Jamai Raja 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Simran reminiscing Roshni praising her and telling mother cannot be selfish at all. Raj asks if she is thinking about Roshni and now believes her back. She says Roshni does not know to follow relationships and she does not trust her. He says she realized Roshni has changed, but is not accepting. Soon she will accept Roshni soon.

Kritika comes back to her room, reminisces Roshni’s speech and Biji praising her and agrily tries to drink poison. Rajveer stops her and asks if she is so weak. She says she cannot tolerate old granny Biji praising Roshni. Rajveer says he will make sure biji slaps Roshni and tells his crooked plan. She gets happy hearing his plan, hugs her and says she loves him. He says himself in mirror says he also loves himself and says he did not leave Sam for her, but for her wealth. He will loot her wealth and then find another prey.

Sid and Roshni’s nok jhok starts. Roshni asks him to listen to her. He is busy on laptop and takes out cotton from his ears and says he did not listen to her. She angrily switches off light and sleep. He smile and also sleeps. Roshni hears rat sound and asks Sid to stop mimicking. She then sees rat and panics. He also sees rat and panics hugging her. Biji comes with Raj and Simran and ask what happened. They point at rat. Biji says they have grown up to the age of bearing children and are afraid of rat. She throws rat out. Sid and Roshni continue shouting. Biji asks them to stop and says she will sleep with Roshni. Roshni says she got cold and her infection will spread her. Raj takes biji from there. They both sleep again. Sid again panics. Roshni laughs and taunts him. She says until this house was in her mom’s control, she did not see rats here, but they are comings as if it is their home now. Their nok jhok starts again.

At breakfast, Roshni asks Biji what she should prepare for lunch. Biji says she has thrown party for her win and asks her to get ready instead and asks Simran to prepare food and snacks. Roshni says she will help Simran. Simran says she does not need her help. Sid comes for breakfast. Biji asks him to attend party in the evening. He says he has important meeting and cannot attend. Rajveer says it is his wife’s party and he should attend. Biji taunts him and says he is very lucky to be a ghar jamai andenjoy lavishiness and asks to have his food instead of interrupting (Biji rocks..). Rajveer and Kritika gets angry. Simran consoles them. Biji orders Sid to attend. He leaves. Biji taunts again Raj to enjoy his free food. She asks Roshni to invite her family. Roshni reminisces telling DD if she does not apologize, she will not come to her house again and says Biji her mom cannot come. Raj asks to call her Naani and bua. Roshni nods yes.

DD tells Naani she will not go to Roshni’s house as she does not care about her. Naani argues with her. Mona asks them to stop their fight. Sam comes and says she is going for shopping and get Visa as she is going to China on official trip. DD says she hopes this girl is not doing anything wrong.

Roshni joins Simran in kitchen. Simran gets irked and calls servant. Roshni says servants have gone out and says she knows she is still angry on her, but she will not go even if she pushes her out and continues cooking. Simran reminisces Raj’s words.

Roshni gets ready for the party and asks Sid to behave in the party.

Precap: Yash hears Roshni’s voice, opens door and falls on bed wit her. Guests come and see them on bed. Biji and others also come and see them on bed. Kritika and Raj smirk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ohhhh shucks Rajveer and his ugly wife should leave the Khuranas alone…afterall she doesn’t even know her own dad

  2. precap sucks… ther i was thinkng finally d serial was on track!!

  3. what the f**k what wrong with you yash cant u stay out of roshni you always out to ruin roshni life it seem to me yash dont get nothing to do come on writer get these peoples like yash dd sam rajveer n kartika out of this show they have pure negative minds in them we getting sick n tired of they plans to separate sid n roshni and still nothing dont work so why waste time with them get them out of this show

  4. oh noo rajveer and his wife should leave them alone

  5. writer why you did not leave kritika to drink the poison rajveer should not have stopped her she kritika is sooooooooooooooo damn ugly wicked too she and her crooked husband rajveer should both get out of the khuranas home and leave sid and roshini alone come on before they came into roshinis life all was well with the khuranas while sid was just working on bringing dd and roshini together and now that he has accomplished that the writer swing the other way turning the khuranas against roshini and with the help of the two crooked vamps kritika and rajveer it do not seem to be helping sid and rosini at all so writers start writing better scripts now

  6. why there cant be a happy ending nw raj an d hi sugly wife needs to beat frm the show nw

  7. Do not blame Kritika and Rajveer alone because he is just as guilty.He knew about the plan and did what was told.He is a grown man and should not interfere with a couple that a judge has asked to reconcile.Yash is a home wrecker.Kritika is been used and Rajveer will dump her ass very soon when he steals their money.I want some one to deal with him.How is it Sid is not suspecting them ?Come on Sid put on your detective cap again because you are slowing down.Love this show.

  8. Oh f**k I wonder what’s gonna happen next

  9. Omg!!! Wht will happen in nxt episode
    this drama is really gud n intrstng
    i like it soooooooo much
    i thnk all viewrz should watch it and like it

  10. What the hell is this?! Roshni just solved a problem and then there’s another. I am not watching this anymore.

  11. Boringgg…

  12. well i guess that is what rajveer was talking about when he said biji will slap roshni

  13. No way this is gonna be so bad
    These further episodes will make me cry so much I just hope did believes her

  14. Though how cute was the rat scene

  15. i jst started loving the episodes bt i hate it plz give roshni a break. and what a hell did rajveer stop kritika from having the poison let them die.

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