Udaan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranjana shouting on Girja and scolding Chakor. Bhaiya ji hears her and tells Desai that Ranjana stays always angry and she can’t win. Desai says I have met villagers and they have anger for you, if Ranjana stands against you, she can win over you, her dad’s party is not weak. He says the opposition can get friendly to her. Bhaiya ji says no, I will talk to the villagers, don’t worry. Chakor brings the broken teacups. Desai sees her and says its not easy to join broken tea cups, see this girl, villagers trust her as they feel she is the ray of hope which can light their homes. He asks Chakor to do her work. She asks what does he want, tea or coffee.

Desai says no, I want your help, go to villagers and say don’t vote anyone, and just vote your owner Kamal Narayan ji. Chakor is shocked. She says will they make him win if I say. Desai says yes, they will agree if you say. She asks what happens after that. Desai says then he will win the elections, he will become MP and get more respect. She asks then what? Desai says then no enemy can harm him. She asks then what? Bhaiya ji says she is playing a game, I know what she wants. Desai says I felt she does not understand anything. Bhaiya ji says no, she is very clever, if she is asking many questions, it means she wants to see whats her benefit in it. Chakor says yes, I m thinking my parents took loan and you made me bandhua, and I left education to free Ishwar, and I got milk when I made your phone good, what will I get if I help you in getting votes. Bhaiya ji gets angry.

Desai says wait, she is little, what will she ask. He asks her what does he want. Chakor asks for her and all village kids education. They are shocked. Lakhan’s wife argues to him about sending Charan to school. Lakhan says Bhaiya ji won’t like this. She says why, he sends his son Suraj to school, why not our son. Imli asks Charan what will he do by education. He says I will study as Chakor told this and she never says wrong, Imli says everything happens by money. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is very clever, you said what will she ask, and see she wants education for whole village

He asks what else she wants more. Chakor says nothing else, just send me and all kids to school. She smiles, and he gets angry. Manohar stops him and says if she dies infront of guest then.. I will manage. He calls Girja and asks her to take Chakor. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to have anger medicines and then think what did I say. Desai asks Bhaiya ji to think. Bhaiya ji says I m sorry, I m fighting elections from Aazaadgunj, and I win always, let me fight elections my way. Desai says fine, my work was to show you the right way, I felt this bandhua girl Chakor can help you, but I m seeing Ranjana winning now, I mean her winning chances are increasing.

He says he will send election ticket to him, and he can see what to do. He leaves. Manohar tells Bhaiya ji that he will manage Ranjana. Bhaiya ji says I will win always, your wife and her dad does not matter to me. Arjun meets Ishwar and says if Bhaiya ji wins then, Chakor will be always there. Ishwar says not just Chakor, all bandhua will be stuck. Arjun says there has to be some way to save them. Ishwar says there is one way, that I go Aazaadgunj. Arjun says if you go, you can get stuck. Ishwar says its not Chakor’s fight, but all bandhua labors, someone has to fight the war for them. Arjun says I m with you. Manohar asks Ranjana not to fight elections, and she argues. He says this is not right, she will fail if she stands against Bhaiya ji and it will ruin our name, I want you to stand behind him with me.

She says you and Vivaan always stand behind, as Vivaan stands behind Chakor and you after Bhaiya ji, but Vivaan is kid. She taunts him and leaves. Girja asks Chakor what did she ask Bhaiya ji this time. Chakor says I will tell you. Girja says you can lose your life. Lakhan comes with his wife and son. Chakor asks Charan what is he doing here. Lakhan scolds her. His wife says Charan wants to go school, so we came to seek permission from Bhaiya ji to allow him. Lakhan asks Girja to tell Bhaiya ji that I want to meet him. He gets tensed. Chakor says all the best to Charan.

Ranjana prays for her success. Tejaswini says you are annoying the Lord of Aazaadgunj. Ranjana jokes on her. She says she will get the votes. Tejaswini says winning elections is not easy, so we will get the votes. They taunt each other. Tejaswini says a servant always stays a servant. Bhaiya ji talks to Lakhan, and reminds his place. He says I was thinking to give your son a good place when he grows up, but he is thinking something else. He gets angry and asks him to get the education off his head. Lakhan says I tried to explain. Charan says he will start educating soon. Chakor tells about first letter A. She says you started education when you wrote A, that was the first say. They look at her as she smiles.

The people protest for Ranjana. Manohar taunts Bhaiya ji. Everyone put slipper garlands on Bhaiya ji.

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