Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking why does she get angry on Raman for these petty things. Tandon comes in disguise and teases Ishita. Raman sees it and comes to rescue. Tandon laughs and shows his face. He says he has come today to surprise them. Neil comes with him. Tandon says when I came last time, you both looked annoyed, so I came to check this year, I feel you both have tension even today. Ishita says no. Tandon says you both have love, where there is love, there is fight also. He asks Romi to play music, to make Raman and Ishita dance. He gets them to dance. Everyone dance. Raman and Ishita look at each other, feeling connected in mid of everyone. Ishq bulava…………..plays………….. Shagun looks at them.

Raman brings Mihir in the group. Romi passes the message to Mihir. and they all pass the message to each other. Ishita looks for Raman. She gets sorry chit from Ravan Kumar and smiles Raman comes to her and they smile, sitting on the bench and ending their fight. Shagun gets jealous seeing the sight. Everyone sit over dinner, and Tandon is glad to join them. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to serve him more. Tandon asks about recruiting someone. Raman praises the guy. Romi tells Rinki he is talking about me and praising. Raman says someone else, and Romi’s face turns upset. Mihir agrees with Raman. Rinki laughs and says Romi is mad, he thought you are sending him to Dubai. Raman laughs and asks what will you do there, party? Its work there. Romi asks can’t I work.

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Everyone joke on him, and upsets Romi. Shagun looks on. Mr. Bhalla asks him to work hard to fulfill his dreams. They all laugh. Romi says one day I will show everyone. Raman asks when, after our pics have garlands. Romi leaves annoyed. Raman says he will be fine, don’t worry. Appa talks to someone about personal loan. Amma comes and asks about his ring, he did not wear it even on pongal. Appa says you forget things, I kept it in bank locker. She says no, its small thing, I did not keep in locker. He says when the house caught fire, I have kept it in locker. He leaves to avoid her further questions. She says my memory is sharp, the ring is not in bank locker.

The watchman gives Ishita he found headphone near the pumphouse, and says your family was celebrating Lohri yesterday. Ruhi says its Adi’s, he was finding it, but how did it reach there. Ishita thinks the same and says the headphone is of Adi, whats happening. Adi looks for the headphones in his room. Ishita asks is he finding something, his headphone, tell me where he saw the last, I will help you, its with me. She shows it and takes it back. She says you will get it, but how did it fell near pump house, all kids were in lawn, how did this reach there. Adi says I don’t know.

Shagun comes and asks what happened Ishita. Ishita says Adi’s headphones were lost and guard said it was found near pumphouse, when all kids were celebrating near lawn, how did the headphones reach pumphouse. She thinks why did Adi not go to get corns when he knew it, why did he send me. Shagun tells about the kinners asking Nek from them, they said you got a child, you might have not realized. Ishita asks are you sure. Shagun says yes, how much will you interrogate my son, he just came from school, he did not have food. Ruhi looks on. Shagun and Adi leave.

Ishita recalls the kinner’s words and says no, Shagun I remember it well, when I met Raman, I just told him that kinner surrounded me, I did not say they were asking for child birth’s nek, how does Shagun know they were asking Nek, is this anyone’s game Ruhi hears this. Ishita says is someone trying to separate me and Raman. She recalls Raman’s words. She says Adi is a kid, he gets emotional about Shagun, does Shagun…. What was she thinking, she did not think if I can fight with word and get her home, for family, Ruhi and Raman’s sake, I can do the opposite too, she thinks I m innocent, she will do anything and I will bear, no, I m not like this, Shagun is using Adi, she is aiming at me. She says Shagun, I won’t let this happen, you have to face me now, this is not easy.

She turns ad sees Ruhi. She asks what is she doing here. Ruhi smiles. Ishita asks her to get freshen up, and she will get food. Ruhi goes to Adi and asks why did he do this. Adi asks what. Ruhi confronts him about headphones, he has trapped Ishita and got kinners after her to stop Ishita, and make Shagun do puja with Papa. Adi says yes, Ishita is bad. Ruhi says Shagun is liar. They argue about Ishi Maa and Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun left me, and Ishi Maa came in my life and taught Papa to love me, she is the best. Adi says my Shagun mum is best. They challenge each other. Ruhi says I will prove my Ishi Maa is best. Adi says you will understand one day that Ishita is bad and Shagun is the best.

Raman and Ishita have a talk in their room, and laugh on the jokes with improper English. He jokes about Shagun’s bad English and she says very bad, don’t joke on ex wife. He says there was no topic to talk to her, just fashion and going here and there, its different with you, its good to talk to you. He smiles. She comes to him and says today you are making fun of her, and you used to love her a lot before. He says men have problem, they like people by beauty, her mole has fooled me and I did not see she does not have heart. She says I have mind and heart both. He jokes and they fight throwing pillows. Shagun hears them and says now this how this mole and heart (Til and Dil) will fool you both.

Adi talks to his friend and sees his tattoo. He tells Shagun that he wants to have a tattoo, as Rohan also did it, its cool. She refuses saying its painful. Raman comes and also refuses saying he is small, its painful, I can’t allow you. He gets a call and says Shagun no tattoo for him, and leaves. Adi asks Shagun to make his wish true, no one loves him. Shagun says fine, I will get the tattoo. Adi hugs her and says you are the best. She asks him to get ready. He goes. She thinks Ishita has shown her rights on Raman, and this time I will show that I have right on him, as I m his past and shock Ishita.

Shagun flaunts the R tattoo to Ishita. Ishita is shocked and thinks about R tattoo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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