Tu Mera Hero 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Govind telling his last decision of getting Titu married to Panchi. Titu asks him to listen to him once, and asks him to imagine about his mum losing value in the house, and how can he make them leave like this. He says he has heard all the insults, but is our relation so weak that you are asking us to leave. He tries emotional blackmail. Govind says enough and leaves. Rekha asks Surekha not to go, else she will die, and hugs her. Titu says he is with Surekha, he won’t lift the suitcase, lets find some solution to get out of this problem. Golu comes and tells about the new shop of Kachori. Titu says my life’s spice is less. Golu asks him to come. Pinky says you go, you look sad your tension will get less. Surekha says yes, have some air. Titu says fine, and leaves.

Mukund talks to Vaishaili and convinces her about their relation. She smiles and they have some sweet moments. Panchi and her family come to have kulfis. Kamlesh sees a man scolding his wife for petty thing, and calling her fool. Panchi says see dad, men are such, if girl marries such guy, life is ruined, I know marks and degree are imp, but its not everything, and explains him.

They sit at the shop and eat kulfis. She likes the kulfis and says we will keep this for Rachna’s marriage. They see people laughing, and she says its Titu, he is always the reason for everyone’s laugh, come lets see. They hear Titu cracking jokes. Panchi laughs on his jokes. Titu says the more you laugh, you will be saved from doctor’s fees, if girls smile on your talk, then think you have become her father’s son in law. Kamlesh looks at Panchi. Titu says Hasi to Phasee….. and tells some shayari. Everyone clap for Titu, including Panchi.

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Titu goes with his friends. Panchi says I know you might be thinking I m mad, but I always liked madness and happiness in life, I m sure Titu will give me all this, the man who keeps everyone happy, he will keep his life partner happy. Kamlesh says jokes can’t make life happy, it needs earning and good job. She says I understand your tension, you are right, this will be there with Titu, else it will come, why should we neglect the good things we are seeing now. She says the things you said is to survive, and what I said is to live.

Keshav gives the accounts to Govind, while he is thinking about Panchi’s words and Surekha’s refusal to Panchi. Kamlesh asks Panchi can Titu take care of her expenses. Govind comes there and says yes, he will do it. He says I can understand a girl’s father’s worry, please come to my shop, its nearby. He gets them to the shop and asks them to sit. Keshav greets them. Govind shows the papers, of their property and shop, its all for Titu. He says this is enough for Panchi’s good future, two generations can stay happy with this. He says our ancestral home, this shop, all this is for our only son and bahu, we have seen something in Panchi, I m sure she will manage our home well as bahu.

She says she has united the family in one string, and she knows it very well, and she will keep the family together. Govind invites them for lunch/dinner. Kamlesh says lets go Pratibha and leaves. Panchi thanks Govind and leaves.

Its night, Panchi sits looking at the moon. Pratibha comes and asks is she finding her answers in the stars, if clouds cover it, then no, else yes, marriage is big decision, think from mind, do you want to marry Titu, are you sure you both will keep you the marriage. Panchi says she thought by heart and mind both. Pratibha says we chose Chetan for Rachna as he is suitable for her, but Titu, what should we see in him. Pratibha explains Panchi. Panchi says I know, I don’t have maturity and I m sure our relation will be very strong, and it will never break.

Pratibha says after Rachna and Chetan’s marriage, is anything happens, it will be our responsibility, but this will be your responsibility. Panchi says yes, it will be my responsibility. Pratibha says fine, if you feel this is right, then its my yes for this relation. Panchi thanks her and says you are best mum. She hugs her and runs to tell Rachna. Pratibha worries.

Its morning, Govind beats the food plate and calls everyone out. He dances and jumps happily. Surekha asks what happened, why are you so happy. Govind says Panchi’s parents have said yes to Titu’s proposal. Surekha is shocked.

Govind says Kamlesh called and confirmed the acceptance. He dances and says I won’t tell anything to Titu today as he is going to get on the horse. Titu is shocked.

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  1. first two weeks i enjoyed this show.but now it becomes boaring,story doesn’t growing up. titus dialoug delivary is artificial no real expression.
    govindlal is nice but surekha is oveacted.

  2. nic episode….

  3. people are must watch this serial to feel free…

    superb serial i lik this concept very much..i lov panchi’s acting..she is looking cute.i lik her smile very much,,…

    most entertaining serial compare to othr serials…..

  4. i love this serial very much…….

    lov u loads panchi(sonia)

  5. Mr too expecting the marriage f titu nd panchi

  6. I too excited fr their marriage

  7. wow superb episode iam expecting marriage of titu and panchi love u guys

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