Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa explaining practically about “to rotate” and “to revolve”. She explains the sun revolving around the earth. Teacher and students look at her with surprise. Teacher applauds for her and says well done. All the students too applaud for her. Dadisaa tells her that Nand Kishore explained her.

Anoop talks on phone and asks when shall I come for an interview. The phone gets disconnected. Shiv comes. Anoop says, I can apply in other company. Shiv asks, why you are doing this? Anoop says, I wants to repay Alok Bhaiya’s loss. Shiv asks him to work with Alok. Anoop calls another company for the job. Dadisaa talks to her class mates. They say you are older than us. We can’t call you by your name or Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks them to call dost. One girl suggest Dadisaa dost. Other girl suggest Daddo. Dadisaa likes the name. They say we will call by this name.

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Saachi returns home from her Mumbai trip. Suman hugs Saachi. Saachi says, my trip was wonderful and tells that the client likes the presentation. Suman asks where is Vivek. Saachi gets shocked and calls Vivek. She calls Vivek and apologizes. Vivek says, I was waiting at the airport. Saachi says, it slipped from my mind. Vivek says, ok I am coming home. Saachi tells Suman that I forgot. Suman asks him to make something of vivek’s choice. Saachi goes to kitchen.

Dadisaa tells everyone about getting praised by her teacher and class mates. She shows her homework. Gehna and Ganga smiles. Niranjan comes, Dadisaa asks Ganga to bring tea. Niranjan says, I came to take your blessings. I am going to search job for me. Dadisaa asks him to rest first. Niranjan says, I am fine now and can work now. Jagya comes home and offers Job to him in school. Everyone is happy. Dadisaa agrees with Jagya. Niranjan thanks them. Jagya says, we are not doing any favour on you. We will be glad to hire you as a music teacher. Niranjan is thankful to them. Jagya asks him to come.

Shiv talks to Alok. Alok says, I didn’t ask Anoop to give me money or asked him to work. Shiv says, but he is trying to get a job. Ira asks him to talk to Anoop. Anandi asks him to talk to Anoop.

Gehna makes pakodas. Dadisaa says, I smell it and came here. She eats it and says it is good. Gehna says, I have to go to Godown. Dadisaa says, leave it. I will fry the pakodas. Gehna insists to do. Dadisaa agrees. She asks her to take some pakodas for Niranjan as well. Gehna says ok.

Anoop is talking on phone about work. They refuse to hire him. Anoop is disappointed. Shiv, Anandi, Alok and Ira come there. Alok pretends to talk on phone and says he is very busy. He says, hire some employees. Where shall I get a new boss for you all. He looks at Anoop and says I need your help. He asks him to join his business. Anoop says, you needs dependable person and not irresponsible person who is responsible for your loss. Alok is hurt by his words.

Gehna comes to Niranjan to give him pakodas. Niranjan is seen cooking and saying the poetry. Gehna laughs hearing that.
Niranjan asks when did you come. Gehna says just now. She says, your potatoes are burning and helps him in the cooking. Niranjan smiles. Gehna takes out the unburnt potatoes and says you can eat now. Niranjan thanks him. Gehna asks him to eat at haveli. Niranjan smiles and asks her you left music as you couldn’t balance between kitchen and music. Gehna doesn’t answer him and leaves.

Subhadra recalls Hardik pampering her and then blaming her for ruining their happiness. She thinks of Hardik leaving with Gulli. She gets sad and thinks my grandson had changed within a few months. She holds Shiv and Anandi responsible for it. She cries and says they have to pay for this. She plans to take revenge from Anandi and says I will teach you a lesson.

Dadisaa asks Gehna to start learning music. Gehna refuses to learn music.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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