Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT asks Bittu what has happened to him, Bittu misbehaves with him that fairy is his. Gayatri says to Bittu that fairy is getting married to KT, but Bittu says that I love fairy, right fairy? Rachna is shocked. KT tells the choreographer to leave, but Bittu stops him and says they will dance today. Bittu shouts that fairyu has said I love you to Bittu. KT asks what she said. Gayatri asks Bittu why would she say like that. Bittu asks Rachna what she said? Rachna recalls she replied Bittu I love you, friend.
Mayank works on the laptop and thinks that Gunjan seperates her work with household, then why doesn’t she understands me. Gunjan says in her room, that she isn’t the one to back up, it isn’t a job that can be changed but my mother’s wish. And I am the only child of my parents. The wase breaks as it fell from her hand.

Rachna tells Bittu that I said so, KT asks what? Rachna explains that I said so, but that meant I love you like I do Dadi. KT supports her. Mausi asks them that she is weak in English, but can she asks how many meanings I love you have. Gayatri shouts at her, but Bittu asks why she isn’t considering them a couple.

Seema comes to Mayank, Deepa was there too. They looked at the sarees. Rohit comes there shouting at Deepa, that she wants to be independent and is looking for a job in US. Mayank tells him to go into the room, but he asks Gunjan doesn’t listen to him even in the room.

KT tells Rachna to leave, as he will handle. Bittu holds Rachna’s hand and insists that she won’t go. Bittu pushes Dadi, and resultantly KT shouts at Bittu and holds his hand.

Gunjan comes to ask why Rohit is shouting. Deepa asks Rohti to go inside. Rohit asks that she has lost her mind, after meeting Gunjan. Gunjan interferes and says he must pour his anger out here, else he might do what-not to her. Deepa says that she wants to work. Rohit says that after meeting Gunjan, now she wants to work. Gunjan says that he must be happy, as Deepa is ready to look after his household as well as do job. Rohit says that he will decide what his wife will do or not? Deepa says No, I am also literate as you are; you didn’t ask me what I wanted before getting shifted to US but now I have decided I will work there. Rohit says he won’t leave her now. Gunjan scolds that this isn’t the way to talk to a wife. Rohit tells Gunjan to shut up on which Mayank shouts at Rohit. Deepa takes Rohit to go inside. Gunjan notices Rachna come home worried. She thanks Mayank for supporting her, but Mayank tells her that she doesn’t need to be so social and must concentrate on her own problems as like she isn’t Deepa, Rohit isn’t Mayank.

KT comes to Bittu’s room, where Bittu had locked himself. KT calls Bittu if he is angry at him. Bittu says he won’t come out, as KT hit him. KT suggests breaking the door. Gayatri stops him that he might get further angry. Mausi calls Bittu that she wants to talk to Bittu. Bittu says that until his bhaiya is out, he won’t open the door. Mausi says that he has gone, and goes into the room.

Mayank opens the door, they were bangle makers, and tells Gunjan Garg called them for a wedding. Gunjan comes there, and says she didn’t want to be the mistress in this case, taunting Mayank. Mayank thinks he said a lot to Gunjan, she goes inside. Prabhu comes and says he can help him in wife’s department. He tells him that he also has a surprise for everyone. Gunjan comes behind, and thinks Mayank doesn’t even want to make up her mood.

Bittu says that he is leaving, and says that he will run from here when they will sleep. Mausi is worried, and tells him that fairy will even go farther apart him. He asks what to do now. Mausi shows her anger to him, Bittu says sorry but KT isn’t a good man, he didn’t give him fairy and hit him even. Mausi asks will he do what she say. He agrees, and she hugs him.

Rachna says that a sister should be like Gunjan, who is keen to give surprises. Seema says she herself, hasn’t got a single bangle in hand. Gunjan was lost, Seema asks is she still worried about Deepa. Gunjan hopes she is alright. Seema assures that everything will be alright, and tells her that women don’t have patience, women have to maintain it in relations. Gunjan thinks that she must first talk to Mayank.

PRECAP: Gunjan says she is fed up of their fights and differences. Mayank tells her to leave, why is she staying with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What happen to Mayank all of the sudden, n i only hope kt dont give up on rachana,

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