Udaan 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets Gumaan arrested

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The Episode starts with Chakor stepping inside the haveli. Gumaan gets shocked and recalls Imli’s words. Imli says my sister has come after 7 years, you should step back. She goes and hugs Chakor. She says I knew you will come back one day, I didn’t know this girl will be a medium for your homecoming. Anjor asks do you know Chakor. Imli says Chakor is my elder sister, I respect her the most, she is more than my mother. She asks Girja to get aarti for Chakor. She says decorate Chakor’s room like before. Chakor stops Girja. She goes to take Tejaswini’s blessings. Tejaswini gets back. Chakor says I didn’t come to stay here, I have come to get justice for Anjor, the kidnapper accepted that he works for Gumaan.

Inspector asks did you see the witness. Gumaan gets arrested. His mum scolds Chakor for coming with revenge intentions. She asks Tejaswini why are you silent, kick her out, else she will kill you also. Tejaswini says what shall I say now, this girl didn’t change, she has come here with same principles, this habit of her snatched my son, grandchild and life, my son went away, he didn’t forget Saanvi’s death sorrow, I had learnt living and she came back again, Suraj did good to make you out. She reminds Imli that Vivaan died because of Chakor. Imli cries. Tejaswini says you have to support us, not your sister. Everyone opposes Chakor. Chakor asks is everyone done or not. She asks minister to serve the people, he is not a judge to give his verdict. She asks Gumaan’s sister to show her talents in the court, Gumaan has to get arrested now.

She says my statement is warrant against Gumaan, I didn’t come to take any revenge, you are free to think anything, I don’t have any relation with this haveli or family. She gets Gumaan arrested and turns to go. She sees Suraj’s pic. It falls. Anjor holds it and gives it to her. Chakor cleans the pic frame and keeps it back. Anjor holds her hand. They leave and come to village. Everyone gets happy to meet Chakor. They ask Chakor to live with them. Anjor says everyone knows Chakor, don’t you know. Chakor says you should go home and rest now. Anjor says I want to know about you, I want to see your house. Chakor says anyone can show you my house. Anjor says I want to see it. Imli meets inspector and goes to meet Gumaan. He gets shocked seeing her. Anjor asks is this your house. Chakor says yes. Chakor enters the house and cries. She thinks of her past.

Imli says I have done arrangements to make Anjor and Chakor away. Anjor changes her statement. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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