Udaan 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan scolding Imli. He asks Chakor not to talk in between and manage Suraj, who is ruining many homes. He says I can’t leave with this characterless woman, from today we have no relation. Imli says I have equal rights in this house. He holds her hair and says what rights are you saying, you have no right on me or my haveli now, get out. Chakor says you won’t find solution in anger. He says enough Chakor, you filled much poison in my life, you lied about my dad’s death, now you are saving Imli, if you both can prove that Imli is not at fault, I m ready to stop her. Chakor says decision taken in hurry is wrong, wait for some time, truth will come out. He says truth is out, so Imli is here.

Suraj holds his collar and says enough, you can’t do this with Imli, she won’t go anywhere. Vivaan laughs and says oho, Imli won’t go anywhere, who is saying, Imli’s old lover, you are saying this so that you can do anything right under my nose. Suraj says Vivaan, stop spoiling my and Imli’s name else… Imli shouts Suraj, its between me and Vivaan, who are you to talk in between. Vivaan claps and laughs. He says what’s this drama, this acting won’t go for long, move away. He takes Imli. Chakor asks him not to do this. Vivaan says till I drop her, guns should not move off Chakor and Suraj’s heads. Bhaiya ji stops Vivaan and asks where are you taking my bahurani, what will people say.

He asks Vivaan to have sweets, little baby will be coming, who is the father of the child, Vivaan. He feeds sweets and laughs. He says I will become grandfather. Imli cries. Bhaiya ji asks Imli to come inside, who will take care of me if you go, come. Vivaan says take this mad inside, shut him in his room. Bhaiya ji is taken away. Vivaan takes Imli. She recalls her grah pravesh. He drags her to village. She asks him to listen, its between us, don’t do this in front of everyone. He says they should know your real avatar. Chakor asks is Imli lying or is Vivaan’s reports fake. Suraj says Vivaan is angry and can do anything, I think he took Imli to your parents’ house, we should go there, they won’t let us go without Vivaan’s orders. She sees Bijli and says you just agree with me, I know how to make these men away.

Vivaan throws Imli’s bags. Bhuvan asks what happened. Vivaan asks them to ask Imli. They all ask Imli. Vivaan says the good thing is Imli is pregnant. They smile. Bhuvan says its big good news, Kishor take money and get sweets. Vivaan shouts wait, now hear the bad news also, I m not the father of Imli’s child. They all get shocked.

Chakor fools the men. Suraj asks what happened, shall I call doctor. Chakor says I want water. Suraj shouts to Bijli. The man asks what happened to her, I think even she is pregnant. Suraj says stop nonsense, she has stomach ache. Bijli feeds water to Chakor. Chakor tells her plan to Bijli. Bijli cries and argues with a man. She says I will call Vivaan. They all fight. Suraj says Chakor you are smart, now we have to get Imli out of this problem. They run.

Kasturi asks who can be the father of Imli’s child if not you. The people gossip. Imli says don’t do this, we will go inside house and talk. Vivaan says you have ruined my name, now tell the truth. Kasturi says don’t say this, does anyone blame such. Vivaan says I know, its not my child, I also know whose child is it. Imli cries and says I m saying truth, its your child. Vivaan shouts no, this can’t be my child, I can’t produce any child, because I m impotent. Everyone gets shocked. Vivaan asks Imli to answer her parents. He asks them to ask Imli how did she get pregnant. Kasturi says Imli is not characterless, she can’t do this. Vivaan says I also felt so. He pushes Imli. Suraj holds Imli. Vivaan laughs and says great, you came on right time, Suraj is Imli’s support, Suraj is the father of Imli’s child. Imli cries. Vivaan says Suraj is big hearted and did this favor on her. They get shocked.

Vivaan says I have no relation with this characterless woman, I abandon her. Kasturi asks Imli to say truth, who is father of this child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi gys,
    Thnx gys tapa,mama,aanya ,shreya,sruthisreeya and all others for ur reply to my games questions.
    @aanya aapka reply hmesa sbse alag hota hai.aapko hmare game khel kr acha lag raha hai iss baat ko sunn kr hme boht acha lga.
    @tippu thnx for sharing the latest spoiler.

  2. Sukorian


    DNA true n Vivaan ask for forgiveness

  3. guys ek bat batau koi mujhe mere que ka ans nahi puchha!
    Koi bat nhi mei hi bata deti huin.
    I love my parents n GOD the most.
    Di mein smj skti huin, it’s difficult to say bt pyar karna n sabse jyada pyar karna alag bat hai.
    Zoya i asked that which person u love most dr.
    Jali my fav season is all season bcz there is both merits n demerits of al seasons. There is no season which has only merits ya only demerits.
    Guys i m puting my pov . If anyone is hurt my any cmnt then plz plz plz es nadan bachi (yani me) ko maf kardena.

  4. Hi to all my lovely friends, I’m so sorry again I gt late. I cm home befr 1/2hour. I totally agree with u aanya dr.gd luk fr ur exams n all who r doing exams.
    In epi I like kns part n sukors part. It was cute n funny .
    I love winter season. The person who I love most is my mum.
    I was thinking Wht to say abt my fav food. I like most of it n I dnt hv specifically favourite.
    Thnx fr the info abt trps shreya
    Thnx fr the links n info abt new spoilers guys

  5. Ohh sry mama i misunderstood that i luv my mom the most dr.

  6. its OK dil dha.. at least u cmnted here na

    Anna mu Jani thili tame nahele Aanya didu emiti kichhi kahiba boli

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