Udaan 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor making Bhaiya ji embarrassed infront of his NRI investors. Vidya looks at Bhaiya ji. Chakor says whole story of how she got the blessings chunni and she came to take it. Tejaswini asks her to leave. Chakor says no, and continues her story. Vidya smiles hearing Chakor’s innocent words. Chakor says she freed the cock, as she can’t see anyone tied. Vivaan takes the cock and frees it. Chakor and Vivaan smile. Chakor says the cock got afraid and ruined everything here. She says my Dadi said haveli people can catch anyone anytime, as they are our owners. Vidya is shocked. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Tejaswini stops him. Chakor says I m sorry and holds her ears.

Tejaswini says its fine, and asks Girja to bring food for Chakor. Tejaswini says we will have food together, come, and I don’t do any biasing with anyone, if its my children, or labor’s children. Girja says I will take her. Tejaswini says make her have enough food, and give food to Imli also. Chakor thanks them and says I will pray for you all. Girja takes her out. Bhaiya says its very common, such things goes on. Lets have food. Vidya says I don’t wish to, sorry. Khanna says even I can’t eat now, sorry. Sehgal says me too. Girja scolds Chakor and drags her out. She says you insulted Bhaiya ji, and he scolded me. Chakor says but she said………… Girja throws the food.

Girja says shut this girl where she can’t breath, take her sister also. Chakor bites her hand. Girja sees the stamp on her hand and is shocked. Chakor runs with Imli. Imli asks what happened. Chakor says run fast. Girja says don’t catch her now, she will come back, she is our caged bird, where will she fly. Bhaiya ji apologizes to everything. He says I hope this does not affect our relations and business investments. Khanna says we will decide and let you know. They leave.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what does she think, will they come back. Chakor and Imli run and are stopped by the car. Its Lakhan. He looks at them and asks why is she running. Chakor says we were racing. Lakhan leaves. Chakor says no one can tie Chakor, and shows puri to Imli. Chakor smiles seeing Imli eat the puris. Imli hugs her thankfully, as she likes the puri a lot. She says she ate all, and not kept for her. Chakor says you eat or I ate, its same. Chakor asks Imli not to tell this to mum.

Tejaswini says it will be a big loss if we lose that party. Manohar says yes, a small girl told so much infront of them. Bhaiya ji says she and her family should be punished. Girja comes and says she knows who is that girl. Tejaswini asks who. Girja reminds them about Bhuvan’s daughter whom he kept Girvi to them. Lakhan comes and hears this. Tejaswini gets angry. Manohar signs Lakhan. Girja says she saw the stamp on her hand. Lakhan says she is Bhuvan and Kasturi’s daughter Chakor. Manohar says you ave her 7 years time, and the time is over.

Tejaswini says its time to catch the bird and keep her in cage. Chakor says no one can catch me. Bhaiya ji laughs. He says she belongs to us. Bhaiya ji gets Sehgal’s call and is shocked. He says don’t decide so soon, listen to me, I understand, but……… He gets angry and throws the phone. Tejaswini asks what happened. He tells everyone that they have refused to invest in our business. He says that small girl has ruined our plans. He says she showed all poverty. Manohar says I understood she will do something. Tejaswini says she won’t let anything bad happen. Manohar says he trusts her.

Bhaiya ji says we lost 2000 crores. Tejaswini says she knows. She says the benefits which they lost. Bhaiya ji says what to do now. She says don’t worry, I will not leave that girl. She asks Lakhan to bring her here, her 7 years time is over, now she is ours. Vivaan hears this and is shocked.

Lakhan gives new dress to Bhuvan and Kasturi. Kasturi says she will burn it. Chakor wears it. Kasturi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. chakor is so prety and i love her acting big tym

  2. i hope when she grows up she wil be someone prety lyk her and more charming too.

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