Hello Pratibha 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi asks Kaashi curtly, what this Naina is doing. She says she appears to be extremely greedy just like Kaashi. Kaashi in turn scolds her.
Pratibha come behind Mahen, she says she didn’t understand how she began singing. Mahen says he also wants this wedding to take place well, but first something happened to that Namrita and now him. Pushpa comes behind him and says to him that Pratibha made the mood of the evening well. Mahen goes inside. Pushpa appreciates Pratibha’s voice, Pratibha says she doesn’t remember when she went to sing. Pushpa says everything is going to be alright, she will bring Mahen to the Sangeet, and asks Shalu to take her.
Sunidhi comes to Naina who was resting on her chair, she says why is she just resting here , her salary will be cut. Naina opens her eyes, Sunidhi’s voice tone changes in a moment and says Kaashi is asking when her plan would work. Naina says her plan has just begun. Naina warns her not to speak to her this way again.
Pratibha watches Naina asking Sanjeev to bring food for her. Sundihi comes there and says to Sanjeev he is so sweet that he is bringing food for him. He abides by Naina. Sunidhi is worried, while Sanjeev brings water and spoon for Naina as well. Shalu says to Pratibha she told her that this lady does some black magic. Anmol comes appreciating Pratibha’s voice and shows her a video. When the lights go off, the video tapes Naina cursing that had the light not gone off, her drama wouldn’t have ended here. Pratibha asks him to rewind this video and hears intently.
Sunidhi complaints to her mother about Naina, her mom says she made her angry; not go and handle her husband.
Namrita comes to Rishi and asks if she is forgiven. Rishi smiles and says keeping his mother happy won’t be easy. She says she will make his mother as her, she will make her fall for her like she did to him.
Pratibha and Shalu were worried inside the room, Pratibha says she is doing something wrong at home.
Namrita serves her parents in law, Pushpa assures her that Namrita will spread happiness in her life. Sumitra says she will hope that her only son’s wedding goes well and everything remains good even after the wedding.
Pratibha asks Shalu to remember what they suspect; she says that flower man agreed to supply them. Namrita’s being enraged was also not normal, then Naina calmed her down. Shalu says like someone did magic on her. Pratibha says today’s drama- it isn’t the pre-wedding nervousness. She couldn’t believe about it, Pratibha says Namrita also said she doesn’t get it what she is saying. She tells Shalu tells Shalu how could she sing when she had denied herself. Pratibha recalls staring into Naina’s eyes, she says this is hypnotizing- it is about controlling someone. And this happens with the eyes and during lights. Shalu says it seems someone has kept her for ruining this wedding. Pratibha says she is sure now, and she has to stop her.
Pratibha comes to the table, where Sumitra was saying to Pushpa to teach Namrita everything about being a good daughter in law. Sunidhi comes to Naina, Naina says if Pratibha suspects their plan, she won’t let them succeed. Sunidhi comes there and asks Pratibha to go to photographer, she asks Mahen who takes Pratibha away. Sunidhi excuses herself and goes inside to bring dessert. She tells Naina she has cleared her way. Naina goes there and takes Namrita with herself for a minute, please. Pushpa agrees, Namrita comes with her.
Inside, Naina hypnotizes Namrita and asks her to slap her mother in law Sumitra in front of everyone. She has insulted her parents, she must be answered. Namrita nods.
Sumitra says she doesn’t like it keeping things in heart and apologizes for saying a lot. Namrita comes there angrily. Naina follows her. Namrita comes and stands by Sumirta, staring at her. Naina murmurs at Namrit to slap now, Pratibha comes there, looks at Namrita’s hand and her eyes.

PRECAP: Pratibha says to Naina that she will never let her win. Naina says time will tell what one can do.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Here these writers go again black magic and hypnotism.These thing are taking away from the show the beauty you want to portray .Writers viewers are becoming weary of this kind of junk.Can’t you writers be more intellectual.

  2. That’s one of my reason why i stopped watching African movies they fill them up with pure black magic and soon am going to stop watching these serials as well because it’s black magic across the board

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