Udaan 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tejaswini scolding Chakor and asking her not to name Suraj in school. Chakor comes to Dadi and says Tejaswini asked me not to say Suraj’s name, shall I lie, if I say truth, don’t know what they will do, Suraj is troubling a lot. She takes her blessings and goes to school. Bhaiya ji calls a meeting and says the school is named after my mum and I made this by much desires, what happened with Chakor has shaken all of us, I m the main trustee and I decided to find everything, and whoever is the culprit, I will give him strict punishment so that such incident does not happen again. Everyone clap. The principal asks Chakor not to be scared and say the name.

Suraj and his friends get tensed. Chakor looks at them and recalls how they have locked her. The vice principal Sharma asks who locked her in classroom. She recalls the ragging they did. Chakor thinks Tejaswini’s threatening words and gets tensed. She looks at Suraj and points to him. Suraj nods no. She then points to his friends. She says Suraj and his friends and even Roshni is also with them. She says they have locked me in class. Bhaiya ji is stunned and angry. Chakor says she was writing in her notebook and she told Suraj to open the door, and even then he did not listen. Prince’s dad says what nonsense, my son can’t do this and Prince denies it.

The principal says calm down, let her complete. Bhaiya ji says why, I can understand, she has pointed on my son, how can we be calm, she is lying. She says I m not lying, Suraj and his friends have locked me, I m ready to swear on my mum. He says shut up, if someone blames your child, how will you all feel, you will get angry, she is lying. He says the teachers are also responsible, as they have taught them. Bhaiya ji says she is insulting us, our kids’ future is at stake, think about it, am I wrong. Prince’s dad says no, Bhaiya ji is right, poor people are jealous of rich people and they trap the rich, she could not become their friend so she is being their enemy, Bhaiya ji has given her chance to study and make a name, but she is trying to make a name by defaming other kids.

The teachers and staff does not believe Chakor and say they should kick her out of school. Tejaswini thinks how will Chakor be out of this. Sharma ji says calm down, we will ask others and then decide. Bhaiya ji says ask everyone, if Suraj is culprit, I will strictly punish him. Chakor asks the peon to say what happened that day and not be scared, he was with them, say the truth. Bhaiya ji says yes, tell if she is saying right. The peon Banwari says all the mistake is mine, and takes all blame on himself. Suraj smiles.

Banwari apologizes to principal. He says my wife was ill, I did not see and locked the door. Chakor says don’t lie, you did not close the door. The principal says fine, but Chakor would see you and shouted, why did you close the door then. Chakor says he did not close door, why are you taking the big blame on you. The principal asks her to keep quiet. Roshni says she knows why she did not see the peon, as she slept in the class, you can ask science teacher, she was sleepy in his class. The science teacher recalls and says yes, she is right.

Chakor says no, I was noting what you taught and Suraj closed the door. Tejaswini scolds her. The principal says its not Suraj and his friends’ mistake, they are innocent. They all smile. Chakor gets sad. Banwari apologizes. Bhaiya ji says you did mistake, so I will file penalty of 100rs. The principal says you should be punished too Chakor, but we are leaving you as its first one, fights happen and it does not mean you make fake stories and lie, lying is bad. Chakor says I never lie. The principal thanks Bhaiya ji for giving his valuable time. Everyone go. Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor and says if she sleeps again in class, she will not be alive. He asks her not to be smart and tells Suraj that this time he saved him, but think before doing such thing again. Suraj hugs him and says thanks. Bhaiya ji leaves.

Suraj tells his friends that Bhaiya ji asked him to inform him before doing such thing, I said dad will manage. They leave. Chakor looks on and comes out. Suraj teases her. They all call her liar and tease her. She shuts her ears and they trouble her more.

Tejaswini invites all villagers to decorate the mandap for Ram Navami. Billu says we can’t come, Chakor comes from school and teaches her. The teacher asks Chakor to read fast. Chakor says how will I study so soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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