Balika Vadhu 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi and Ganga seeing Gauri proceeding towards havan. Anandi goes to her and asks about dohe. She says we will go and see. Gauri says, we will do after the havan. Anandi tells her that Jagya told havan’s flames are dangerous for her skin. Gauri thinks Jagya cares for her and goes to the kitchen. Ganga sits for puja. Panditji asks Nandu to do the ahuti and asks Jagya to hold his hand. Nandu does the ahuti for his father’s soul.

Gauri tells Anandi that Dohe is ready. She is about to go outside. Anandi stops her again. Gauri says, she will see the havan from a distance. Anandi follows her. Ganga sees Gauri coming and gets up. Panditji asks her to sit as it is inauspicious to leave before aarti. Ganga sits and covers her head with a veil. Gauri and Anandi come. Panditji asks everyone to stand up for aarti. Nandu gives the aarti to everyone. Ganga is about to go, but collides with Gauri. She leaves. Anandi asks Gauri to take the aarti.

Jagya recalls Ganga getting tensed and covering her head. He tells Ganga that he can’t see her roaming in the house like a thief and hiding the truth. He tells her that he will tell the truth to Gauri. Ganga reminds him the promise. Jagya says he can’t agree but……..he leaves.

Anandi says sorry I didn’t eat the prasad yesterday so eating two laddoos today. She is about to eat, just then she gets Subhadra’s call. Subhadra says she will call her later and reminds her to eat the prasad. Gehna comes and tells Anandi about the dal in the cooker. Anandi goes to the kitchen.

Shiv makes Amol ready to go to school. Amol laughs and says this is my PT shows. He says, you don’t know anything about me. Shiv says I know but sometimes I do mistakes. Please don’t tell your mom. Amol asks him to bring burger. Shiv agrees.

Ganga looks for Mannu and sees him in the hall. She goes to him and takes him in her arms. Gauri asks, what are you doing here and scolds her. Anandi asks what happened. Gauri tells Anandi that Ganga was going to Jagat’s room. Jagya tells her that he asked Gauri to come to his room with reports. Gauri asks her to show the reports. Ganga and Jagya are shocked. Ganga says she forgot it in the hospital. Jagya says I will check it in the hospital. Jagya tells Gauri not to trouble herself and asks her to rest. Gauri leaves.

Anandi asks Jagya, who gave the right to Gauri to involve in unconcerned matters. Jagya says he agrees. Anandi asks, is there any other way out to help Gauri. We have to save Gauri from being insulted daily. She don’t say anything but she is pained. She asks him to do something. Gauri listens to Anandi talking to Jagya and thinks how can she talk with him like this as if she has a right on him.

Shiv brings Amol to have burger and chocoshake. Amol says, shall we tell maa that we are partying. Shiv says ok. Amol calls Anandi and tells her that they are partying. Shiv takes the call and says he gave small treat to Amol. Amol pulls his leg. Anandi laughs. Shiv disconnects the call.

Anandi teaches Nandu and goes to make tea. Ganga calls Nandu. Nandu tells her that Gauri is not here and asks her to come. Ganga goes inside her room. Anandi sees her coming. Later Anandi packs her bags and decides to leave. Dadisaa asks her why you are leaving suddenly. Anandi tells her that she is pained to see Ganga going through the same pain. Ganga asks her not to worry. Anandi says, I know that everyone can’t do what you are doing. Dadisaa says you are going because of these happenings at home. Anandi says, I have to go anyways but……..I will leave. She hugs Dadisaa, Gehna and Ganga. Anandi leaves.

Jagya tells Ganga that he loves her a lot. Gauri sees Jagya and Ganga in a romantic state and gets shocked. She calls Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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