He Made Me Turn!!! (Two Shot: Part – 1)

I was made to turn in life, when I was there for him. You’re rt, he made me turn. Oops! I forgot to introduce me! Myself, Anika Vardhan Trivedi. I was a straight forward girl, I never tell lies, like Ram in Ramayana. (Are you serious??? Such a person never exists!?)

I used to believe in telling the truth. So, you can figure me as a truthful, straight forward girl. I was a person who blurted out truth even if it pains the person who hears the truth and I am a teacher. So, you can understand the plight of the naughty students.(Poor kids??)

Everyone likes my teaching, but they never liked my behaviour of hurting others with truth. I was even forced to resign from a school because I didn’t allow them to do things under the cover. You know, teaching properly only when inspection comes, etc. These days, even teacher go along with the management. I hate people like these.(Idiots???)

I remember a moment I regret in my life, the moments when I told the truth just to bring tears in that person’s life. It was not exactly the truth, but it was a lie fabricated in my brain. I never knew that truth changed me into what I am now.

It was for the first time in my teaching life. I am a college lecturer now. I used to be a school teacher. There was a man, he used to stare at me like something. As if he was looking for something he has lost. He seems familiar to me, I don’t know why. He was the changing factor in my life.

He made me the one I am now. I remember the me, the normal (Hey! Normal doesn’t exist Ani! Everyone has some abnormality!?)girl, who used to be the apple of my teacher’s eye. Yes, even then I used to say 99.99% truth. Still, 0.01% is left. Yes, I used to even tell lies as before.

I used to satisfy everyone with my lies, like saving my brother Sahil, from teacher’s wrath for his naughtiness, playing tricks on my friends, etc. It all started when my parents found out that I was lying! I was not an average student, I was a topper. I used to be the one who makes my parents proud! But that lie made me regret in my whole life!(What was that lie?)

I told a lie that made a person lose his love. It was my fault, hadn’t I believed that lie, I  wouldn’t have done that! It was a fabricated one to make me say it.

It was when I was in class 12, he was in the same class of mine! A new student! He had bluish – green orbs, which made me dissolve in it. We became friends in one day! But it was only a moment!

I remember how my friends tied a cloth of lies on my eyes! They told me the boy was a person with dirty looks, i.e., in the sense he looks at girls in seductively!

I was shocked! My heart never believed it! Even though, my brain overcame it! That moment, when he shouted at Ragini who tried to make him her boyfriend, the feminist in me rose. I thought he was wrong because of the lies blinded by Ragini, Tia and my so-called boyfriend Daksh.

I started reacting badly which ended up in a situation where he would have been expelled from school. It was after he went from the school, did Tia told me the truth. I was shocked. I didn’t know that Ragini and my then boyfriend was cheating me. Even Tia came to know this afterwards. We broke our ties with them. Then, we came to know that he was in love with me, Daksh didn’t like it and Ragini likes him as he is rich. But he was those who gives you happiness even when you’re sad. That day. when he talked to me, was the worst day for me! My parents were getting divorced and he gave me the confidence. Because of all these, I turned to stone-hearted girl as I am.

I now live alone. my brother’s custody is with my parents. He wanted to stay with them and I don’t. So, the court allowed me freedom. I started living alone with all guilt. Tia used to come to weekly once and would always console telling me that it was not my mistake. But I didn’t know maybe it’s because I was directly involved in it. I don’t even know his name.

Once I was walking back home, that’s when I heard a voice calling me. I turned, it was the same man. He looked at me and gave me a hand shake.

H: Hi! Myself, Shivaay Singh Oberoi! You?

Me: I don’t need to talk to you!

S: Why? I see you everyday. At least, you could smile at me. I maybe a passerby.

Me: I don’t care about you! (Liar….?)

S: See, I see you caring something in you, that makes you stone hearted person.

Me: Why are you interfering in my life?

S: Ok! Not interfering! But, at least, for once admit it.

I tried to go from there.

S: Why are you running away? You will have to stop one day.

I froze there. Those words brought me to the past. Those words reminded me of my mistake. Those words were said by him to me that day. I even remember it even now. Those words are ringing in my head even now. I went to him.

Me: How did you know I am running in guilt?

S: Your face expresses it. I can read it. Your face never showed a smile.

Me: Do you know me before?

S: No ( You’re a bigger liar?)

Me: Please leave me alone! I would like to go like this.

S: In guilt?

Me: Yes! You’re talking as if you know what I did.

S: I maybe! Maybe, you may know the boy who talked to you like this, very innocently to get brushed of like dust.

Me: What do you mean? Is that you? Are you from XYZ school?

He nodded his head.

Me: Are you the one whom I insulted that day? 

S: Yes! (Are you going to her get forgiveness?????)

A smile rose onto my face after years. I never knew why I smiled seeing him.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome start..Loved the way even how you are taking in between like LIAR and all..Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You so much!!!!!!

  2. Stargazer

    so cute yaa…. loved it

    1. Agga4102

      Happy that you like it!!!!

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