Udaan 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aditya teaching Chakor how moon gets the light from sun. She sees Lucknow’s board and smiles seeing the city. Udaan hai…………..plays…………… She asks the driver to stop the car. Prabhakar asks what does she want, and asks driver to stop the car. Aditya asks where is she going. She sees the teddy bears on road side. She sees the city and smiles. She says its big house. He says its park. Kasturi and Bhuvan come to meet Chakor at the haveli and asks the guard to open the gate. The guard tells Manohar that Kasturi came and is asking for her daughter. Manohar says go and tell her. Lakhan says Kasturi is troubling a lot. Manohar asks him to make her leave.

Lakhan comes and asks whats going on. Kasturi asks where is Chakor, tell me, why did she die. Bhuvan asks what did you do with her. Lakhan gets angry and slaps Bhuvan. He says he will shoot Bhuvan. Kasturi folds her hands and says tell me is she fine. Lakhan laughs. He says don’t you both know. Bhuvan asks why, please tell us. Kasturi cries. Lakhan says whats the use to cry now, where did your love go when you kept her Girvi here. He says Chakor belongs to haveli, whatever we do, its our wish, why do you care. Kasturi says Chakor always told me that Lakhan is not a bad man.

She says Chakor did not complain about you. She asks where is Chakor, tell us please, is she alive. Lakhan says she is alive, she is fine. They smile and thank Lord. Manohar comes and asks Lakhan why are they still here. Lakhan asks them to go. Manohar tells Bhuvan that he does not have a right to ask about Chakor and asks them to leave. He asks Lakhan to make them always afraid, as they will be loyal and work for us. Udaan dances feeling her freedom. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………………plays……….. Aditya smiles seeing her happy.

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Prabhakar asks Aditya to get Chakor fast. Aditya asks Chakor to come. Chakor sees Vivaan going in the car and shouts Vivaan. She runs after him saying Vivaan stop, I did not cheat you. Aditya asks Chakor to stop and runs after her. Prabhakar sees Aditya running after Chakor. Chakor realizes she got lost and stands on the road. Imli plays with the doll Chakor gifted her and waits for Kasturi. Bhuvan tells Kasturi not to worry as Lakhan said Chakor is fine. She says I don’t trust him. He says no, his heart melted and he said the truth. She says no. Imli hugs Kasturi. She asks about Chakor.

Kasturi is upset. Imli asks will Chakor die. Kasturi scolds her. She hugs Imli and cries. Imli says eyes are not to cry, but to dream, if you cry, the dreams will get washed away. Kasturi says who told you this. Imli says Chakor, so I don’t cry. Bhuvan says our fate has just to cry, dreams are not for us. Chakor says how will I go now, but somewhere will tell me Aditya’s address. She asks the man about Aditya’s car. The man does not know. She says a lady Chachi and gets scolded. Chakor says here there are many people who ears are not working.

Pasha is there and his goon says our men will find her. Psha says no, I will get her. Chakor is infront of them. Pasha says we will get her. They leave from there. Cahkor says people are blind too. Aditya tells Prabhakar that he did not get Chakor. He says don’t know where she went, lets inform police. Aditya says no, we will get her. Prabhakar says what will I answer Bhaiya ji, he can even give supaari to ggoons against out family. Pasha sees Prabhakar and says he looks a rich man.

He leaves from there. Prabhakar says we have to report to police, maybe someone kidnapped her. Aditya says what if she comes here after we go, then, she might be talking to someone, she talks so much. Prabhakar says yes, she talks a lot. They wait for her. Prabhakar says we can’t wait more, lets go to police station, they will find her. Aditya says they can’t find her, as we don’t have her photo, she does not know your and Papa’s name, she knows my name. Prabhakar says then what to do. Aditya says lets wait for one more hour. Prabhakar says she is village girl, she has not seen roads, do you think she will find us. Chakor roams.

Chakor uses her mind to get back to the point from where she ran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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