Udaan 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Baa and Chakor askig Bhaiya ji to think and everyone will say he is great, he will do his promise, and they will make him win the elections. Tejaswini scolds Chakor and says she will punish her today. Bhaiya ji stops Tejaswini and says let Chakor go. He says Chakor is right, I should start election campaign on Saraswati puja, villagers will vote for me, we have to give something to get something. Chakor thinks he really agreed. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to tell villagers that he will do Saraswati puja in vllage tomorrow, he and Tejaswini will come. He says take Chakor with you, she will talk to them. Baa and Vivaan smile. Chakor signs him. Kasturi and Bhuvan hear about Chakor coming with Lakhan. She worries and says now why is she coming.

Imli says Didi is coming. Lakhan brings Chakor to them. Bhuvan says Lakhan kill us, but leave Chakor, we can’t bear now, punish us instead of her. Chakor says get up, what are you doing. Chakor says its not any punishment, I have come to tell them some thing. Imli thinks she has to free Chakor soon from haveli. Baa tells Bapu that Chakor will get her freedom. Chakor tells everyone about Saraswati puja tomorrow. She says she is the Devi of education. She says you all are invited in the puja. She says Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are coming. They get tensed and asks whats all this. Lakhan confirms. Chakor says yes, he will give a promise here infront of Maa Saraswati.

Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji discuss about their campaigns. She is annoyed and asks him to take Chakor’s suggestions. He asks is she annoyed. She says no, I m upset, we have fought and won many elections, I did not see you weak, afraid and helpless till now, you are saying you are using Chakor, I feel Chakor is using you. He says its politics and it has ups and downs, I had many blames on me, but when I won elections, then the one who blamed on me has mouths shut, the matter is just to win election. She reminds they both have won election together. He says no, I won alone, you have just supported me. He says he will win even this time, with or without her support.

Chakor talks to Imli and family, and they have a good time. Chakor says she has to go now, as she promised to Bhaiya ji she will come soon. Bhuvan says he is afraid seeing her many promises to everyone, and hugs her. Chakor says your fear will be gone tomorrow in Saraswati puja. Lakhan says lets go, we are getting late. Chakor says Baa told me that Maa Saraswati likes yellow color, wear yellow clothes. They smile and she leaves.

Abha packs Ishwar’s bag and asks him to keep Chakor away from whatever he is doing, else she can get into troubles. Ishwar says don’t worry, I will hit Bhaiya ji’s weakness, his poliitcs. Aditya gives the slate to him, asking him to give it to Chakor. Bhaiya ji gets ready for the election campaign pic. Manohar asks them to take good pic. Tejaswini comes and Bhaiya ji stops them. He says I won’t be alone in poster. Chakor comes in new yellow frock and says I have come. Tejaswini is shocked seeing her.Chakor says she wore yellow as Maa Saraswati likes it. He asks her to stand behind him. The photographer says make her stand infront of you Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and asks is he mad. He says no, Manohar told me to keep her pics in all campaign pics, if she is behind, she won’t be seen. Bhaiya ji makes Chakor stand infront, and they take pics. Chakor smiles.

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