Swabhimaan 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunal telling Meghna that they have to delete the video somehow. Karan asks him to see the web address. Meghna goes to kitchen and tells Naina that she will take milk for Mamma. Naina asks her to go. Meghna comes to Sharda’s room and sees her sleeping. She thinks I know you are not sleeping, but for the first time you are not looking at us. I won’t let my Mamma feel bad. Naina comes. Meghna reminds Sharda of her words when she was decorating their doli. She says we will take care of yours like you used to do. She says even children are worried for their parents, and tells that she asked Tulsi Maa to take care of her Mamma, and told the room to make her Mamma feel the shelter and love. She tells that we are here and our all love. She asks her to get up. Sharda opens her eyes and gets up. She hugs Naina and Meghna.

Sharda says I know you both are worried for me, and says when you both were going after marriage, you were concerned for me. Naina asks her not to worry when she is not wrong and says God will make everything fine. Meghna says you are our everything and you have to take care of yourself.

Meghna wants to see the video. Naina asks her not to watch video and hurt herself. Meghna says she wants to see who has uploaded this video and says we will get any clue about the source, who have made it viral and then we will make him cry. She sees video again and again..and hears the title….ghodi pe chada ishq ka bukaar. She recalls Nand Kishore telling Bundi ki Ghodi Sharda….Naina comes. Meghna tells Naina that she got to know about the man who tried to ruin Sharda’s respect. Naina asks who is he? Meghna says Nand Kishore Chauhan. Naina asks how can you be so sure? Meghna says he called ghodi to mamma before also. She says how can two different person use same word for Mamma, and says only NK Chauhan can do this. Naina says he is our Papa also, Kunal and Karan’s Papa. She says why he will do this? Meghna says he wants to insult Sharda and says today it is a limit. She says he is just Nand Kishore Chauhan for her and he have to pay for this deeds. She says she will tell everyone about him.

Naina tries to stop her and says you are very angry now, and we do mistakes when being in anger. Meghna says our neighbors were insulting Mamma yesterday and asks if our Mamma deserves this. Naina says no and cries. Meghna says if we keep quiet then we will be giving strength to the wrong person, and says it is a defeat for the right people. She says we shall tell the truth to everyone. Naina says you are saying right, our Mamma has taught us right, but she never taught us to take revenge. She asks if NK is punished then also Mamma will not get her lost respect. She says forgiveness is the best solution. Meghna asks have you gone mad. She says few men think that law or values don’t matter to them. Naina says our Mama respects Mami very much and tells that if Kunal comes to know about this, how he will react and think that you are blaming his Papa.

Naina says if everyone reacts based on anger then it is wrong. She says NK is our Papa and if you blame him then both families will be affected. She says we can’t accuse him without any proofs. Meghna says she can’t see anything than Sharda and recalls Sharda sitting in her room scared and shattered. She says if I keep quiet then I will be ashamed. Naina thinks she has same anger which I saw during her bidaai. She tells Meghna that values is one thing which don’t let Swabhimaan turn to Abhimaan and says it is easy to accuse others, but difficult to accuse loved ones. Meghna says she is not accusing Papa, but Nand kishore for whom relations are nothing. She thinks to break Nand Kishore’s Abhimaan for her mum’s Swabhimaan.

Nand Kishore is tensed. Meghna asks Kunal what he will do if his loved one was involved. Kunal says he will punish that person more. Meghna is about to tell Nand Kishore’s name. Naina says Papa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Right! Here we go again. Naina is one of those long suffering bahus. Nand Kishore is mean and lacks common decency, he needs to be taught a lesson along with his side kick sandhaya!

    1. Kashaf

      Naina is more intelligent than Meghana as she knows that without having evidence. Meghana cannot blame nk as naina as experienced when she blamed sandhya. I agree Meghana ‘s words of not forgiving nk if he has done this. He needs a lesson to be taught. Naina should stop being more forgiving. Meghana should stop being short tempered.

    2. Shaani

      Exactly I agree… Point?

    3. Yuvani

      so true

  2. I just hate naina

  3. Nk and sandhya shud punish by meghna …dont leave them meghna……
    U must teach them a big lessn …..
    Hav u noticed guys????? naina didnt reactng that much as meghna……..
    Waiting fr monday epi bcuz meghna tells kunal abt his father ..how he will react ????

  4. i love naina

  5. I think a happy episode will run during party but then after sad… No gap for naiaran seans i love niana thinking towards the situvation

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