Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Latika telling everyone that she has decided that Shanaya’s and Aarav’s shares will be on my name. Shanaya is taken aback. I will invest their money in the right way. They both are young and cannot take right decisions. Plus Shanaya’s health is not good too so it will be good if I handle their shares. She asks Shanaya about it who stays all quiet. Trust me this is good for you. You are paralysed. I am your elder sister after all. I will always support my younger sister. I cannot be that selfish right! She tells the lawyer to add a clause which will give her Shanaya’s and Aarav’s shares. Shanaya thinks that she cannot let Latika do this. I don’t trust her. plus the moment I will get my money I will leave this house and take Aarav with me. Latika can read her mind that it is difficult for her to trust the people of this house. I understand, so much wrong has happened with you here. But I know that you will be able to trust me. I felt a different and very special bond between us when mom had gone to Delhi to get that award. I hope you too feel that way. Shanaya gives a hesitant consent. Latika gets happy. shanaya trusts me as well. I am sure I will handle her shares properly. She asks her dad to sign the papers. He obliges. Shanaya looks on unhappily.

Latika gives them to Sharda to sign them as well. Sakshi and Karan are anxiously waiting for Shanaya’s reaction who just walks up from her wheelchair and takes the papers from Sharda. You cannot do this. They all look at her in shock and Shanaya realises her mistake. Latika tells her that I dint believe it for once when Sakshi told me your truth but it was all a sham. Karan thanks their lawyer who leaves from there. Shanaya gets angry with Sakshi. Karan agrees. Sakshi had told us everything already but we wanted it to be proved in front of everyone. Shanaya wonders what this shares, business was all about. Latika replies that it was just an act to provoke her. you can do so much acting for days and we cant do this much even? Sakshi commends her acting but truth eventually comes out. Your real face is out in front of everyone now. What will you do now?

Shanaya begins to go towards Sakshi but Suresh firmly / angrily tells her to stop it. stop your drama. Suresh turns to Sharda. You are the one who always follow the path of truth. My daughter has lied. She has done acting of being injured. She has actually committed a crime. She has to be punished. Karan wants the same for Shanaya. I was being sent to jail because of her only. You started hating me because of her only. She has snatched my mother’s love from me. she should be punished. Latika too talks against how she had told earlier as well that they cannot trust Shanaya. Sharda tells them all to stop. I agree Shanaya has made a very big mistake but have you given it a thought why she has done it. I agree she has never accepted this house but have you guys done that? No! you all have no right to blame her then. We all are responsible for it. Shanaya starts to go but Sharda stops her. you wont go anywhere. This house wants to make you a part of it and you too will have to do so. Shanaya shakes her head. No, I cannot live here anymore. I have made lots of mistakes. I cannot even apologize for them as I don’t deserve it. Sharda Ma, you have always been good to me but I have never been good to you or Karan or Sakshi or Latika Di. I must be punished. She again turns to go but Sakshi speaks up. You have indeed made a very big mistake for which you should be punished. You have troubled me a lot for which I will never forgive you. You troubled me a lot by being my Sister-in-law now it is time for me to trouble you. I wont let you go from here ever. Shanaya calls her bhabhi and hugs her. everyone smiles while Shanaya apologizes to Sakshi and Sharda. She apologizes to everyone one by one. I promise I will try to change. Sharda adds that everyone will have to change a little. This is called life and we will have to try and do good every day then only will we be able to make our new identity. Shanaya hugs Dadi and Karan hugs Sakshi. Latika asks Karan if the slap was hard. He smiles. It indeed was! They have a fun moment and they all share a big group hug.

Sharda is cooking in the kitchen. Karan comes to take water for himself. Sharda stops him. When kids make mistakes then parents forgive them but when a mother makes mistake. He reasons that a mom can never be wrong. She can definitely be upset but there is love behind that also. Now if this Ma is not upset with me then can I hug her? Sharda hugs him.

Everyone is seated at the dining table. sharda has made everyone’s favourite dishes. Aarav turns to Shanaya. I can understand what you did and why but now we are one big family – Modi family. only one thing is missing, your smile. He pours water on her and gets up and runs while she runs after him too. Everyone is enjoying it. He runs around the table. shanaya mistakenly sprinkles water on Karan and apologizes to him but Karan too throws some on her and then joins Aarav. Shanaya complains about it to Latika. I want a favour from you. Latika agrees to help her only if she calls her Latika Di. Shanaya obliges and hugs her happily. she takes her aside and explains her plan.

Shanaya calls out for everyone and the whole house is in dark. Light comes and everyone is surprised to see it all decorated. Shanaya apologizes to them for troubling them. I dint know what it is to be a part of such a big family. When mom died then I felt as if I have nothing left but I am happy to be a part of your happiness, your family. We have arranged this surprised party for this only. She has also called Padma. Sakshi gets happy. She hugs her mom and then Shanaya for the surprise. They all cut a cake together. Sharda is really happy to see them all together.

Music starts. The youngsters dance on Raghupati Raghav while the elders sit back and enjoy. Even they join them in a while. They all have a gala time dancing together.

Sharda finds Shanaya crying in a corner. She wipes her tears and sings ENP title track. She brings her to where everyone is and they all stand and sing together. Ends with a family picture!

Sharda and Sakshi promote Sony’s new show – Itti Si Khushi 🙂


Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. omg.. I never knew this serial was getting over.. Lol.. Who sees this.. Such a bakwas serial… Hahahahahaha

  2. Astha u r so rude
    If u dont watch this serial then dont even make fun
    U should think that those who watch can get hurt by ur selfish talk…
    Dumb nd selfish girl …. hate u ….

  3. What happened to sakshi’s baby

  4. sorry aastha.. I m in love with you. I cant bear you speaking bad abt anything… I m soo sorry… I m sorry frm the bottom of my heart… I m sorrryyyyyy… I am sorrrrryyyy.. I know ek nayi pehchaan sucks.. I m a fool to watch it.. The creators are stupid… I am stupid…

  5. oye. Mr nikhar.. I dont know you.. And oh yes u r right. U r stupid to watch the serial.. U have no sense of whhat serial to watch.. Tummeih akal hi nahi hai…. Yeh serial bakwas tha aur hamesha rahenge

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  8. this serial was really intresting. inspiring for womens.but ended so soon. they wud have shown sashi’s baby.& astha you are wrng.if you
    r not intrested dnt watch.i thnk nikhar is rt.

  9. Thanxxx 🙂 🙂 DOLLY … so sweet of u.

  10. Astha u should apologise……:( and dolly and nikhar you guys a right we like it and u can’t call us dumb and ya Pooja thanks for the update 🙂 🙂 🙂 :p

  11. nikhar and dolly.. This serial was bakwas… It was so stupid… In the beginning it was inspirational but then it became a flop.. Its trp was very less.. I agree with aastha.. And she didnt give any gaaliyan.. She just expressed her viewpoint.. U provoked her by calling her dumb.. So pls.. U tell this serial teaches u to respect women and u are disrespecting a woman here only… Wowww.. Indian ethics…. So pls… Think before you write

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