Gustakh Dil 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil trying to free himself. The goons come to the place. Nikhil hears them and acts. The goons says he was trying to run, tie him to the pillar. Nikhil tries to run, but fails. They aim the gun at him. They leave after tying him. He thinks about Lajjo and worries. Lajjo cries thinking about him. She prays for him. Its morning, Lajjo wakes up and prays for Nikhil’s life. She talks to the Lord and says I can’t let anything happen to Nikhil, please help me, take my life, but save him. Shalini gets serious in hospital. Adhiraj keeps calling her, not knowing about her. He worries for her as she is not taking the call.

Shalini gets serious. Her phone rings. Ranawat changes his get up at home and comes to ask Harry how is Shalini. Harry says I did not shoot Shalini, I was killing Lajjo, she has shot me, she cheated us. Ranawat says he came to meet Jasmine, police and CBI are after me, I m in disguise to get saved. He says don’t let Jasmine know this, I should have believed you before. Harry asks what about Nikhil. Ranawat says I will not leave him, I will kill him as he is a traitor, I will use him in bargain for blue dairy, then I will kill him. Harry says right, what about Lajjo.

Ranawat says no need to do anything, she will suffer after Nikhil’s death, its her big punishment. Jasmine hears this and is shocked. Jasmine thinks why is Papa killing Nikhil, no I can’t let this happen, I have to save Nikhil, shall I request Papa, no he won’t agree. No one can touch him till I m here, I will help him, I will save his life. Inder and Lajjo come to talk to Miss Roy and asks how long we will have to wait, Miss Roy asks them not to worry. DK gets call and says we will find Ranawat. Inder says please find Nikhil. Miss Roy says we will save him. Its morning, Nikhil tries hard to free himself. Jasmine comes to save him and fools the goons.

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DK and Miss Roy ask Lajjo and Inder to go home. Lajjo says no, we won’t. Miss Roy asks Inder to take Lajjo. Lajjo cries. Inder asks Lajjo to come. DK gets some news and says Shalini is shot, she is hospital and unconscious, Harry shot her. Lajjo is shocked and thinks of Shalini saving her. Lajjo says inform me when she is conscious, I will meet her. Miss Roy asks her not to go, as Ranawat can catch her. Jasmine comes to Nikhil and frees him. She asks him to run. Nikhil says if Ranawat knows you are helping me then. She says he won’t kill me, just go, run. Lajjo comes home and cries. She prays for Nikhil.

Nikhil runs on the road. The goons look for him. Lajjo comes in her room and feels restless. She lights the diya near the Lord’s idol. The diya blows off and Nikhil’s pic falls. Lajjo is shocked. She hugs his pic and cries. Chaya comes and consoles her. The strong wind blows. Chaya closes the windows. Chaya lights the diya again. She says Nikhil will be fine, everything will be fine, don’t worry. Nikhil runs. DK calls Lajjoo and says we are trying to find Nikhil. Don’t worry, we will inform you soon, we are going to arrest Ranawat after knowing his hideout. We will know about Nikhil from him. Lajjo says fine and has high hopes.

DK ends the call and says I won’t tell Lajjo that Nikhil has run away, once we get him, we can tell Lajjo. Lajjo gives this news to Chaya and hugs her. Adhiraj comes to meet Ayesha. She cries telling him about Nikhil. She thanks him for coming and sharing her pain. He asks her to take care of Lajjo and take care. Nikhil is still getting away from goons. Ayesha worries for Nikhil, who is so simple and innocent since childhood, how can he get into such case. Gunjan cries and says its his birthday tomorrow. We celebrated every year, I made cake for him. They cry thinking about Nikhil.

DK and the staff come to arrest Ranawat. They get inside and arrest Ranawat, who is in disguise and act innocent. Ranawat is arrested finally. Everyone is worries as there is no news about Nikhil. DK calls Lajjo and says we arrested Ranawat. Lajjo asks did he tell where is Nikhil, tell me. DK says don’t worry, we will find him, we will save him. Miss Roy is on the way to save Nikhil. Nikhil runs from the goons and reaches the cliff end. They shoot at him and he falls down the cliff. Lajjo cries in her room. Lajjo thinks about her and Nikhil. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo and falls.

Miss Roy comes to Lajjo and says we reached Nikhil on time but……………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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