Ek Boond Ishq 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
pari ask why are we not going to house? mj says that house is of laado and we cant go there, pari says then where is our house, mj says in Bhopal, pari ask then why are not we going, mj says we are waiting fro tara, you also like her, pari says yes, I like her crore times, mj says so now its must to take her too, pari says bring her too, mj promises. one man comes there and identifies mj as balli, he ask where were you, he says why you didn’t call me balli, mj says I was calling but you didn’t take it, guy says I came in dehli today only, I have small house but its rooms have space for you both, come with me to my house, mj and pari goes with him.
tara comes to om’s mother and ask her to take the medicine, mother ask do you have alarm fitted in you, tara says I like to serve you, you have made me your daughter so I have made you my mother as well, mother says you care for me like this and my own daughter mannat didn’t even call me once, om is lying to me, mannat didn’t call him as well, she ask tara to bring om here I will talk to him.

Scene 2
mj and pari comes to mj’s friend house, mj finds newspaper and finds news of laado dying in accident, he thinks kala died? with such ease, this cant be possible.
om thinks that why this happens, those who are close to my heart leaves me alone, first sia and now mannat, tara comes there and says mother is calling you, she wants to ask about mannat, so think of answering her, tara ask is mannat angry with you? om says I always fulfilled mannat’s every wish, for once I said no to her and she got angry with me, she didn’t even think that I why I am saying no to her, tara ask him to go to mother. he goes.
tara comes to her room and finds some silhouette in her room. om comes to his mother, she ask about mannat, om says she is with her friend, I don’t know where her friend lives, he satisfies her and ask her to sleep.

Scene 3
tara sees silhouette and screams, om listens it, its mj in tara’s room, tara ask what is this way to come in, mj says I didn’t had any other option, mom knocks her door, tara comes out, om ask about her scream, tara coocks some story and says I am sleepy, she goes in her room. tara says to mj what I anybody sees us, mj says then you would have started your drama, you could have slapped me, tara says you are master mind in doing drama my golo ke papa, mj says rat are running my tummy, please bring something to eat for me, tara says ok I will bring, mj says me and fool will be waiting for you, tara says phool(flower) not fool, she goes in kitchen and doesn’t find anything in food, she takes milk and adds rice and sugar in it, she is about to go to her room when om comes there, tara gets tensed. tara says you made me afraid, om says you are doing weird things, you were saying that you are sleepy and now in kitchen, tara says yes I was feeling hungry so took it, she goes from there.
tara comes to her room and ask mj to lock the door, mj does and ask what she has brought in food, tara says very tasty thing, he finds rice in milk and makes weird face, she says at this wee hours you can get this only, mj says wow milk of love and rice with romance, make me eat it with love, tara says first see me with love, mj says I always does, tara makes him eat, they look at each other, ek boond ishq song plays, they share an eyelock, they recalls their earlier moments, they are lost in each other and remembers their time spent in Bhopal. tara gets emotional, mj takes bowl from tara, he wipes tara’s tears, he is about to kiss tara’s hand, tara laughs, he ask why are you laughing? she says I am your wife and you romances with me hiding from all, mj says once sia’s truth come out then I will romance with you infront of all, he kisses her on her cheek and says I will kiss you like this infront of all, tara says once sia’s truth comes out even then we will romance hiding from all, as its fun, mj stops her from taling and comes closer to kiss her, tara closes her eys.

PRECAP- one guy runs seeing tara’s face and says she is ghost, mj grabs her and ask why are you calling her ghost? guy says I have seen her deadbody and now seeing her alive so I will call her ghost only, mj ask what, tell who is she? guy says she is sia agnihotri, mj and tara are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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