that they treat her !!

  14. hellmayapsycho

    Maya lovers…..awwww…..wat r u gonna say now?? ?…we?…hahahah…lol…???

    1. I Love Maya always ❤??…maybe you forgot maya is hero,heroine,villain to this serial…maya is jaan&soul to this serial…season 1 Maya is hero&heroine scenes shown…if present Maya villain scenes shows,so i don’t care’s just ertainment fiction for me.&u will see more grey doings in upcoming…but always cvs will not shown na,its just for few present do festival&enjoy it with like this comments for to see her villain scenes..keep going..? ??

    2. Ayesha22

      just that we still love and support her because we know her very well better than anyone.

  15. Maya role is degrading a lot . She is stooping down a lot. I want saanjh and arjun to be together. Saanjh is the best character of the show

  16. Characterless Maya nd still all r supporting Maya ? if saanjh have done something like tis or not even tat even wen she talk against Maya itself they blame on the character nd aneri nd get angry comment about her dirty but in today’s epi it was clear Maya is not nly a psycho even though she cried all are saying she cried she is so pure she felt ugly tat time but don’t forget it was a plan to trap poor ayan in the jail I really feel pitty for him nd same another psycho full of psychos in tis serial wat to do nd Maya always trying to ruin saanjh life but u ppl enjoy destroying saanjh becoz she is the only one positive character tat see nly right things nd I was shell shocked Samay told tat Maya nly sent him to act like loving saanjh wat a kind of a girl she is ….even real life mentally affected ppl will not go to tis extreme to make someone close to her they also have certain limits but tis stupid Maya nd Maya lovers wat to do ?it’s ok Jenni Mam u like u so much I m a big fan of u but don’t do such a role which nly brings negativity in others mind nd I pretty very well Maya was hitting herself Arjun didn’t do anything go to hell Maya and Samay just totally hate I both luv u saanjh

    1. If we are stupid,you are also stupid…what’s ur problem guys if we loves Maya,its not ur problem guys reacting like maya lovers are directing this serial to neglecting saanjh.actually I don’t want to argue with you guys.but you guys don’t have any work to target maya can target only fiction character.but don’t lose ur sense in real life for fictional really surprised to see,you guys judging what good or bad in serial fiction but don’t know how u guys forgetting real life emotions to show ur hate on unknown people(maya lovers).why only good only in talk,apply it in ur doings also.

    2. Ayesha22

      well thank u,if u hate us and maya its your choice totally.i really wont force u to love us or is our choice who we want to love and kindly give us freedom of choice,after all its our life and our choice who we want to give our love to.go on hate maya its your choice but you have no right to question our love for her because it is our choice,darling.

  17. Ayesha22


  18. watch this beautiful maya here ..this is really amazing

  19. I’m stunned by Maya’s actions is all I can say now. But I just want to say one thing to Maya Haters.

    As much as you condemn Maya’s actions of faking a rape case, we DO that too. We do NOT support her WRONG actions at all.

    But at the same time, whatever crime Maya did, her death cannot be a solution to it. We want her to get punished, but the punishment should be in light of her abusive past, the amount of goodness she had shown and also considering all her plea and plight which forced her to take such actions. We want her to redeem and be happy.

    We are not saying that Maya should continue her manipulations and misdeeds to have the last laugh or achieve happiness and love at the end. That’s NOT at all what we want.

    We want her broken self to be fixed with love, without love, helped by a man or not, we just want her to redeem and live a happy life so that she can be inspiring to thousands of people who’ve gone through similar mental torture and had an abusive past.

    Love Maya always ?? ❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      we dont want her happiness at the cost of others’ we dont want Amy Dunne reincarnated! we want a maya who heals and escapes ashwin and her demons and lives life free and happy, giving happiness to others that she till now has been unable to do! With or without Arjun is irrelevant as of now my only care is for that abused child who could never dream or have friends/love because of her evil past. showing Maya truly overcoming her past and defeating Ashwin is the only reason I watch this show, every redeeming act of maya’s lifts my heart and spirit and i hope the CVS understand this, they have to give hope to such a character it is her only justice, and it is the only way GOOD truly wins over EVIL. thanks for your comment fellow maya lover, im on twitter avidly tweeting to return SEASON1MAYA soon hope you and others can join us!
      maya <3 <3 <3

      1. Yes! Imma join you xD

  20. The most funniest part was maya wiping her hands aftr touching samay lolz rlyyy…Nay b she forgot dat hez d one who gve her luv bites as instructed by maya..she is simply using samay bd diz stupid samay donno wen he wil realise dat or mayb he is happy bng used by
    her….Maya tellind samay to apply DNA samples of ayaan all over her nd evn near her lips ws so yuckkkkk…..She says she luves arjun but went to such an extend of letting sumone molest her just to make arjun away frm his family…If she wld dun diz to save arjun frm ny danger she cld den boost bot her luv to arjun but now she cnt say she luves him beyhadh or watever….Dunya ke samne kapde utaar dena aisi baten kerna jo kisi bhi rape hui ladki ya koi bhi aam ladki ko goose bumbs dede…Im rly left to thinking dat hw cn jenny agree to make her character stoop so low she herself is in luv wid maya so much denn hw did she agree to all diz…Arjun is like ny other common man who wld not understnd or able to cope up wid such level of possiveness nd dominance…Can b expected frm samay as he is one amng doz…Well lets c wat else is in store for us…ONE MORE THING IF MAYA DOESNT WANT SAMAY TO B AROUND HER DOESNT LIKE HIS TOUCH DEN WHY D HELL IS SHE USING HIM IN D NAME OF LUV U LUV ME DEN DO DIZ U LUV ME DEN DO DAT…ALL DIZ IS MAKING SAMAY FEEL DAT MAYA WANTS TO TEST HIS LUV FOR HER ND IS SHOWING HER RIGHT OVER HIM…WHY WOULD HE BACK OFF DEN…MAYA DOESNT NEED NY1 FOR NYTHNG RGHT DEN WHY D HELL SHE NEEDS SAMAYYYY

  21. This message is for CVS.. hey guys wats all this mess.. where is ur initial theme of Maya being n obsessed insecure lover? Uve made her a god of the dark world.. from muderer to torturer to dictator to loose character etc. Now She’s like a diety of bad souls who should be looked upto coz she does anything and everything bad. Even supari killers have their limits they kill people but some don’t kill children.. just an example… but now I won’t be surprised if tomorrow u show Maya killing her own kids to get back at arjun.. uve made Maya more satanic than Satan n filled all negative shades in her existing in this world for crying out loud!!!.. get back to ur theme for heavens sake.. n make her the Maya of season 1 who was obsessed and did bad things in love but not those things that were irreedeemable or non excusable…. U were hitting on the right track even at the start of season 2 wen Maya’s love was choking Arjun that was also watch worthy coz it was going in the correct direction n sticking on to the theme… But since rape situations I think things are going out of hand even for u to handle.. .. seriously..

    1. Resonance1290

      They need to bring abck phase 1 maya that character was her best rendition and it highlight her GREYNESS in the right ways and it showed her character as it should be. Taling it this far into darkness is pointless, you only malign everything good you showed before and create a completely new character we cant even recognise?! Hello what happened to consistency??? Worse what you are showing is drilling this ideology that mentally ill are destined to receive and give pain in a vicious cycle from birth until their death, which is GARBAGE! Show some positivity like you showed before! show manipulations that are not sadistic or intnetionally to torture others! This better only be a phase, as if LOVE WINS then maya has to win, as the true evil is Ashwin and his darkness on her soul and life, and she has to defeat him in life so that good prevails. This is not Sharmas and Mathurs vs melhotras. NO ITS MAYA VS ASHWIN, it has always been that and YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT CVS!!

      maya ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Yeah cvs getting beyhadh-limitless in potraying the nagativity in Maya. Thought this show was about Maya’s behadh love for Arjun. Didn’t know obsessed people who love someone limitless are directly proportional to being limitlessly​ negative… Thanx to this show for making us realize…

  22. To my Maya lovers,..i know you guys very upset with present stoop track..let’s have patience..i brought good news for you guys to make happy..every time our Maya saves others like a Hero..i mean again our Maya Hero wala scene will come soon…Maya will Rescue Arjun from very beyhadh upcoming danger.???

    1. The Dark Hunter

      My dear friend, how in all things holy are you so omniscient and knowledgeable! Kudos to you for giving us maya lovers hope! ???

      1. TDH dear..Im watching only beyhadh serial with out miss even one episode for maya,so with love on Maya I’m following all posts and updates.? ?

  23. This serial has become so yuckyy, I couldn’t even watch samay’s part,eeww, that was disgusting

  24. The CVs must be feeling very proud of themselves. Thank you CVs for ruining a good show, for some making Maya like daughter of Devil himself.
    I lost all hopes from CVs and being a former Maya lover I want to say this.
    All the Maya haters must be feeling really happy to see Arjun beating Maya?

  25. Disgusting reallly
    Why the hell cvs r doing this to such a great charecter maya she just dont deserve this alll this hates and humiliation.
    She isnot evilllllll but the cvs have not left a single stone unturned to make us believe she is evil
    I knpw every thing is going to be sought out at end and end game is arya at any damm cost but mayas pain is unbearable to all maya lovers including me!! Ooo god its not true it cannot be true arjun beating the hell outta maya its next to impossible to belive dont know whats gonna happen this monday egarly weighting

    1. My friend maybe u are wrong… I feel end game is saajun…Do u remember wen saanjh returns back from abroad and visits arjuns office for the first time In Those three years do u remember that scene? Slow motion wind blowing saanj hair n that music… Seems like this loves gonna blossom​ between the two chaddi buddies… maybe the CVS promised aneri that.. see babes jenny will rule the show but ending is URS alone.. n they are heading towards that track only…

      1. Why did you not observed arjun feel that time,he just got surprised to see saanjh,nothing else,that blossom scene is only saanjh felt to see have right to have hopes on sarjun unite,but it’ll never happen.Arjun don’t had any love feel on saanjh,he just loves her as a friend.any way keep hope,? let’s see

      2. no gal i desperately want arya to unite… but looking at the current track i think thats wat cvs has in mind….

  26. Guys I’m gonna quit watching this show unless they show some positivity… That’s the max I can do as a Maya lover… I’m gonna revolt now but quitting his show till I get back my old Maya whom I loved and empathized… Not this Satan’s and Medusa’s love child… just gonna keep myself updated by written updates… See u guys again hopefully..

  27. To all this people here making fun of Maya’s lover I wanna ask u something. Is it wrong to love a person with mental disorder who became this way due to a traumatic past? Is it wrong for them to hope for such a person’s betterment. If u had a child like that in ur family would u hate and bash up such a kid or have sympathy n try ur best to get her treated? Yes on the other hand Maya lovers are a mature lot.. mature coz none of them are supporting her misdeeds in season two… They are infact praying n wishing for the old Maya coz they loved the old Maya.. this present Maya whom ur mocking at is a product of some trp hungry writers… who don’t mind going to the extent of spoiling the name of mentally Ill people and making them seem like evil and hate worthy who need to be tortured and I’ll treated… U guys need to broaden ur vision a bit… If ur so immature n naive to not understand it others point of views and respect them.. then this show is not for u in the first place…It’s an adult rated show..

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Thank you @sannia!
      thank you for unveiling the truth about maya lovers (the sensible ones at least haha)
      we only wish a abused child the right to be accepted by society and have a happy future/overcome her evils and be given another chance. even if it was a guy i would wish the same in a heartbeat! Maya haters out there don’t start spewing nonsense that because an attractive actress plays a mentally ill person we only want this person to get better, that’s immature and condescending to a lot of people who empathise and work with such people, not even including the actual mental ill people out there! everyone deserves another chance at life, aside maybe those who have NO empathy and those who even kill for fun, i have no comment about such people, and Maya has been shown to be none of those, thus once she is punished for her wrongs, she should start back on the right track, maybe by bringing Ganesha back will she see the light again.
      i applaud your vigilance @sannia. Whether a maya appreciator or not i appreciate your resilience!

      Maya <3

      1. im not a maya appreciator. but i do feel she deservers help n needs a chance. anyway coming to me im a neutral viewer.. if here i came across maya lovers bashing up saanjh lover then id take their support too coz everyone pov needs respected.. but ive never come across any such thing ive seen commentors talking against saanj actions but not attacking saanjh lovers on a personal level. so i never got a chance to support them.

  28. Omg what’s up with all you people complaining about the show getting ruined by making Maya worse? This show is meant to be this way and Maya is meant to be a negative psychotic character, just accept it already! The first promo before this show even started had shown Maya as a psycho and y’all are living in some superficial belief that she is or was good. No dude, she was not supposed to be a positive character at all and that is the freaking point of Beyhadh. For those of you who believed the delusional “goodness” of her are so so mistaken. The whole background story of the character was simply shown to build up the character’s depth and traits, not to show that she went from good to bad because of Arjun or Saanjh or any other non-related characters. I personally started watching Beyhadh because of the promo itself which clearly gave the idea of the main lead actress playing a villain. What’s happening right now is exactly what I and many others signed up to watch – a psycho female lead crossing boundaries playing mind games and being a badass EVIL person. That’s what this show has been focusing on since the beginning. As of now, you will keep seeing this evil Maya because that is her identity. What happens in the end – whether she turns out to be good or her evilness wins is literally based on what the show writers have planned.

    For those complaining about Beyhadh showing mentally ill person in a bad light, are you implying that we all are dumb enough to believe that all mentally ill people are evil? Do you really think that the show is saying that we should think that all such people are bad? This is just focusing on one individual and anyone who will make a wrong judgement about all mentally ill people are the ones who need to change their thinking. Let’s get this straight – there is a broad variety of mental illnesses varying from person to person. Neither a mental illness directly implies evilness of an individual, nor does evilness solely stem from mental illness. Yes, one can have impact on the other, just like Maya’s obsessiveness and psychotic behavior is affected by her past, but that doesn’t mean that her past is the only reason why she’s like that. Not all abused children turn out to be evil. Evilness can also be in an individual despite their mental illness or a traumatic past.
    All in all, just accept the show as it is because it seems like many of you all have taken things personally and have become sentimentally attached which is good to an extent, but not so much that you lose touch with real logicality. Stay grounded and don’t be biased.


      I would agree with you completely that maya is meant to be negative and psycho, had they NOT included scenes like uniting his family, jumping off a bridge for mother, crying before ganesha and vulnerable etc. etc. NOR they include the post-marriage murder track showcasing very light shades almost whiteness in Maya’s character. It would have been fine if we later learned it was her manipulation tactic, but then jennifer had to confirm all her goodness and wish for redemption and her efforts to be good was REAL. That’s what cements in our minds that maya is definitely meant to be GREY, not negative in any sense, else what was the point? I don’t deny it’s wrong to think all actions are justified because of her past or because of this, but we empathise with an abused child who never was loved, and who was breathing but she couldn’t feel life, is that so wrong? People here are also emotionally connected so deeply I’ve been reading their comments some seem to have been abused as well, its no wonder they bond and moreover want her to win and be good, it is an ray of light for them and other such people, I can’t blame them at all, and you shouldn’t either.
      Even if psychosis is inherited, it is never brought to surface ever unless significant trauma forces it out, so despite people potentially being born sociopath/psychopath, NOBODY is inherently/born evil, circumstances mould you, and that’s why we sympathise and love maya even more.
      Plz try to understand our view as well, we are not biased, we just want her inner light to trump her darkness in the end. It is a goodvsevil battle like always, but maya is not the evil, the darkness within her from ASHWIN is the evil. Defeating that darkness will make good and love win, it’s the only way.

      Love maya ???

      1. I understand what you’re saying, and that’s why I explained that the show writers have formatted the character in such way as it is, so we can’t change that. Looking at the few scenarios you mentioned, like Maya caring for her mother, one can assume that at that time she had no one else to love so she was possessive about her mother. As she met Arjun, she lost that obsessive love for her mother as we all know. What most people need to understand is that this character has been slowly revealed to us peeling different layers. There’s no sudden change in her post leap. From my perspective, I see it more like her true evilness just came out with time. Yes it’s true that everyone’s emotions are attached to her and you want to see her do well. But this is a fictional character with a fixed plot that we can’t change except just sit back and watch. And again, about the point that Ashwin is the root cause of her behavior, it doesn’t justify how she treats other innocent people, you know? I personally resonate with some of the issues shown relating to Maya like any type of abuse (physical in Maya’s case, emotional/mental in my case), so don’t think that I have no empathy or don’t understand anything. But sometimes it’s up to us whether we decide to let our inner demons out or make peace within ourselves right? Even I feel like getting even with those who did me wrong and get really evil ideas/thoughts but would I do that? No, because I need to address the fact that those who did bad have their own karma and punishing/bothering other innocent people won’t do me any good. After Ashwin’s death they showed Maya trying to be a good bahu, and yes I definitely was irritated by vandana’s attitude towards her, but what about saanjh and ayan? they supported her and had empathy for her, yet she destroyed Ayan’s life just upon feeling threatened by him for getting Arjun away from him.
        Basically my point is that just accept the show as it is and enjoy it rather than getting emotionally attached because it’s just fiction after all. P.s. I love Jennifer, ever since DMG, she’s killing it on television! Love Jenny, no strong feelings for Maya haha

    2. dude we didnt say she was good… we thought she was grey who is being turned to black… anyway now im gonna accept her evil avtaar. n watch this show and its monotonous gimmicks of showing different ways maya tortures n the evil she brings. coz now wat else can u expect. all my hopes for a better moro and a wish for victory over the evil inside.. ill put it down the drain n watch as a neutral viewer from today.. lets see how long this monotonuos theme of maya being evil and displaying her satanic antics can hold my attention span.

  29. Guys its Maya story and ArYa romantic thriller love story..its unique story..”IT’S FIRST INDIAN SHOW PERFECT FLAWLESS DEVI BHAHUS TO A LEAD WITH MENTAL ILLNESS.”Maya is bad she did very evil things….but she alaways does something good which hides her bad deeds.maya always mixes her good things with bad ones.

    1. Maya punished vandana for cheated her&for searched her room hiddenly,,but she didn’t left her hand neglectly after seen her injure,she did first aid in anger.but vandana when Maya entered gruhapravesh time after marriage our Maya got hurt because of glass piece,instead of do first aid or to show concern,she cursed maya and she left neglectly after seen her injurie.that much difference maya had with others.thats why i can’t love other characters than Maya.i love Maya more except her bad deeds,im missing more strong independent kadoos maya.i want to see her redeem.lets hope ? for best.?

      1. Yes Maya did take care of Vandanas wound and yes Vandana did not do the same why Maya got hurt.
        Basic difference between the two –
        Maya ‘punished’ her cause she secretly tried to search her room.
        Vandana is trying to punish her because her son is in jail because of Maya.
        Maya caused her own injury in season 1 to make Arjun pity her.
        And Maya caused Vandana’s injury as well. I request you to watch the scene if you missed it. What she did was no less then torturing her.
        Am not taking Vandanas side, in truth I don’t really like her character. But there are different ways of punishing her and causing physical pain intentionally is definitely not one of them.
        Even I miss the independent khadoos Maya but I completely the DETEST her current avatar.

      2. PI..when you did not understand what I told,i don’t like to give any explanation from starting and im not interested to watch again,i have clarity what I talked.chill enjoy it ?

      3. Actually its rather difficult to comprehend what you write. I am sorry for not being able to understand you.
        Hope you chill and enjoy the show too.

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Yes ks youre absolutely right it is maya’s story. It is because maya’s story is such that we’re outraged, that we want her happy ending, especially after they have showcased such torture and hatred and pain towards her so far, despite being fictional all our hearts are going out to her and we cannot see her falling into darkness ir dying, that will be the worst end to such a story 🙁
      We miss maya phase 1, the innocence,vulnerability,goodness and love she had among her faults made us see the broken child within, whereas now its very deeply buried and we wish to see light return into her, just like you do 🙂
      Thanks for your support and kind wirds ks many of us would have quit the show by now in anger at this track, had you not kept us alive 😀
      Thx ?
      Maya ❤️❤️

  30. Prads

    I am still surprised with the comments of “Maya Lovers”. When Ayan case was rounded up, at that moment you were fully believed that Ayan has tried to rape Maya and even then you bad languages towards Ayan, Saanjh & Vandana everone. Then it is clear that Maya has gone in such a lower stage that for getting Arjun attention, she has manipulated the case of Ayan.

    Still you are blaming Vandana that Vandana has not accepted Maya…. How a mother can see that a lady like Maya who can go any extent to fulfil her own wish, will be her DIL so that her own son can be have a HELL life. Today’s Arjun life is totally HELL.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      I truthfully didn’t believe ayan tried to rape maya but the dialogues he spoke and his actions made me understand even if wrongly why maya would assume it as a potential rape attempt. Now we know it as Maya’s plan not her genuinely being traumatised and so we condemn that, but prior the expressions, pushing Arjun away and her FBs at the hospital etc. made us strongly believe she at least ‘felt’ like that, whether or not it was actually the case.

      Accepting maya now would be extremely difficult, we are talking about when maya had done nothing to Arjun and Arjun was happy with her. First and foremost a mother should have seen his happiness and grid to accept her despite her flaws. But more importantly, no matter what a person has done if they fall to their knees before genuinely asking for forgiveness and a chance to change and be happy, you should give them a chance no matter what, she was genuine throughout murder track (jennifer confirmed) so VM was actually much crueler than was fair, and she was one of the catalysts to drive maya back to her original ways of thinking as she has been disheartened so much that her goodness in love only gave her pain and rejection, she would have understandably lost faith in goodness itself.

      I don’t speak for maya lovers in general I speak for myself, but truly maya was a good person, circumstances have triggered and enhanced her demons and distorted her greyness into much darker shades, we true maya lovers only want her to reach out for the light within her and try to become selfless in love once again, which made her and Arjun both happy. We wish to see phase 1 maya, who had her obsession and manipulation, but also empathy, compassion and vulnerability as well as love.

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Besides Ayan’s actual handling of her and barging into her home regardless of reason is still punishable, just not as severely as what he is charged for.

      2. Prads

        All of you admitted that in the first phase of the story, Maya was normal… OK…. The second phase story has revealed the “Grey / Black” face of Maya…. Then just tell me that within these 3 years, they have no contact with Arjun family then how you can blame Vandana or Arjun family for the current Maya face. Whatever Vandana has tried to manipulate Arjun against Maya … .OK I understand for that reason, Maya has done all the game to get Arjun for herself & to be separated with his family. Even now, also some of the women are trying to be separate from in-laws for a better future. But, after three years, if she could not understand Arjun’s wish then what is the reason of “True Love”….

        If you think that Maya has not received the love from her own parents or family, then she should also understand the condition of Arjun who lost his family or friend because of love with Maya… A normal person can understand these things and that is why, nowadays if a couple has separated from parents for any issues still they are mingling with them for a better future…. But, in this story, Maya is not doing such thing, she is trying to manipulate Arjun that his family is not Good….

      3. TDH just leave them,no need to give explanation..our love will not change on Maya.i want to say one example to u..If a runner want to won Olympic gold medal,sponsor had to give chance to check his ability.if he lost one game its not mean,he is failed in same vandana did not gave chance to maya,she felt maya is not worth &however runner got chance but while run he got hurt by glass pieces in shoes,so he didn’t run well,he lost game,same maya married life failed because arjun hidden doings and lies and his romance with runner lost his leg because of septic,here Maya lost total her mental balance.if we like to observe deeds,obviously people will like to choose good deeds..if we observed actions and situations..people will like to understand person situation.

      4. Prads

        Some days ago, I mentioned that this is not the story of Arya… This is the story of Maya and whatever we will see from her angle only…. The story she told to Arjun, we believed…. Maya became the victim from Vandana’s hate, we believed it. And, blamed everyone who was against Maya at that time.

        Now, if Maya is doing some wrong then just admit that and comment against her… Why not? If you are a Fan or love of “Maya” the character , then as lover or Fan, don’t accept all the wrong doing from her…..

        From this serial, I understand one thing that don’t just believe whatever you are seeing or listening…. If you do, then you will also face the same consequences as Arjun and other are facing….. Use your brain & come to the conclusion from the heart who never gives you a wrong path….

      5. Prads

        Dear KS, Just like you are trying to find out the “Good” thing from Maya’s character, I am trying to find out the “Wrong” thing from Maya’s character….. I will not believed on each word or action whatever we have seen in the first phase of this story. That’s why since beginning if you can able to read my comments, I was always against this character….. Just like you are loving this character. If you don’t want to comment or read my comments, then just keep silent…. Don’t try me to stop any comments, whatever I am feeling after viewing any episode.

        When Ayan’s Rape case was shown in this serial, I have commented that Ayan cannot do any thing with Maya in such a way, but at that time you all are gone against me…. Now, you simply identified from your own “MAYA” language that all are done by herself so that Arjun can hate his family….. In this context, I can feel that I can able to study the difference between “Right” or “Wrong”.. but you are simply become a lover boy just like “Samay” who is always been insulted or used by Maya but still love her…..

      6. Prads..nice my comment clearly where I mentioned to stop u…?? i just talked with stay away if u don’t like too followed my comments,and you responded indirectly wit my matter then what’s the big deal if I react on ur comment..when you have right to disagree,we too have right to samay..hahaha…?? i told Na like saanjh like fans,every time taken personal,act like senseless person but will give good lectures every time like a good person.??? Lol..enjoy it ??

      7. The Dark Hunter

        i dislike VM and Saanjh only because they enhanced her insecurities and made her think Arjun and her love will never be accepted and that if she is good she will only be verbally abused/discriminated against, she even confirmed this in recent episodes. Remember her prayer to ganesha her true friend last episode pre-leap, she was lamenting to him why when she once tried to be the best she could be, why was it the world hated her for it?
        Moreover like you were saying we only saw season 1 from maya ppv, tell me… Have we seen season 2 ppv from Maya? no we have only seen Arjuns’ side of the 3 year story, what is maya’s story? why is she like this? it didnt just happen overnight, nor would she be insecure if Arjun promised her that she was his everything! Events and actions from both Maya and Arjun must have contributed to create this character now, and instead of Arjun trying to run away they better show that Arjun tried to get her treated or tried to talk to her about it only to be rejected, else Arjun i believe is FAR from innocent.
        anyway like ks said there is no point arguing you have your opinion and hold it strong, as i do mine. you see the badness in maya, i see the goodness and hope for it to win over her evil in the end.

        many thanks

  31. Prads

    Aap sab log hamesha ek baat karte hai ki “Maya” ke saath bachpan me uske father ne “Abuse” (mere khyal se “Torture”) kiya hai jiske kaaran “Maya” ka “Grey” behavior hai, toh agar iske liye uske father ko ya phir uske parents ko blame karte hai toh Abb Jab ki yeh clear hua hai ki “Maya” jo torture Arjun aur uske family ke saath karti hai toh usko support kyun kar rahe ho…. Agar aap logon ko lagta hai ki “Maya” ka love “True love” hai toh I think aap log “True Love” ke definition hi change kar rahe hai…. Her love is not “True Love” because if it is then she has to understand Arjun also that he can not live a life where he doesn’t have his family….. Arjun bhale hi Vandana ko apne maa nahi consider karta tha par phir bhi woh uske saath hi rahta tha kyunki uske liye uski family aur friendship ka saath chahiye tha…. Par “Maya” ne apne wicked plan ke saath uski sab kuch cheen liya phir bhi kahti hai ki yeh “True Love” hai….. Daamnit…..
    I think that “Samay” is perfect for her as he have no family & always willing to obey her orders…

    1. Prads, I tried explaining same thing too in a much decent manner but these people are not understanding. Nobody’s past justifies how they behave with other innocent people who have nothing to do with their past. I totally agree with you.
      And anyway this show is a suspense thriller not a bichari laachar bahu and saas show with some damsel in distress story. Don’t just believe evrything you see because a lot of things have not been revealed yet. Who killed ashwin? The most important one, what is the SECRET of Maya’s past that ashwin wanted to reveal but couldn’t? What if in the end it turns out that ashwin wasn’t just all black, perhaps grey? Also don’t forget that Maya has been hitting herself while letting the world believe he abuses her which ain’t true at all. Arjun has told Ayan that he was arrested/had case against him for hitting Maya but then Maya saved him. She would put him in trouble herself then save him which is total twisted manipulation not her “goodness”.
      By the way, many of the viewers including me are neither Maya haters nor lovers, we just enjoy the unique concept of the show, its mind boggling twists, the suspense thriller and at last Jennifer’s amazing acting. So please don’t come bashing us trying to defend your love for Maya because I have no interest in offending anyone. Just giving a neutral perspective here.

      1. @sonia even i liked the unique story n the heroine breaking syer6eo types. but my only wish is that, characters like saanjh etc should address her as “evil” maya.. (i dont know the hindi equivalent of that word) i wish they didnt use the word paagal maya.. coz thatll leave space for sympathy n skepticsm.. audirnce wil try to decode her past n blame ashwin n other factors in her past… if they just potray her like how srk was potrayed in anjaam n darr.. as a mean killing machine, then this confusion wouldnt have been created in the first place… n audience would just enjoy it as a thriller minus emotional baggage… wat do u think?

    2. Only saying the truth

      @Prad , This may look irrelevant to this page, but it’s for those who believe child abuse doesn’t have a part to play in a persons mental state later on in life , the reason y i sympathise n empathize with Maya n blv she’s not wholly responsible 4 the way she is 2day .

      Despite being the most common form of abuse, verbal abuse is generally not taken as seriously as other types because there is no visible proof, and the abuser may have a “perfect” personality around others. In reality, however, verbal abuse can be as detrimental to a person’s health as physical abuse. If a person is verbally abused from childhood on, he or she may develop psychological disorders that plague them into and throughout adulthood.

      There are seven main outcomes of physical abuse: aggressive and violent behaviour, non- violent criminal behaviour, substance abuse, self-injurious and suicidal behaviour, emotional problems, interpersonal problems.

      There is now little doubt about the relationship between childhood physical abuse and emotional and psychological problems in later life. These problems include anxiety, depression, hostility, paranoid thoughts, psychosis and dissociation disorders.Adolescents and adults who exhibit violent behaviours have often been abused as children. Such violent behaviours can include violence towards people inside the family,

    3. Only saying the truth

      After Arjun/Maya’s marriage she whole heartedly accepted Arjun n his family as her own but unfortunately VM couldn’t do the same , do u think its right to come to a conclusion without hearing both sides of the story ? Doesn’t a coin have two sides to it ? how can any1 just listen to one side of story n blv she is not suitable for her son !! This is exactly y lots of relations suffer coz both sides of the story aren’t heard .

      1. I like your explanation about the psychological effects and completely agree with it. And yes, even though I’m not a Maya lover, I was definitely irritated by how vandana behaved (her character is just plain stupid and annoying to be honest lol). And you’re right about hearing both sides of the story. Has anyone ever wondered that we didn’t really get to see ashwin’s side of the story though? Like they show us Maya’s side how she was abused and stuff, but why would ashwin do that? Just like Maya right now is behaving with arjun and others for which all Maya fans are saying that there’s a reason (her past), wouldn’t ashwin also have a reason behind why he was abusive? Just a thought..

      2. The Dark Hunter

        Like maya said, her birth gave rise to Ashwin’s biggest enemy, a contender of Jhanvi’s wealth. On many sites I’ve read maya is subtitled as grey whereas Ashwin is straight up defined as negative! Moreover after she told him her “truth” and Arjun beat him, ashwin confronted her and said what she told Arjun was true, but that her anger is what he was going to tell VM about b4 Arjun busted in. I’ve read about sociopathy and OCD, maya is a sociopath, and angry violent outbursts can happen as symptom if put under deep trauma long enough, this means that he must have been against maya even b4 the day she stabbed him and her mental illness came to light. Besides, he was willing to kill his own wife feeding her sweets, throwing her off a bridge to lure maya and kill them both, constantly threatening them for money and even trying to kill Arjun and instigate saanjh and co against maya just to make her alone and in his words “make her scream and cry”. if a girl stabbed a loving father in anger, I doubt any father would go on to torture her till adulthood and then try to make her alone forever. Therefore I think Ashwin is the true evil here, even though maya was abused she is not greedy or self absorbed, everything in her twisted thoughts she is doing out of love and for arjun, to protect his naivety from the world. Her obsession is mixed with actual loving thus distorting her perception.

        Like you said 2 sides to a coin…
        What about Maya’s side to this 3 year leap story, what is her knowledge of why she is this controlling. She told Arjun herself she trusts him and so wouldn’t spy on him like Jhanvi, and she trusted him after he broke relations with saanjh for her, so what must have happened to cause this? It couldn’t happen overnight… Therefore I feel both are at fault here, maya for her ill behaviour and Arjun for trying to run before helping or understand her insecurities and fears. If not as a lover his duty as a husband should have stayed and he saw her suicidal tendencies which were non-existent throughout their relation phase 1 so something must have triggered all this to resurface. They will have to show Jhanvi getting up soon I’m tired off her doing nothing she needs to reveal things soon, this is the phase where maya will be at her darkest and lose, and Jhanvi better reveal things to make her lose but also realise and hopefully start on the healing path and remorse like she had in phase 1 that would be best.

        All I want is maya happy and healed in the end, Ashwin poisoned her mind and life from her birth I’m sure, and she deserves another chance to expunge the evil ashwin from her and become free. Good vs evil is Ashwin vs maya, NOT the world vs maya. maya has shown her goodness time and time again, which is a part of her vulnerable self craving love and peace, and her psycho tendencies are ashwin’s poison which is growing right now, she needs to realise her wrongs or be given a slap to the face to make her see sense, and then hopefully start the road to recovery.

        Love maya always ???? she left an imprint on my heart and I’ve become a part of her story, I wish to see her love win over her darkness in the end!

        Btw great comments OSTT you’re catching up to my level now haha sterling writing and analysis dear ??

  32. Oh maya lovers also became like maya the psycho ha ha ha….? for you permanent silence dot

    1. Mirchi lagi mirchi lagi…jorse lagi jorse lagi…?? Loll..???

  33. Not psycho maya lovers are comedians…. Ha ha ha….

  34. Maya lovers explanation,example was so funny…

    1. Ha ha. ?? We enjoying a lot here?….not like u jealous,over act person for silly things.,& perminent silence for u too from us..keep smile?? enjoy it to see us.

    2. sorry babes we don wanna come to ur IQ level n comment justfying ourselves… if we can empathise with maya the psycho as to somethin went wrong with her that’s why shes like this… then we can empathize with u too.. probably ur IQ never grew up coz of some chemical locha in ur brain… thats y u turn all that u dont understand into comedy i guess…. btw since ur brain is still of the 5th standard level i suggest u watch this serial with parental guidance…. coz u seems vulnerable to get influnced by mayas behaviour…

      1. my commen was @hellmaya

  35. I love Maya… I don’t say tht Maya is doing Gud… I lov how she portraying as Maya…

  36. indira chatterjee

    Wah 87 comments? But registered member ‘Prads’ absolutely right, seeing the current episode I am totally agreed with him, Beyhad is thriller serial so we are all waiting for next episode but Beyhad growing hot and adult day by day it must be telecast midnight ha ha ha ha ha, what a scene between Samay and Maya.


      87 comments is nothing. 5th eoisode post leao had 122 comments lol

  37. I agree with Prads in the aspect that everyone’s POV should be shown to avoid the confusion. Why aren’t they showing Maya’s POV when she’s the only character with so much depth and layers is out of my thinking capability. CVs are ruining a good show and turning it into a pathetic one by mocking issues like rape/child abuse/mental issues if they go on doing this

  38. Oh is it ?

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