Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, team lakshya performance ,kirti begins dancing and cousins follow her ,jwala falls down while dancing, the judges stop them and say ur performance is very bad and we are sorry u have to leave right now,viraj comes on stage and says without any aim even a winning team can look hopeless and now here we show u part two of the high aimed team lakshya team and turns to cousins and says just open up and lets do it,viraj starts dancing with the cousins ,viraj nisha and cousins dance very well ,priyanka and gayatri get insecure ,judges say part one was very bad and the part two was clear that u guys are selected ,cousins and viraj have a froup hug and go out celebrating ,viraj congratulates everyone ,viraj removes nishas mobile and goes to nisha with her cell ,nisha gets scared seeing mobile in virajs hand and takes it back ,viraj says nisha u have made it and thanku and all the best ,nisha says sir we will rock this competition ,team laksha and other contestants are called back on the stage ,the stages congratulates the teams for reaching next team and ask them to start working hard for the next round and the next round will be tomorrow and best performer from ur team will be performing and before that we will have a questioner round and then again a group performance and after the totaling we will have a winner.

The judges say the winner team will also win a bike along with scholarship and financial support,judges leave,nisha says guys we have to start practicing for the next round,kirti says sir u will come right,viraj says yes sure,viraj sees gayatri ,gayatri says so viraj u showed u have no faith in family, viraj says u aren’t a family anymore and u have also proved that u are just a fake , gayatri says whatever and this time only one team will,viraj says and its team laksha bcoz there is no fraud behind it unlike u but u will never understand it hope u will learn it when team laksha will open,gayatri says I will feel so bad when u and miss nisha will loose and then u shall need ur family and then we will speak,viraj says sure we will,gayatri leaves and viraj gets a call. Cousins reach home,nisha gets mail from viraj to arti and viraj thanks arti for bringing hope back into him and thanking arti to help laksha academy but he is still not understanding how he shall talk to his loved one and his past is haunting him and he wants to share it with arti. Sourabh asks nisha what happened,nisha says this is nt right this email thing is getting t complicated and I think I should tell him,sourabh says wait until the competition and then tell him or else he will again give up the thought. Nisha sees a mail from viraj for arti where viraj shares a story about him and arti that he loved her a lot but he came to know about her affair but he didn’t want others to know it and so he broke the relation and about this only kiara and my dadaji knows it and I even brokeup with nisha but I don’t want to break with u plz meet me I need u I need my friend,nisha says this is not good sir is sharing personal things with arti Nisha imagines viraj near her,but realizes its really viraj,dadaji comes and says welcome viraj,viraj says thanku how are u,dadaji says I called u for umesh and amans wedding and so called u for this.laxmi shares about arti thing with ramesh and dadi,ramesh gets very angry about it,dadi says wait don’t get angry first think about it and then act,nisha hears them talking and gets tensed,dadi says to ramesh don’t act in hurry first think about the situation bcoz this can harm nisha,nisha enters the room.

PRECAP: Ramesh says nisha u will no longer talk to viraj as arti infact u will not talk to viraj,nisha says dad competition, ramesh says to hell with it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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