Udaan 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Prabhakar asking everyone to go Lucknow and he will drop Chakor home with Aditya. Bhuvan and Kasturi worry for Imli. Imli says Chakor went somewhere and haveli people are finding her, they said they will kill her, I heard all this. She says Lakhan is finding her. Kasturi asks Imli to hide and prays for Chakor’s safety. Girja comes to Bhaiya ji and says Suraj is right, Aditya has taken Chakor in crate and thrown the mangoes here. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says Chakor is gone, fooling everyone. Tejaswini looks at Girja angrily and throws the magpies plate. She scolds Girja. Girja says don’t blame me, I did not make her run. She shouts on Tejaswini angrily and then gets tensed. Tejaswini is shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks did you also get feathers. Tejaswini thinks about Baa’s words. Girja apologizes to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini. Girja starts crying. Bhaiya ji gets Prabhakar’s call. Prabhakar tells him everything and that he is bringing Chakor back. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that Prabhakar is saying he did not know Chakor was hiding in his car and he is bringing her back now. Tejaswini says its impossible to go from this haveli, let Chakor come, I will cut her feathers this time.

Chakor is sad as she is taken back to the haveli. Lakhan asks Bhuvan where is Chakor. Bhuvan says we don’t know, he is havelis’ thing now, we don’t know her. Lakhan scolds him. Lakhan asks them to bring back Chakor, else he will not leave her. He leaves. Kasturi cries.

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Aditya tries to talk to Chakor and she is annoyed. Prabhakar asks both of them to sit silently. Chakor says all rich people are same and thinks about Vivaan. Imli sees the haveli car and runs. Chakor sees Imli and shouts. She asks driver to stop the car. Aditya does not react. Chakor says stop the car, she is my sister Imli. She gets upset seeing Aditya silent. Chakor is brought back to the haveli. Everyone look at her. Prabhakar greets Tejaswini and Aditya brings Chakor. Suraj smiles.

Suraj and Aditya have an argument and Tejaswini asks Suraj to go to his room. Chakor calls Aditya a cheater. Imli is sad. A boy comes and says Chakor was going to haveli in big car. Imli gets happy. She asks the boy to inform her parents and she has to some work. Prabhakar comes to Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that Prabhakar has come with Chakor and Ishwar has not come. Bhaiya ji does Aarti and shouts Har Har Mahadev………….. Chakor is scared seeing his anger. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor angrily.

Chakor bows down being scared. Prabhakar says aarti at this time. Bhaiya ji says my heart was restless so I did aarti, see I got what I asked for. Prabhakar apologizes to Bhaiya ji, as Aditya came in her words, he is ashamed. Aditya says sorry. Tejaswini says Chakor is smart and even fooled Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says she broke Manohar’s home too, as Ranjana left the house with Vivaan. Chakor says she did not do anything. Tejaswini asks Girja to take her. Aditya stops her and asks Bhaiya ji to give him gift as he promised him. Bhaiya ji says yes, tell me what you want. Aditya asks Chakor and says he wants to take her to Lucknow with him. Everyone is shocked.

Bhaiya ji says Aditya will get what he asked for and asks Aditya to take Chakor. Lakhan takes Chakor’s pic. Chakor is on the way with Aditya. Bhaiya ji asks his men to kidnap Chakor.

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