Jaat Ki Jugni 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bittu trashes goons and tries to throw stone boulder on one goon. Munni stops him. He throws stone and goons run away. Bittu requests Munni to let him complete Jyoti and Vikram’s story and expose his brothers’ truth. He holds her hand and walks. Transformer bursts when he holds hand. He feels dizzy while walking. He walks towards Bauji and team and holds over Munni to him and says Munni is completely safe. He collapses.

Phool Kumari eagerly waits for Bittu and says her 1-hour ultimatum has finished and Bittu did not reach home yet. She calls him, but his phone is switched off. She angrily throws phone on Masterji. Masterji says what is she doing. She yells he does not like Bittu at all. Masterji says he is a strict teacher, so students don’t like him. He got strict with even Bittu, but for his goodness. Phool Kumari asks if he is thinking something. Masterji says he wants Bittu back home soon and is missing his mischieves.

Vikram treats Bittu. Munni hugs Bauji and cries. Bauji feels guilty for trying to harm Viru. Tauji enters smiling. Pratap and Bheem touch his feet and asks why did he come here, Jyoti thinks he is out of station. Tauji says he could not resist himself after knowing Viru is on the death bed. They both say Veeru saved Munni and risked his life. Tauji says so what. Viru says as a humanity, it is their duty to save Veeru as Veeru saved their life Munni.

Vikram tells Bauji’s wife and others that Bittu’s condition is normal now. Sunaina says he should go now and her husband will pay his fees. Vikram gets tensed. Munni says Vikram cannot go as he is Viru’s friend and is needed to take care of Viru. Vikram asks everyone to go out and let Viru rest. Munni and Jyoti stay back. Bittu asks Vikram and Jyoti to tell their truth to whole family and get married Vikram says he is not a hero like him. Munni says they should not tell truth. Bittu says even hiding truth will not let them marry, so better to tell truth. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Bauji does Viru/Bittu’s arti and says he has accepted Jyoti and Viru’s relationship and has agreed to get Munni married.

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