Jamai Raja 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid’s mom and Roshni enjoying gola. Roshni’s mobile and her cosmetics fall on ground and she picks it. Sid’s mom identifies her. Sid and his dad comes there and introduces his parents to her. Roshni greets them namaste. Sid signals her to touch their feet. Mom says she can see Sid signalling her to touch her feet, but she does not want her daughter touch her feet. She gifts her bangles and says she will gift her diamond bangles once she comes home. Sid stops her mom and says she means she cannot gift her diamond bangles, so she can gift her only these. Dad welcomes her to Khurana family. Sid asks him why is he talking his arrogant boss’s name and says they are Kukreja’s. Dad then says welcome to Kukreja family.

Roshni comes home. DD asks how are his parents. Roshni is shocked to hear that. DD says in all these year, being a business woman, she forgot that she is her mother and says she just wanted to get a best alliance for her. Roshni gets emotional and apologizes DD. Naani jokes that Roshni forgot her and is only paying attention to her mom. Roshni then hugs her. Mona asks her to tell the news they have. DD asks Roshni to invite Sidharth in their janmastami pooja. Roshni gets happy hearing that.

Once DD reaches the door, she angrily looks at Roshni. She meets Krish and asks how is her plan. Krish says it is great and he even told his dad with these silly issues, their relationship should not break. DD says now she has to meet Sidharth to get him away form Roshni. Krish asks who is Sidharth, he is not from our circle.

Sid gets a call from Roshni and gets tensed. His mom asks if everything is okay. Sid informs about Roshni’s mom and family wanting to meeting him tomorrow. Mom gets happy hearing that, but then mom sees him writing a list of clothes which DD does not like. Mom says she is just being a mother and trying to protect her daughter. She says tomorrow is janmastami and he will go in a krishna avatar.

Resham says naani and mona that she used to fast during janmastami. DD asks naani when is pooja. Naani gets happy hearing that and says once she likes Sid, everything will be fine.

Roshni calls Sid and asks when is he coming. Sid says he is getting ready as a Gujrati man and will impress her mom. His mom sees him in gujrati dress and asks him to go soon and fix his marriage date. Sid touches his parent’s feet and takes their blessings before leaving for Roshni’s house.

Naani hears doorbell and asks Roshni to go and receive their jamai. Roshni happily goes and checks out and gets angry seeing Krish instead of Sid. She asks DD if she called him. She says yes and asks about Sid. She says he is on his way.

Sid is on his way in his car, but his car breaks down. He gets a call from Roshni and asks where is he. He says he was on his way, but his car broke down. She asks what car. He says the taxi he was traveling in broke down and says he will come in bus.

Panditji performs janmastami pooja and asks to switch off lights till 12 when lord Krishna will be born. He says lord krishna will come at 12 sharp. Just then Krish enters. Panditji gives Roshni aarti to perform. Roshni performs aarti and passes on to family members, she early looks at door for Sid. Sid enters pooja room, takes aarti from DD and performs it. DD sees him shockingly when lights turn on. EVen Sid is shocked to see her and reminsces his misbehaviours with her. Naani and others get happy seeing him.

Precap: Roshni introduces Sid to DD. Sid thinks this khadoos is Roshni’s mom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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