Bandhan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaku says you came here to take him? I wont let you take my bhao’s blood. Naraini says yes i am here to take him. He is my son, you want him to become an evil like his dad. I wont let him become a smuggles like vishwas rao. Shaku says how dare you to say that about my brother. she is about to slap him but bhao holds her hand. Shaku says bhao stop her,throw her out of this house. Ragahv is your and her son. She wants to take him from here. She will brainwash him about us. bhao says go to your room, shaku says i wont. Bhao says i said go to your room. shaku says she will be a trouble for all of us. shaku leaves. Bhao says to naraini first ganesh’s ghost was behind me and now she. Its my wife’s birthday stay here till then and leaves after that.
Naraini says Raghav is my son Bhao says he is dead for you. Bhao leaves. Naraini says in heart i wont let my son stay here with a beast like you. He wont stay here. 26th will be the last night for you vishwas rao. Everyone will know your truth, after that i will take my son from here. i wont even let you come near him.

shaku says i served this family for years and what i got? nothing. bhao comes in and says i am sorry ishouted on you. She says its okay. bhao says i am telling you a secret he takes out that memory card and says it has a lot of secrets in it. He tells her everything. He says now i will kill darpan on 26th. have asked naraini to leave as well of she doesn’t i will kill her as well. kajri overhears it all.

Darpan comes to narani and says why you look worried? narani says i am fine just focus on our plan how will we expose vishwas rai. kajri says i will help you. That brother and sibling are planning to kill you both on meethi’s birthday. naraini says darpan not only your dad mom he has taken my son from me as well. Kajri says but how will you both fight with her? Darpan says his fear will expose him, ganesh. Kajri says but he is dead. Darpan says no he is alive he is just scaring. Naraini aunty saved us both. Ganesh will scare him so much on 26th that he will tell truth. Naraini says he killed her parents and now he wants to kill her. darpan says dont worry i wont wont give up. He killed my parents, tookd you son and killed so many animals he will be punished. Kajri says you are right. We will all be together against him. naraini says i will go away from here once vishwas rao is punished. i will take raghav, darpan and ganesh with me.

Late at night bhao is sleeping in his room he dreams of ganesh. He shouts go away from here ganesh. He says how much will you tease me ganesh. bhao goes out and says to shaku what is all this? Shaku says there is only one way to know. darpan. if we kill darpan her soul will go to ganesh. and ganesh wont come here.

Naraini says we should make it clear what we have to do on 26th i will perform on a song that will recalls vishwas’s sins then we will bring ganesh in. He will be so scared that he will accept his crimes. kajri says what if we lose? narani says the last way is that i will shoot him. she takes out her gun. dev comes in and says you can’t do this to bhao. Bhao gave this little girl a new life and you are planning this against him. you cant harm my brother till i am here. i am going to tell him. He locks them in the room. kajri says please listen to me dev.

Precap-dev is going to tell dev. darpan says please stop him kajri didi.

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  1. this storyline and soap definitely needs to come to an end there is nothing interesting or exciting about this soap anymore sorry writers but it is what it is

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